The breading looks thin, but its crispness really does the job, adding another dimension to the lean, rich meat.

Beautiful quiet place with some proper chicken - tender, juicy, with a nice nip of heat.

There was nothing remarkable about the meal, nor about the portly staff who served it - nothing save for the purple that still stains his right index finger.
I don’t know whom he voted for, but I know this: last night a torrent washed away an edifice, built cynically to last, and he was part of that immense, onward rush. He is just some guy today, but he was a little more than that just hours ago.
I remain convinced that I cannot change something too much bigger than me. But I am a little more convinced that, even if there are decades of evidence to the contrary, We can. I am Snowflake; we are Avalanche.

Good job with the salmon - crisp crackling skin, tender, melting meat.


Supper that's so old school it puts starch in school uniforms.

The perfect cure for a whole chain of hot, muggy days.


Creamy yet firm, rolling bitter notes, liquor aftertaste that lingers like a lovesick teenager. Worth every cent.


I'd say it's good but I'm biased - have been eating at this place regularly for decades.