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Grilled Pork Chops

Spending my New Year's Eve lunch away from the crowds at this hideout in Hougang that I had been visiting since my Poly days; nowhere near school but had always been worth the effort to travel to.

Had always loved their grilled dishes which I find are very well-executed; the Grilled Chicken Thigh was a dish that I had never fail to order every single time here. The Grilled Pork Chops is also very well done; glazed and grilled, the meat comes glistening and tender with a smoky flavour — the meat itself carrying no traces of unchewable, fatty bits here. Mash was chunky with traces of real potatoes used here; not those uninspiring instant mixes that is used here with buttered greens at the side for a balanced feel.

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Pasta

Occasionally there are days that I would come to Chef's Hats craving for pasta instead of the Grilled Chicken Thigh; this would be what I order to simply have the best of both worlds. This comes with a choice of a few different types of pasta and a small selection of sauces; opted for cream sauce and penne for my order today. The cream sauce is barely overwhelming and nowhere near jelak — still creamy but on the lighter side as it coats the penne pasta that is done al-dente. The Grilled Chicken chunks were juicy and tender; pretty flavoursome without being greasy. One of the dishes that I find comfort in.

Really bold flavours available!

Cookies and Cream was unexpectedly good! Their shop is tucked in a rather "ulu" area but it was worth the traveling to such good cookies&cream! Should have ordered double scoop 😭 P.S. Tried their bold flavours like Chilli Crab and it tasted EXACTLY like chillicrab just in icecream form 🙂

Beef Burger ($11)

Located at a corner of a hawker shop, this stall serves a really good burger. The price is worth it considering the good quality of the beef patty. The meal comes with fries, bacon, caramelized onions, and delicious cheese sauce that you would have to pay extra in other burger places. Other options in the menu are equally enticing. Definitely would come here again for the food.

Chicken Chop

Served with mushroom sauce, french fries and apple coleslaw (which I requested not to have it) 》$6.50

Grilled Norwegian Salmon

Served with potato n leek compote, preserved lemons and puffed buckwheat 》$12.90

Chicken Chop

Awesome chicken chop at a reasonable price ($6)! Worth the trip down to try!

[Oyster Omelette Alert]

Really appreciate this Humble hawker couple that cooks from the heart.

They are always carrying a simle when cooking, each and every plate is filled with passion and love.

Thank you Uncle & Auntie for your Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow.

I truly enjoyed the food you served to me.

Beef Burger ($11)

This is a place you'll go to when you're in the mood to explore new places in the neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon. Located in the deep end of the food court, Flambé serves pasta, burgers, steaks and fish fare. I had the beef patty done medium rare marinated with a hint of chimichurri. It went really well with the caramelized onions, bacon and cheese giving you a burst of flavors. I can totally imagine this served at nicer environments at double the price. Satisfaction!

Come check out our specials for this week!!

Yummy Chicken Roulade stuffed with sundried tomatoes & mushroom served with mashed potato, preserved limes finished with rosemary garlic sauce! 😋

Chili crab?

Black pepper crab ice cream?! The quirky concoctions from @minglemanglesg brought us here to Hougang!

BUT, we were not too impressed with the other selections of ice cream flavors! The only one that stood out for me was the Mid Autumn - the purple scoop, which had the nostalgic taste of yam. I like! Actually their chocolate lavender is not bad as well but I don't like lavender.

I was also confused by why I was recommended the Kiddo's dream which had nutella ice cream, marshmallows and popcorns. Well.. The ice cream was not too bad, but the entire combination was not exactly mind blowing; its presentation in a mason jar was also not too friendly for sharing. It's not even insta worthy, hence you guys wouldn't see it ever! Haha!

Honey & Tokyo Dragon Wings

Buddy Pack (Feeds 2-3 Pax) comes with 18pc Boneless (Breast Meat) or Original (Wings/Drumlets 🍗) + 2 Flavours + 1 Jumbo Wedge Fries + 2 Dressings (Bleu Cheese/Ranch) + Carrots & Celery 》$27.95

Flavours we chose:

Honey - Sweet Honey and smoky BBQ hook up to deliver great Southern flavour.

Tokyo Dragon - Hot honey meets the classic teriyaki for an experience of ginger, soy and heat.