A small little cosy cafe, with good coffee and tea. Churros with Nutella dip is like icing on cake!

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Ordered beer and slush to cool down from the treacherous heat. And I looked through their menu and order this Ayam Percik. It's very very delicious! The pickled vegetables brings refreshing. The chicken is very well marinated and there's lemongrass in it. Serve with blue pea rice! Yummy!

It tests the skill of a Chef to fry a plate of fragrant oil base pasta! This is not bad! Seafood and vongole pasta!


Gimme anytime, anywhere I will always choose it! Firstly, it's hard to find it here in Singapore and it has be freshly made than it's nice. That why we have to wait for 20mins for this beef stew set. Well, worth the wait! They also have Yorkshire pudding with vanilla ice cream for only $3!! Oh my!!! How I adore you!


Pan seared lamb tenderloin with carrot puree and balsamic glaze.

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Chicken roulade with Puree of Potatoes. Flowers are from @bloomroomsg and it works magic in decoration!