I didn't plan to eat this but because the stall I wanted to go to is not open so I decided to try out this stall. If you like spinach soup, you should try this. They gave one whole bunch of spinach...chew until I tired. Haha!😅 The prawns are very fresh, the soup taste like home-cooked soup. 有妈妈的味道 ☺️

After reading so many nice reviews about it, I had to try it for myself. Ordered quite a few of the famous meatballs as everyone is raving about it. Perhaps I have set too high of an expectation, the meatballs are not as good as I have expected. It was slightly hard and dry. I know at least two other ytf places with better meatballs than these. Apart from that, I do like the soup. The natural sweetness from the soybeans made the soup light and tasty.

Grand opening promotion from 25-30 June. My all-time fav sweet potato is selling at 2 for $3! This is one thing that I’ll never get sick of. Love the caramelized part on the outer sides.

Interesting flavor. Not too sweet. Almost like eating warabi mochi but in ice cream form.


Huge piece of unagi for the lunch set. This stall sell various wallet friendly Japanese bentos.

Hidden at the basement of The Plaza, this old school bakery serves legit orh nee aka yam/taro paste tarts. I don't like overly sweet stuff, the orh nee sold at most places are often way too sweet and jelat. I like that their orh nee are smooth, creamy, and not too sweet, totally worth the calories. Be careful of the buttery crumbly crust, I made a mess while trying to cut the tart into half.😂 Other than the orh nee tarts, their sweet potato tarts and cheese tarts are pretty good too. Forget about the rest.🤣 These yummy tarts are often sold out by noon, so be there early or call up to preorder to avoid disappointment. ⁣

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Comes with generous servings of char siew and two types of wantons. Instead of the common char siew with red coloring, I prefer this type of caramelized brownish char siew. I suggest getting the large portion cos the ingredients are so yummy you won’t get enough of it.

This place is set up by a deaf couple. They used to be at an ulu corner at midpoint orchard. The soup is tasty w/o added MSG, just slightly saltier than how I remember it was at the previous outlet. Pho is thicker than the usual but it’s smooth. The sliced beef shin is very tender. Prices are nett, no GST and service charge. Do show your support if you are nearby and in need of a comforting bowl of pho.

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I prefer this than the one with Azuki beans, as this is not as sweet and hence a more pronounced matcha taste.

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If you like the salty-sweet combi, you will like this. I like the crispy outer shell and the creamy interior.

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Freshly made on the spot, it was quite crispy. It’s not the best prata I’ve had but it was not bad. However, the curry was a bit too spicy for me and it has a bitter aftertaste.

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