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[Manbok Singapore] Sticky rice cake, noodle and Korean fish cake with tteokboki sauce ($18+).

Warning, thisis really really spicy so it's definitely more for people who love spice. Everything about this dish was chewy, sweet and spicy. And overall I would recommend to come for this dish and steam egg. Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meals with us! Stay belly growing everyone!

[Ng Kim Lee] Aunthetic Chicken Pie ($1.80).

Where can you get pie as delicious as delicious for such a cheap price? Love the crispness of the crust, and the inner chicken and potato filling which makes it for a perfect dinner. 😍 Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meals with us! Stay belly growing!

Delicious, Cheap Burgers

Hambaobao resides on the top floor of Beauty World Centre, standing out amidst the typical hawker centre food. It has a small menu offering burgers and other sides (such as fries) and what immediately stands out is the price... $5. Each burger costs $5! That's pretty amazing on its own...

We went on a weekday during lunch time and there was already a queue, despite the fact that shop only opened a few minutes ago. We were told that we would have to wait for about half an hour and while I was a bit taken aback by the long wait time, when the food arrived, my goodness it was totally worth the wait.

The classic beef burger was juicy and flavorful and came with a slightly tangy sauce. The spicy pulled pork burger was extremely tender and the marination of the pork was delicious. The cook on the meat was done perfectly and they had that tasty "hot grill" flavor.

Aside from the meat, the veggie on the burgers were well prepared - the crispness and bright color of the veg showed how the cooks only used fresh vegetables and they really added a nice crunch to the burger.

Now, most burger shops tend to ignore the bun - I mean, what can you do to it right? This results in a lot of soggy, tasteless buns that exist only to hold the burger together. Hambaobao avoids this soggy bun problem by toasting the bun with butter and this just ups the level of the burger infinitely.

The fries were not bad, a pretty good serving for just an additional $1. They were tasty, just wish they had a bit more crunch on the outside to complement the fluffy potato on the inside.

All in all, Hambaobao serves delicious, cheap food, and with each burger being uniquely different, I'll be sure to come back again to try them all out. Although the burgers were a bit on the small side, they make up for it by being very flavorful and being very well-constructed - having different textures and sauces, etc. For its price, it was definitely worth it and I would strongly recommend it.

Breakfast and lunch.

Got mushroom, mince meat, mince meat ball, mince meat fried dumpling, fish ball, fish cake, lots of chilli and vinegar with Mee Pok. The "favouritetest" BCM near home. Only order when the "old man" is there. Lol. The others mix of sauces can't make it and noodles also a tinge overdone.

Wishing all an egg-ceptional year ahead!

May your days in 2017 be as beautiful as this Danzi 蛋子 (soft boiled egg on toast) from @mayskafe
Happy New Year everyone!! It has been great knowing all of you thru' IG!

Ramen For Less Than $10

Special Tonkotsu Ramen comes with pork belly, black fungus, soft boiled egg and seaweed. The charred pork belly was pretty good, not meltingly tender but comes with a good bite and marinade.

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Authentic Korean Chicken

Ordered the grilled and fried rice chicken
Preferred the grilled chicken for its Crispy skin and smoky flavour to it.
Fried rice chicken was flavourful with its well seasoned batter.
Remains my Favourite Korean fried chicken restaurant.

Waffles with poached egg and salted egg yolk sauce.

The waffles were the softer kind (think pandan waffles from your neighbourhood bakery) but still fragrant and buttery tasting. Salted egg sauce was really good; look at how generous they were. But I felt it was a yolk overdose cause there were already 2 poached eggs in the dish. Nevetheless, a yummy and sinful treat.

[SG] A popular favourite at Al azhar, the butter chicken does no wrong.

The General tso of Indian food, its made up of tender chicken thighs marinated in yoghurt and spices before being cooked a mildly spicy, velvety curry bath.
This version was thick and luxurious, perfect with bryani rice or naan (get the garlic variant). Al azhar is also 24hrs so there's no excuse not to get your curry fix. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Best Korean Pancakes!

Ordered a variety of wonderful dishes but really want to stress how the pancakes here are the absolute absolute best! The Pancakes ($16?) are crispy on the edges but soft and fluffy inside! They're perfectly seasoned and accompanied with the most exciting sauce! Highly recommend for all k-food lovers!