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Best Burgers in Singapore 2016
Burpple Guides, Burgers Best Burgers in Singapore 2016 A lot has changed in two years since our last burger guide. Surprisingly, the greatest burgers this year aren't just coming from burger-focused joints. We've enjoyed excellent ones from a casual-chic steakhouse in the CBD, an ice cream bar in Siglap, an artsy cafe in Kampong Glam, and even an Australian butchery in Dempsey. Every one of these 14 burgers proves that eating with your hands and getting a little messy is so much fun. Bring an open mind and an even bigger appetite. Ready, set, eat!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: July 2016
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: July 2016 Seven months of eating and there's still no sign of us stopping. Nope, none at all. From affordably priced Japanese lunch sets in town to purple yam soft serve in Novena and over the top milkshakes in Holland Village, get your tummy rumbling with this glorious list we've curated — ready, set, eat!
Best Fries in Singapore 2016
Burpple Guides Best Fries in Singapore 2016 This week, it's all about fries, fries, fries. Whether you like yours shoestring or thick cut, slathered in kimchi cheese or dipped in truffle mayo, we've sussed out the tastiest of the tastiest in Singapore. Get the napkins ready, because your fingers are about to get greasy!
Best Halal Cafes & Restaurants 2016
Burpple Guides, Halal Best Halal Cafes & Restaurants 2016 Running out of new, Halal places to visit? Here are more places to add to your wishlist of eats. Be it tucking into cafe grub in Thomson, wolfing down Korean fried chicken in Bugis or having durian desserts in Ang Mo Kio, this guide is about to get you very hungry!

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Iberico & Arugula Pizza

Second time tasting, and is crisp and light, Jamon Iberico is the highlight (salty).. arugula bittersweet crunch balances making the dish tastily satisfying and ideal w coffee

Flat White

Blue Collar Collaborative has been operating at Impact Hub at Prinsep Street, and they have a second space in Timbre+ within D's Joint in Timbre+. Using blends from Gentlemen Coffee Company, the blend uses beans from three different origins which gives it a rather smooth, creamy feel and a fruity flavour profile.

叉烧菠萝面包 (Char Siew Polo Bun)

Hong Kong yum cha delights from Chef HongKong Bakery stall are affordable and good! $1.30 for this big soft charsiew polo bun, do not expect top grade ingredients but rather tastily savory char siew and fragrant polo (made from pineapple) top crust that could have be a little thicker! They do some good egg tarts too that has a flaky tart base and smooth egg custard filling of appropriate sweetness.

Albert Street Prawn Noodle

There's quite a few big prawn noodle stalls in this hawker but this is my favourite following up with the stall with pinkish bowls.

Thick and sweet soup base with 2 big prawns. My all time favourite when I visit this hawker 》$5

📍 Albert Street Prawn Noodle | #01-10

Xiao Long Bao

The soup is very sweet! ☺
Overall this is quite good in a hawker centre just that the skin is on a slightly thicker side. I will definitely order this again when I visit this hawker 》5 Pcs $3.50

📍 王記 上海小龙包 | #01-109

Chuan Kee Satay

At 4pm on a sunday evening, the wait is about 20 mins and they ran out of mutton satays so we had to settle with pork & chicken satays + ketupat.

📍 Chuan Kee Satay | #01-85


Honestly, sincerely, it was really awesooomeee...!!
If you haven't tried it yet, well i really think you should.
If you've been here before, you might notice that this thing is everywhere.. either on the tables, or on it's way to one. Curious enough, I tried ordering one and it was a very good decision.
Asked mine to be more spicy, and the auntie did very [VERY] well.. the crunch, turnips, chili paste, popiah sauce, and dash of cucumber was just great. Another thing is, you know the thing with popiah is that sometimes the roll size could be a bit too much? Well this one is just right! So each piece can go straight into your mouth without making you look like a glutton.
Definitely made it into my fav list! 😍😍😍
🍴 Homemade Popiah
💰 S$1.50 each [😍]
🏠 富城食品 Homemade Spring Roll
📍 Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-94 [i think they do have some brances tho]

Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow

Finally get to try Lao Fu Zi char kway tiao. I've been wanting to try their char kway tiao previously but the queue is quite long.

It smells good when it's served to me but I find the taste to be quite average. I prefer the sweet dark sauce of Char kway tiao. Lao Fu Zi offers both black / white char kway tiao at the smallest plate for $4.

📍 老夫子炒粿条 | #01-12