Visited the Burpple street & there’s just so many yummy food!

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Had dinner at this Korean BBQ place @ level 2

Quite a number of variety for the meat options , such as like lychee pork etc.

Ambience is decent but the air vent doesn’t seem to be effective in removing the smoke.

Had the Original Cheese Burger ( $18.90 ) and Zesty Crab Pasta ( $17.90 )

Pasta is well seasoned with lime & Chili and the pasta is al dente.

Burger is not bad, but towards the dry side. A little pricey without Burpple app.

Charsiew Sandwich is well Marinated and tender which makes me want to get a second one before I finished the first.

Lasagna was flavourful and cheesy indeed. It is well baked with the edge slightly crispy.

The coffee is great and not too sweet for our liking.

Also had the Tom yam baked rice & other desserts.

Ordered the truffle spaghetti and sandwich using the 1-for-1 deal - along with 2 drinks.

Food is decent given the price, but think their waffles might be better than the food.

Ordered the Truffle Egfs proscuitto and The Breakfast Works using burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Truffle eggs were fluffy with a hint of truffle and the crispy kale was so good. Both portions were also quite filling. Very worth it.

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Ordered fish and chips using burpple beyond.

Felt that the portion was a little too small given that we swapped the fries for salad.

Used the 1-for-1 deal for the minced pork bento set that came with a drink, meal and dessert - red tea jelly and pearls.

Portion was sizeable and the food was delicious. The dessert was sooo good!

Tried both Strawberry Basil + Lychee Raspberry. ( $9 for double scoop with cone ) The ice cream is creamy and fruity YET not too sweet.
Doesn’t melt quickly so it’s 👍🏻

On a side note, the top ice cream makes me anxious about dropping it.

Order Tom Yam Baked Rice and Beef stew pasta
With Iced Mocha + Smoothie

Food taste delicious : Tom Yam is well mixed within the cheesy baked rice + Stewed beef is soft and well marinated.
Also had a fluffy muffin & Tiramisu

The service is extraordinary. Would definitely recommend for a date or family lunch.

Should call to book in advance as seats can be limited.

Decent Poke Bowl although it is on the drier side. Would prefer more sauce/gravy over the rice. Ordered stew too, stew was fine.
Soba was great.
Tad bit too expensive

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