Tee Nyah Kueh! So special name! I was attracted by its special name and its beautiful color. Without knowing what it really was, I got one to try. And then........ Bang.... I am falling in love with it and driving out again to get 2 more packs. It was kueh made simply from rice flour, chilled, and served with Gula Melaka. But it was already all good on its own.

Felt like I found a hidden gem. Look for an uncle putting up small stall on its motorcycle just opposite this restaurant, next to the roast pork stall. Operating hour is early morning until 11am.
Food: 10/10, Price: RM3.50


What a great find! This place offers Nasi Kerabu that is on point. Generous portion which guarantee enough to feed even a man. Amazed by the big size drumstick and the fragrant Basmathi rice. Not only the mains are well taken care of, even the side are well on point. Super crunchy and fresh fish keropok! Thumbs up.
Food: 9/10, Price: RM15

Sometimes it is just Fried Chicken and Curry time. On a fine afternoon in the weekend when I go out for groceries, I just wanted to have Fried Chicken. Passby this shop and decided to give it a try. Was really surprise that the chicken was like served straight to me from the wok like I dine in even though I packed it. It was so crispy I feel wasted to not ate all the skin 😲. To add even more plus point, curry was savoury and all good too. Thick and creamy, slightly spicy. Yummsssss!!!! Food: 9.5/10, Price: RM15

During 2021 CNY, La Juiceria comes out with the special CNY menu and this set has some of my favourite - Black Pepper Beef, Pumpkin, Quinoa, Sweet Potato. Has this set delivered by a bright rider, thanks to him, I had a good time since I received this food. The beef is not disappointing, it was amazing! Tasted so savoury with the heavy black pepper flavor, I can't stop but keep scoping the sauce to my rice and Quinoa. It just goes so well together. However, I must said that it was very oily. Juice was good too. Overall satisfying, but price is on the steep side.
Food: 9/10, Price: RM40+ (Normal price), I bought it with a discount. With delivery, it cost RM26.

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I had Nasi Kerabu and yup, it tasted good. Though portion wise is not big, taste was OK. Especially the salted egg, i think it enhanced the soul of this rice bowl.
Food: 7/10, Price: Should be about RM16

What I especially amazed here was my Tuna Pastry, FABULOUS!!! Can't tell how much I loved it. Slightly more dense skin that is just as flaky, small hint of salt with whatever flavorful fillings inside, it was a flavor bomb! Loved it!

Food: 11/10, Price: RM7

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After Li's in Damansara Jaya, this place served exceptional sourdough bread, crisp on the out, chewy inner side, I like sourdough to be like this. Salted beef is generous in portion and really good too.

Food: 9/10, Price: About RM40+

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Heard about this years ago but never really think of purposely going to Subang for this. Had this packed as my lunch when my collegue pass by there.

I was having a high expectation with the fame it drawn. But, fried rice itself wasn't as good as I thought, rice was a bit hard, probably wasn't fully cooked. It taste quite average. But the chili sauce is the saver of this rice. The chili was really good, I kept getting more and more. And the relatively big size prawn was a plus point.

Food: 7/10, Price: RM7.50

Fixed my craving for Jaslyn cakes. Wasn't up to something too sweet so I chose this. Kept in the fridge until the next day. Surprisingly good. Honey sweetness was just right at the point, with a little salty hint, it feels like heaven. Cake texture was not too moist, a little dry but perfect! Loved this so much! ♥️ Food: 11/10, Price: About RM12

Satisfied lunch. We asked for set. A burger comes with fries, coke, and sides. Fries are as good as usual. The Popcorn Chicken side with green chili sauce was so matching, 2 cubes wasn't enough. 🤤

My main- Beautiful Mess 5.0. After 5 times of refinement, you can tell that this burger is a no space for failure item. Loved the thin slice at the bottom, I think that was Cheddar Cheese. Juicy mushroom 👍. Patty wise, I think BurgerLab speciality is still chicken burger.

Food: 9/10, Price: RM25

Came here again and this time order 米粉蟹 (Crab Fried Bee Hoon). This was another great food I would recommend. Fragrant fried bee hoon that was just hitting all the points I like in this dish. Generous portion of crab and it was good. Coriander with the bee hoon - perfect match! Food: 9/10, Price: RM20.00

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Kudos to the good food but service was not so friendly. The ice cream tasted good and looks nice, I will give 5 stars for the food and drink here, but deduct 2 stars for the service that reduced the whole experience. Think this will be my first and last patronage here. Food: 10/10, Price: RM25 for each ice cream, Service: 6/10