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From the Burpple community

YASSSS now this was one legit burger. If you like Shake Shack's mushroom burger (I sure did), you'll enjoy this one immensely.
The HUGE mushroom chunk which had a perfectly cripsy crumbed exterior seemed to make the burger 7726268 times better. Your jaw might break in an attempt to stuff this into your mouth, but at least you'll end up with a broken jaw AND a happy stomach. Delish stuff.

Pretty good burger, but not incredibly satisfying just because I prefer my burgers greasy. If anything, it tasted like In-N-Out's burgers because of how clean tasting these were! And if the latter's secret sauce tastes like thousand island dressing, this secret soz tasted like an Asian sweet and sour concoction. Oh but definitely add on the bacon ($2) because those were good, crispy stuff.
The Vanilla Soft Serve though was great ($4.50); serving was incredibly generous and you could taste and see the vanilla specks in there. Makes me wanna try their milkshakes too... mmmm maybe another time!

**opened by the famed Australian Chef Neil Perry, which made total sense with all the quality ingredients in there.

Ordered the Aussie burger at #BurgerProject.