Food here is consistently good and service quick. This Caesar salad was served in a hardened but edible galette bowl. Salad itself was delicious with kale replacing the usual lettuce and crispy bacon providing the crunch, but the bowl was a bit of a gimmick. Nonetheless would definitely repeat the order.

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Plumped for the Breakfast Burger. Very filling and hit the spot, recommended. A little tricky to find but worth seeking out and great service.

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Opted for the spicy black ramen; strangely enough accompanied by sriracha sauce. The highlight here is the tender pork. Side order of gyoza was soggy so avoid.

Clean living in a box. Curry in a Hurry - tasty if a little watery curry, but enough rice and cauliflower rice to soak it up interspersed with broccoli, tofu chunks and eggplant. Good option if you’re feeling self righteously healthy and in the area.

Chorizo Pizza, 23++. Common Man by day, sourdough pizza joint by night. Same high levels of ambience, service and food (and prices) on display regardless of which establishment you visit. Expertly executed craft pizza, crispy base and rich sauce and toppings. Recommended 😃

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Small bites Korean fried chicken. Ticks all the boxes; crispy, juicy and liberally doused in sticky sauce. An experience to be repeated again and again :)

A little bit sceptical about ordering the Chilli Crab Pizza but this turned out to be quite special. The piquant sauce base was the star of the show; complemented by lumps of crab scattered on top. Great dish!

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The view here is the selling point; on a sunny afternoon you can soak up the vibes of the small marina out in front. The food is good without being mind-blowing, but is decently priced for the large portions delivered. Ordered the primavera pizza (huge but a little too cheesy for my liking) and the dough covered ravioli, which was a delight to dip into the soupy mushroom sauce. Relaxing break and was fascinating to read the history of the yacht club and marvel at the century old trophy on display in the lobby.

Fresh and light breakfast; the gallete has a slight crisp texture which complements the savoury filling of the sautéed mushrooms, comte cheese and egg. Bright ambience, chill music, great coffee, quality croissant and attentive but not intrusive staff. Very relaxing place if you can bag a table 😊

If you’re looking for somewhere different that delivers consistently well executed food then Erwin’s is a great place, especially at weekends when it’s a little quieter and you can take a stroll around the bay afterwards. The fish was chunky and really moist but with a crisp and lightly seasoned batter, accompanied by an upgrade to sweet potato fries. It’s a pub with a proper chef, what’s not to like!

When you need to be satisfied without any pretensions. The sate Ayam was well marinated, charred and hit the right buttons. The Tahu Telor was good but the sauce was a little too watery but still tasted good.

I liked the sound of this but it’s rather bland; basically a burger in toasted white bread. Has potential but could do with a liberal dousing of sauce inside to impart some flavour.