This free flow top up army stew and cheese for students price is a great deal. Still, you cannot top up meat. The cheese + egg around the pot is very nice to eat with the ramyon and tteokbokki.

Korean ramyon with a bunch of pork, luncheon meat, tteokbokki and veg in black bean paste soup. Very filling. Can share between 2-3 people.

The melted choco is really nice! Have to say I lava this cake haha

This sweet, creamy brûlée with vanilla is cream is the best for anyone with a sweet tooth!

This crispy, tasty Carbonara Pizza at Brio for only $19!

The duck meat is really tender. Still it has a lot of fats though, if you’re a bit conscious on your diet. Still, the maple syrup is sweet and goes well with the waffle. Waffle is soft and warm.

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The meat is super tender and juicy. I really recommend trying this out when you guys come to this restaurant.

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The smoked duck is highly recommended. There are cold and hot toppings, their veggies are very fresh and crunchy. It’s located at the upper deck (aircon area) of Koufu. Usually 4 toppings with mixed base (half brown rice half lettuce) is around $6-7.

The red beans go together well with matcha