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Reviews at Putien (Kitchener Road)

Reviews of good food at Putien (Kitchener Road)
Sweet and sour pork with lychee at last nights family dinner.

Super tender and flavorful pork and the sauce wasn't too sticky and sweet which unfortunately is a mainstay at some places. Lychee added a nice touch to balance it all. For $13.50 this was pretty reasonable considering the quality of cooking you get.

Putien Lor Mee ($9.50)

Another to-go dish at putien! Definitely not your regular lor mee.

Sweet And Sour Pork ($13.90)

Another classic that you should get here. Love the sweetness and light batter. I love how putien makes everything so exquisite!

Braised Pig Intestines ($14.90)

The '9 fold' intestines is really a treat. I loved the springiness and light flavors that comes with it. Brilliant!

Putien Century Egg ($6.90)

So simple yet so good. Definitely a dish you should order when you're here.

兴化米粉 my #mustorder from Pu Tien.

😋 Of course that includes the candied yam cubes and PuTien Lor Mee too!😍

Meizhou Claypot Rice with Seaweed ($11.90)

First Harvest Seaweed! New seasonal menu launch for the first time at Putien. Freshly harvested seaweed from Wheat Island, Fujian Provience are air flown to ensure the best quality dishes are served to your dining table.

Meizhou Claypot Rice with Seaweed is one of the five seaweed dishes you'll find on this seasonal menu. Using traditional cooking method adapted from the local fisherman, they braised the pearl rice in seaweed and oyster soup for a stipulated time, allowing it to absorb all the essence that you'll savour each bite.

Yellow Croaker season is back @putien_sg, this time with 2 new dishes so you can try the croaker in 5 different ways of preparation (steamed, boiled, pan-fried, deep-fried and stewed).

Pictured is one of the new fish available - the painstakingly stewed Yellow Croaker Rice ($15.80/$23.80). Involving many procedures, the rice is super flavourful, soaking up all the essence from the broth made from the fish bones. Exceptionally comforting to have given its chewy texture with a mixture of glutinous rice and normal rice.
The fish was fresh and sweet yet carefully deboned - to be enjoyed by young and old.
Thank you @putien_sg for feeding us and @affluencepr for the warm hospitality and invitation.

Putien did it again!

Making use of seasonal fresh produce and their locality experience, this 1 Star Michelin restaurant retained the yellow croaker's original essence in this brilliant "100 Second Stewed Yellow Croaker". Every time I go #Putien, it's always a wonderful experience, but the difference at the 1 Star Michelin branch is the insane attentiveness! While removing my empty glass of drink, the service staff replaced it with a warm glass of water with the other hand immediately, remembering that I wanted warm barley initially. #burpple #openricesg #hungrygowhere #exploresingapore

Deep Fried Pig's Trotter with Salt & Pepper ($5.9/pc—min.

2 pc's).
Something I wouldn't usually pick from a menu, but would definitely love to sink my teeth into again! These pig trotters were surprisingly crisp on the outside while the inside was tender and full of collagen (without tasting oily or fatty).
For this dish, Putien insists on using only 7" pig trotters from Australia and they go though a rigorous 12-hour preparation that includes being fried three times, air dried to get rid of fats, and they're also baked to perfection. Definitely a must try if you're heading to Putien.

New seasonal menu at PUTIEN!

Best time to sample Yellow Croaker dishes as they are tender and in abundance during this season. Using different cooking method, you'll get to taste Yellow Croaker that's steam, boil, pan-fried and deep-fried from now till 30 November 2016.

Deep-fried yellow croaker ($12) aka 咸香黄花鱼, marinated with premium peppercorn and sea salt for 24hr. Loads of step goes into making as they dry it but retain slight moisture over a few times. It is then deep fried to crunchy texture yet you can taste tenderness of the fish.

'100-second Stewed Yellow Croaker' ($12++).

Another seasonal creation by Putien that's available from 2 Sep to 30 Nov. It's such a healthy dish with all natural seasoning. Besides this, you can also try their Yellow Croaker dishes cooked in different styles such as pan fried, deep fried, and boiled. .
Thank you @affluencepr and Putien for hosting us.

@putien_sg signature Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon!

Love the texture as their Bee Hoon is so fine and silky!Putien Bee Hoon is handmade from non-glutinous rice flour and painstakingly dried under the sun. The process is slower but it give a more springy texture.
Location: 127 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208514
#putiensg #putien #burpple #burpplesg

Lovingly made from scratch with beautiful layers of fluffy crust filled with generous fillings of either yam or purple sweet potato.

We were given a chance to hand make these babies ourselves straight from their creator - Madam Leng (affectionately known as 蓮姐)! As their longest serving staff of @putien_sg, this used to be a regular treat to her friends and family. However, we can finally taste it for ourselves!
We were served our own handmade Mooncake which was freshly fried - loved it how there wasn't a trace of oiliness and the filling was not very sweet (especially when I don't even like yam!). One more week to Mid-Autumn Festival, have you gotten your mooncakes. I guess this will definitely be a sure winner with the aunties and uncles! 😏 There will only be around 200 boxes (from $48/4 per box) in each outlet, fastest fingers first!!

Deep Fried Pig’s Trotters ($5.90/piece, min 2 pieces) was pure indulgence!

Seasoned with salt and pepper, the crunchy exterior taste really similar to my favourite Taiwanese street food, 鹽酥雞 (fried chicken), while the inside was super soft and fatty 'meat'. Termed as the new super food for anti-Aging, @putien_sg only uses Australian Pig front trotters for this dish to maintain its standard throughout all their outlets while the texture of each trotter remains the same!
Congratulations @putien_sg for clinching one star Michelin and thank you so much for feeding us, so much thought and effort have been placed in the food here and it is definitely well worthy of the star!! A big thank you to @affluencepr for the kind invite!

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