Came on a Saturday morning and though the queue was crazy long, it was well worth the wait 😍 This is the Ultimate Combo, and we paid an extra $1 to switch the egg to scrambled eggs.

The pancakes were pillow-fluffy, the scrambled eggs were done just right, and the bacon portion was so generous :’)

And I got the orange mocha which was amazing as well. Hints of orange cut through the rich mocha, but it doesn’t overwhelm the coffee.

Such a good brunch! Will definitely come back 🀭

Went to Kra Pow Thai for the first time for a friend’s birthday and I was really impressed :’) First of all, can I say how rare it is for a restaurant to let you book a table for 13 people? But these guys gave it to us πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

And the food... my oh my ☺️ The drunken noodle pork ($7.90) had the perfect wok hei, followed by a sweat-inducing chilli kick 🌢 The Ko Moo Yang (Grilled pork Collar, $12.90) was really tender and the zesty sauce complimented the grilled meat perfectly. The Green Curry ($7.90) was slightly spicy as well, and is a must-have with rice. The only disappointing dish was the Krapow XL ($14.90) - it would be a good dish at other places, but it kinda paled in comparison here.

Good food, great prices. 10/10 will come back again πŸ˜‹


Got the Supreme Porky Marinara and it was so good ☺️ The homemade pasta had a great bite to it, and the sauce was packed with incredibly rich pork flavour (I think it’s pork lard!). I particularly felt like the meatball was extremely generous - stuffed with pork (duh) and chestnuts for that extra bite.

The portion may seem small at first, but it really is a portion just right for one. Redeemed via Burpple Beyond!

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