Dish is still not bad. Have been there for a few times. But their service needs improvement. Some if the staff needs to be attentive. Understand they have to hold a few position when working but their eyes need to be "open" and acertain/acknowledge the customer if the customer needs help and not wait till they finish what they had on hand then acknowledge the customer.

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Their congee is good. It's not the normal congee u ate at hawker centre. It's much nicer. Plus the seafood is cooked separately. It have the "burnt" taste. Almost like bbq taste in them. It's good to try at least one time from them.

We had the buffet selection and we select the individual pot. Staff was good to tell us using this individual pot the cooking will be slow. Using the "yuanyang" pot will have fast cooking time.
Food is good. Service is good. And the best is in buffet there is unlimited orders of the "Xiao long bao"
Worth to go again.

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