Worth trying! $15.90 for 2 to share!

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Honestly, we only chose to go L'Chaim Bistro because they had seats while others were full. But thank go, no queue doesn't mean no good. The food was much better than expected! The carbonara was flavourful and so are the mid wings. The portion of carbonara was just nice such that one won't get sick from eating too much of the thick sauce. Spent $45 for 2 pax.


A must try for the sweet tooth! Love how this is freshly baked. Also, pika pika ice cream goes soooo well with this soft cookie.

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Paid $14 for this awesome stuff!

Ordered medium raw steak and it turned out to be a little bloody. But still not too bad on the overall. Portion of fries was generous. This tgt with a plate of salad cost $29.90 before tax.

Sashimi buffet that is definitely worth the price! The sashimi is really fresh! Paid about $45 per pax

Choice of white toast and scrambled eggs. Breakfast was good and really filling. Ordered a glass of ice mocha too. But IMO, the coffee ain't that nice.

Chocolate banana waffle will never go wrong. With cookies and cream ice cream.

All day breakfast at Marina Square. $11.90. More filling than it looks. Comes with a drink too! Food is just average only....

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Chilli crab is good! The gravy wasn't spicy. The crab meat is sweet and fresh! A bit pricey for zhi char though, $54 per kg!

$4 per bowl! A tad salty but still good!