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Top 10 places for Craft Beer

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Combining two of my beloved comfort food (but oh so sinful), I introduce to you Alter Ego鈥檚 Pizza Fries.

Slathered in rich three-cheese sauce and crowned with smoky pepperoni, this must order bar bite was a sure treat. Madly addictive and not to be ignored, the side of tangy house-made bacon ketchup definitely enhanced the whole experience (giving the savoury flavours a lift of sweetness). The warm, gooey cheese covered fries were also perfectly crisp! But do eat while it's hot (cause it gets jelat real fast) and note that some fries might be neglected from the cheese party uptop.

Standard Nalu ($15.90): chose this "medium" bowl which comes with two scoops of poke (vs Lil' Swell which only had one) because I couldn't bring myself to choose between salmon and tuna.

馃尨馃尯馃崳馃鉁 Hehe. Selected the Spicy Salmon (fave!!) which packs quite the fiery kick 馃敟 and Wasabi Mayo Tuna onto my chosen base of sushi rice, 2 complimentary toppings of cucumber and flying fish roe and avocado for complimentary superfood! The staff tops every customized bowl off with pineapple cubes and scallions and a wedge of lime. Perfection 馃挴馃挴馃挴 #dqky #burpple

Back on track with #fryday with Honey Butter Fries ($10)!

If you've tried the Honey Butter Chips from Korea, you ought to try this! Sweet honey butter paired with savory bacon streaks is the perfect combination with a beer in hand!
Their beer selection comes from @thedrinkerysg, so get ready to get your hands on beers from Lost Coast 馃檶馃徏 Thank you @halfpoundsg for feeding us full & @rainraineeataway for asking me along 鈾

Ho-Jiak's Japanese curry bowls are not just ho-jiak, but they're super shiok too!

The level of awesome is too damn high @hojiak_sg. Apart from their chicken karaage which I loved, their meat bowl with shabu beef and pork is really delicious and worth it for only $14.90 in the CBD.

Southern Chicken Burger ($20)

'Dirty' western mains are only available at dinner time. It's a pretty good rendition with cornbread. Wished it came with some fries though.

Ultimate Pok茅 Bowl (Spicy Tuna & Original Salmon)

Was disappointed to learn that the customisable bowls are only available for lunch. Although I would still prefer to be able to pick my ingredients, I can't complain much about this bowl.

The Ultimate Pok茅 Bowl was generously filled with various superfood. I loved the combination of the textures, from the crunchy walnuts to the creamy mouthfeel from the avocados. The spicy tuna was definitely much more interesting than the salmon, but unfortunately the taste got alittle too rich for me after awhile. I loved the pineapple bits inside, & wished there were more to cut through the heavier taste of the spicy tuna.

Not the first place I would think of if I ever need a sashimi fix, but a good meal option if you're in the area and want to up your salad game.

**I absolutely adore the deco of the place. So charming and cute. Loving the tiki feels!

Honey Spiced Roasted Chicken ($18)
Whole roasted chicken marinated with honey & spices to a gorgeous golden brown exterior, beautifully topped with crushed almond for enhanced aesthetics & textures.

Is this a thanksgiving party?
Served along with lemon cream, saut茅ed button mushrooms & bacon mashed potato (this is so damn good I'd dance for this 馃い) by the side, I couldn't believe my eyes & had to double check with others on whether the menu price was printed correctly for such a generous portion of food.
This is ideally great for 2 to share, though I wouldn't mind devouring all of this by myself (sometimes I get so hungry I could eat a horse so don't judge). Can't wait to go back soon, anyone wants to come along like seriously? 馃槏
#02-37/38 City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539

Black is soooo sexy!

Squid ink pasta looked so enticingly tempting. So it is a no brainer. Besides I do love grilled squid.
Actually, when I walked into this relatively "new kid on the Purvis block", my expectations were just normal. Firstly the pasta was cooked aldente. Tossed in olive oil, a tinge of lemon juice, a little salt and the deep black squid ink. Sprinkled alittle chilli flakes. Simplicity in its seasoning made it very flavorful. However, the grilled squid was a tad chewy. Slightly disapppointed because it was missing my most fave part of the squid... the tentacles!!
Before you go errr.... squid ink? Fun facts to know. Squid ink is rich in iron and antioxidants. It protect the cells and the heart against damage from free radicals and has effective antibacterial properties.
Oh... sidetracked alittle. Back to my lunch. Overall, it is quite a decent antioxidative meal... being a set that comes with soup or salad and a drink. I can easily slurp the pasta on its own without any garnish because it is in itself already flavorful. I won't say it is very wow but it was enough to quench my curiosity on squid ink pasta.

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Definitely one of the most beautiful burger half 鉁 
The Petite Half Pound Burger (Set Lunch $17, Full Portion Burger $18) - Power packed with 150g (full portion 220g) of 100% Angus Beef (read: no fillers)!

There was minimum seasoning for beef patty, to allow diners to enjoy the full flavours of the beef! Apart from the usual lettuce, tomatoes and onions, the half pound burger is interestingly paired with candied bacon and pickled daikon! Really loved the addition of the pickled daikon as it gives it a different dimension with its sour notes with a crunchy texture! Though wish the cheese was a little more melty!
This was a invited tasting by @halfpoundsg, thank you for feeding us 馃崝

If you're looking for something different to try for lunch tomorrow in the CBD, here's our latest suggestion.

Head down to Fiji Xerox Towers to try @hojiak_sg's awesome chicken karaage Japanese curry rice ($8.90). So worth it for such a big portion. Full review up on now!