Price around $12.50 for two packets of rice. Taste wise was ok but there are many other stalls there which is pretty highly rave too such as the ytf, duck rice, xlb which is slightly cheaper! Will give those a try next time :)

Bought the crispy pork chop, the char siew, tofu and cabbage for this packet! Uncle was generous with the curry but will say its slightly on the sweeter side as compared to loo's hananiese curry rice.

Went around 11am but they were still cooking up most of the dishes. Some of the dishes I bought was the crispy pork chop, fish, cabbage and tofu! Ask the uncle to drizzle some curry would make the whole meal taste much much better :)

Went there in the morning hoping to grab some ondeh ondeh but they weren't ready yet. Saw a super long queue before the store even opened but I guess the wait was worth it 😍

Was about to leave after purchasing the pandan and orignal ones, then a tray of this brown sugar tarts came out and gosh it smell sooo good, burnt caramel 🤤 for bbt lover, give this a shot and you won't be disappointed!

$2 each, consume within the same day when its still warm :) if you leave it till the next day, the crust might be a little soft!

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With the Burpple I would say its worth it to give it a try! Went there during weekday lunch time and it wasn't too crowded. Give it a shot if you pass by :)

They have a variety consisting of fried banana, sweet potato, yam and also potato ball! $3 for 5 to 6 pieces. I would always ask them to mix it for me so I can try a variety and the batter is always good 😋

They have soup, dry and laska served at this stall. I prefer their chilli version over the soup one since it provided an extra kick! $4 for this bowl, they start from $3/$4/$5

Ordered 4 of the rice ball, mixed! (yam, peanut, black sesame and matcha) they were out of red bean, so hopefully next time I drop by it wil be available! Base option consists of ginger soup, peanut, almond (forget the other one 😅)

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Managed to order 2 bowls of their popular peanut soup with homemade rice ball! Queue started forming subsequently phew haha

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They have two types, one of which is the traditional flaky crust whereas I opt for the other one which was more westernise, cookie crust. It was so good and fragrant 👍 the egg mixture was smooth and staff advise us to consume within the same day! Otherwise if kept till the next day, the crust might be a little soft :)