Was here for lunch on 29 Jun 2023. Was always happy with price performance ratio of Nakhon Kitchen's offerings and been a loyal return customer.

Understand that the cost of materials have went up significantly in the past few years and Shrinkflation is expected. However, $18 for SEVEN pieces of Sotong for a group of five people was daylight robbery and ridiculous. Please see photo taken when the dish arrived - $18 for SEVEN pieces of Sotong.

Highly recommended to visit other alternatives if you are keen on authentic and good Thai food. The food quality at Nakhon is admitted still good - but the rate of Shrinkflation here is ridiculous.

Please do not visit.

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Very disappointing experience. Waited for 2 hours in line and service staff wad unpleasant and curt. We were a group of 6 pax. When we got to the start of the queue, service staff told us that if we were unwilling to split tables, it will be a VERY long wait.

If you do not accept groups bigger than 5 pax, please state explicitly.

I visited BHC in Korea. The signature of BHC Chicken is Bruprinkle powder. The powder served in SGP is literally miserable. Food was not tasty and expensive.

Highly recommend all to NOT VISIT the SGP restaurant as price performance ratio is very poor and service is abhorrent.

Visited on 13 May 2023. Bought passionfruit soda as shown in pics and was charged $7 (menu showed $6). Half the cup was full of ice and size of cup was literally minuscule as per photos (please see comparison to single scoop paper cup).

I understand that business are out to make profits, including F&B establishments. However, the cost of this drink is probably less than 50 cents and the profit margins must be >500%.

Highly NOT recommended to visit as price performance ratio of offerings is literally off the charts poor.

$7 for a soda this size is literally ridiculous even factoring in today’s inflation rates 😡


To be honest, price performance ratio of buffet was reasonable i.e. despite most food offerings being processed food example luncheon meat, cheese tofu etc, taste of buffet was reasonable.

However, the service rendered by a young guy, (presumingly the owner) as he was wearing short bermudas, was rude, arrogant and aggressive. He shouted at us when we were queuing outside patiently waiting for a seat to hold on as we did not have reservations.

When we were allowed in, there was no staff manning the buffet station as well and numerous customers had to wait for a long period of time before someone served them (no self-service was allowed)

Kitchen also completely forgotten that we had ordered a baked cheese ring to go with the buffet. This was only served 30 minutes upon prompting the waitress

For the uninitiated, the good reviews are mainly bcos the restaurant offered a free ice cream / bingsu for customers who “like” their facebook page and provide a review on either Facebook or Google.

Highly NOT recommended.