We both had the ribeye, the medium rare turned out to be medium but did not detract from the good quality of the steak. Tender, good flavour and not sinewy at all. The other table had ribs that looked just phenomenal, going to get that next time.

More expensive than hawker nasi lemak but everything on the plate was amazing. Rice is super fragrant and flavourful. Chicken is big and juicy. Chilli is spicy and tasty. Egg has a melty centre. Ikan bilis stays crispy. Achar is good to eat on its own. This is a place you need to upsize on the rice!!!

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Used to be my go-to for Chinese bbq but this visit we noticed the lamb skewers were bigger than usual, but tasted nothing like lamb. Fake lamb? It has a wierd chemical taste that numbed my tongue. Public health hazard in my uninformed view.

Not available for burpple 1 for 1 but the lamb is so good. Probably the best lamb in Singapore. Just look at the juiciness of that lamb. So tender.

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Chicken waffles - batter is salty but crispy. Chicken is juicy. The charcoal waffle with maple syrup is yums. 3 pieces of chicken in there makes for good portion size. This dish is 7/10. Up the game of the batter and this would have been 9/10.

Crab cakes - 2 of these, topped with 2 poached eggs. No other sides, I think that spoonful of chopped up purple cabbage must be the designated salad. While the size of the crab cake is big, but there is alot of breadcrumb in the filling making it slightly doughey. There is 1/3 of one prawn in each crab cake. All the crab contributed was fishiness, poor crab died without appreciation for its flesh. This dish is 3/10

Overall food quality is mediocre, which means without the Burpple 1 for 1 I wouldn't consider returning.


Went for the omizu buffet. The servings are 1 piece mainly, which is good as you can choose how much you want without food wastage. Selection is wide, quality is decent. Sashimi is middling quality, fresh enough.
Service is fast.


Tasting portion is the small bunch, really tiny. Normal portion is a decent size. We had mentaiko with squid ink, slightly salty but the brininess fits into the dish. Lamb pasta is also good, savoury hearty taste for those who like stronger flavours.

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