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Top 10 places for Craft Beer

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If you're looking for a good pulled pork dish, head over to Alter Ego!

The pulled pork has cabbage and sauce which gives it an Asian twist. The lightly toasted Turkish bread stole the show though; crispy, fluffy yet flaky, it matched perfectly with a spoonful of pulled pork. 馃嵈
This was a hosted meal courtesy of @alteregosg with fellow #burppletastemaker as our lovely host. Thanks @burpple for the invite! 鈥

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Slipper Lobster and crab meat tom yum pasta, truffle fries with truffle mayo and the other one i forgot what it is called..

it is some beef ball in some sauce. I especially loved the pasta! It's not really spicy but flavorful and the pasta is al dente too. PS Slipper Lobster looks more like crayfish.

Millenium Tofu $12.8

I first had Chef Dave's Century Egg w/ Tofu at Coq & Balls, and since then he has tweaked the recipe with an added creative fluorish.

A whole block of cold tofu is draped in a greyish century egg sauce, but don't be put off by the slightly off-colour appearance, and you'll be rewarded with a silky sweet, umami-packed dressing with surprising depth. Topped with a generous amount of spring onion, bonito, a few strips of nori, and a mild red chilli daikon, the one garnish that caught my eye were the ginger agar pearls. Perhaps normal preserved ginger would have worked better, as these were too muted in heat and flavour.

The portion is good for at least 3 people to share, though I wish there were more of that delicious sauce! #BurppleBugisUnder15

Taste: 3.5/5

Weekend brunch situation.

Grilled cheese sandwiches for EVERYONE - @alteregosg.

Getting my hair cut and undershave done (again), hopefully it looks good!

Love Nectar 馃悵

The 1925 Brewing Co. has gone through a revamp in their concept where the derivatives of their beer brewing processes are incorporated in their menus! 馃嵒

One of our favourite cocktails of the evening 鈥 the Love Nectar 鈥 featured a reduction of their pale ale, Yellow Van. Not overly sweet with the honey, it stuck a great balance where you could just keep downing glasses of these inspired drinks. 馃嵂And if you're looking for something to kick the night into overdrive, ask the bartenders for a little drink called the Lemon Party, you won't regret it. 馃槀

Tater Tots!

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Mashed Potato 馃
This came together with the Honey Spiced Roasted Chicken.

Plain as it may look, yet I liked how simple it was prepared. The salty flavour from the bits of bacon complemented with the earthy flavour of the mashed potato, although I felt that it was too mushy in texture. Anyway, it didn't really matter much to me. 馃槈
#simplejoys #burpple #wednesdaysareforgoodfood

Honey Spiced Roasted Chicken (Whole Chicken) [$18] 馃崡 Topped with crushed almond nut and came with saut茅ed button mushrooms, mashed potato with bits of bacon, and lemon cream.

Good for 2 but too much for us! We felt like this can feed up to 4 people. 馃槵

When we passed by to check the range of prices from this newly opened casual dining in City Square Mall, the enthusiastic staffs were keen to give us information about their menu. According to one of the staffs, Meet Casual Dining is a French concept restaurant, yet the ingredients are Japanese-inspired. I hope, I got that right. 馃槈 Located at Level 2 where Burger King used to be (I always would use my coupons here. HAHA) and beside Popeyes. 馃

PS This meal is on promotion at 10% off since they are still in their soft opening. They also have nice place and plays relaxing music. Moreover, black and white concept is always impressive.馃馃徎
#simplejoys #burrple #yeyfood #wednesdaysareforgoodfood

Crispy Baby Squid [$10] 馃悪 
Slices of squid coated with squid ink which resulted to its black colour.

Served with garlic mayonnaise and a slice of lemon.

In the menu, this Crispy Baby Squid is one of the interesting meals. The squid is tender and has the expected squid flavour, however there is some lacking crispness elsewhere. 馃
馃摳 @sleepyheadbautista
#simplejoys #burrple #wednesdaysareforgoodfood