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From the Burpple community

throwback 2013: first time, first night, first meal in korea. soy sauce marinated raw crab - touted as rice thief to the koreans and a must-have during autumn when the season for blue crabs are in. so we tried and it was a disaster! LOL. disclaimer: no offense to what may be a national dish but the dish just did not go well with us. could not be foul play because we were at THE shop to be for some of the best soy sauce crab in korea but guess this was like what durian could be to some foreigners. the marinate did not register with her and i couldnt stomach the raw crab meat - it thickened and irritated my throat so much that after a few mouths, i swore i was having quite an throat allergy. we couldnt finish the meal in the end but looked on the locals enjoying every bit of it. funny and memorable first night for our very first meal in korea. hey, any sing-ka-por peeps tried? do some justice to this signature dish and let me know how you find it yo?