Best Places To Eat in Taman Desa
Burpple Guides Best Places To Eat in Taman Desa Conveniently tucked between the city centre and homely residences, Taman Desa is blessed with the gift of balance — also true when it comes to its food. The neighbourhood juggles a variety of cuisines, so there is something for all. Come by for baked breads in the morning, barbecued yong tau foo in the evening and satisfying skewers after dark!
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: February 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: February 2017 As of now, we are two months into the new year and 10 new restaurants into Kuala Lumpur! This means fresh date destinations and new places to lunch with your colleagues. Whet your appetite with this list that includes venues for classy Japanese food, authentic Indian street fare, and exciting Southeast Asian eats with a twist!
Best Japanese Restaurants in KL
Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Japanese Restaurants in KL Developed through centuries of culture and years of practice, Japanese food is an art to be appreciated. How lucky we are then to be spoilt for choice here in Kuala Lumpur with some of the best names in the world within our reach. Get your chopsticks ready to feed on this list, with stellar options like handmade soba in a classy restaurant, suppertime skewers at a neighbourhood bar and internationally-acclaimed omakase!
Best Desserts in KL
Burpple Guides, Desserts Best Desserts in KL There's nothing quite as divine as the sweet satisfaction of a good dessert to make things all better. Here are 10 places in town for decadent delights when your sweet tooth acts up. Ready to indulge in moist, airy souffles, Chinese desserts rich in heritage and history, and exceptional French pastries!

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Grape Fruit & Melon Softsrve

On a hot summers day which is an inevitable thing for us Malaysians to endure, we find comfort in the simplest things which are ice cream! Other than crazy temperature, ice cream is also a great coolant and relaxing dessert to have on your off day while you're busy window shopping.. Having tried the softsrve creations in one of their main outlets of Damansara Uptown outlet that, I was really excited to venture what are the surprises lies within this new store called the Softsrve mini and it's quite an adventure to find it being that it is actually in the Pavilion elite (the latest mall that mainly houses restaurants and cafes and treats!) which is quite secluded.. After much searching, we were happy to be able to try it out their flavours which actually changes! So remember to keep your eyes glued to their Instagram or Facebook page for the latest! It's actually a small version of their outlet but it showcases the minimalist decor with just a counter for you to order and a large spread of their toppings to choose from.. Not to forget they have the option of single or duo flavour in either a cup or a cone.. For this visit, I went for their duo flavour with 3 toppings (Rm13.50) which are the Grape fruit & Melon softsrve.. I literally went crazy with their toppings of strawberries, chocolate truffles and popping candy! The first mouthful that I got from it was pure bliss as the grape fruit and melon was a lovely match in this little cup as the melon brought freshness and acidity yet the grape fruit brought out the sweetness that is reminiscent to a bubblegum and paired it with the chocolate truffle that exudes the creaminess and just made it harmonious balance and the popping candy brought bite and crackling texture to your mouth! A delight for the senses and your soul!

Loving this bowl of clear but concentrated & flavourful broth with some pork chashu which is only available on certain days 😊😍🇯🇵 #foodie #japanesefood #ramennoodles #love #ilovefood #foodporn #special #burpplekl #burpple

This lovingly made bowl of ramen is a special treat which is only available on Friday, Saturday to Sunday and on Public holidays.. This bowl of wholesome goodness is the clear version of their milky broth yet this clear soup packs a punch of flavor that just makes you cant stop slurping it with the noodles that is hand made in Japan! Guarantees you cheerful days in every spoonful

Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble

The little haven for all things great in the world which is coffee and brunch is done fantastically by the people that brought us the Common Man coffee roasters! This haven is hailed from the land of their merlions and they have seem to have perfected the art of brewing excellent lattes, the mastery of roasting beans to make lovely coffee for us and not to mention adding another feather to their cap would be making scrumptious brunch not matter what the time of the day it is! Great things was buzzing the moment they open their welcoming doors to the public and I have been so eager to try their coffee and their churros.. With pure determination and also additional stomachs came along to tick this brunch place off our list of brunch places to go and so we venture into the TTDI area to try them food and coffee.. Their current menu now comprises from breakfast classics and their new creations to catering lunch & dinner which are rather interesting yet substantial from their description alone.. So we had their Sautéed Kale & egg white scramble (RM29)which is follows the current craze of anything Kale and healthy.. Initially we were rather skeptical about having Kale as it isn't the type of greens we were brought up with but since it's something new and unique and not to forget an excellent choice for those who are on a vegan diet or day; this would be just great! The moment it came to our table, we were in awe with their composed yet beautifully plating it has for a plate of greens consisting mainly Kale, broccoli, sweet peas & asparagus which are actually music to my ears considering I love eating vegetables! The texture of the vegetables are crunchy yet sweet on its own and the Kale was sauteed with just the right amount of balance in terms of oil and seasoning which made it even more enjoyable to eat.. Lets not forget the unique egg white scramble that is topped with shaved Parmesan & lemon zest crumbs! The scramble whites doesn't resemble anything like an egg white and in fact they rather look like fluffy clouds which also in texture was like a cloud itself when we ate it and the lemon zest crumb just brought out the zesty yet salty elements which somehow goes amazingly well with the Kale! It's really a delicious yet mind blowing awesome plate of greens with a twist! This plate would convert any non green or non vegetarian loving people to try it and finish the whole plate itself! It's a must try in common man!

Gianduja With Raspberries

As the saying goes "Some things are just wonderful like friendship & chocolate cake".. Well in this case the wonderful thing is the Gianduja chocolate cake with raspberries which was spotted at the Naj & Belle!! It's also my first time coming across a cake made with Gianduja which is a dark chocolate bar consisting 30% of hazelnut paste that gives them a nutty texture and taste.. Am really excited that time as it looks really awesome and mouth watering for every chocolate lover as it has a glossy finish yet looks rich and not too creamy.. My first mouthful of it is really hair raising as it's just an amazing cake that has found an equilibrium of taste and texture between the richness of the chocolate which has a hint of bitterness and creamy texture that was balanced out with the sourish of the raspberries that acts like a jello but it was really pure raspberry with no addition of sugar.. They truly made the cake speaks for itself as it gives me more happiness and orgasmic feeling while eating it! It is truly a wonderful slice of cake to be enjoyed in whatever mood as it's just too good to be true that such creation and pairing do exist 😍❤️😘

This crispy pork belly with Apple mash is just heavenly juicy, crispy and fatty enough to leave you wanting more!

And that Apple mash is just the perfect dip to spread on top of this pork as it provides sweetness and counter those salty skin quite well.. Super yummy till you want the whole plate to yourself 😁😍 Goes well with central otago Pinot noir #burpple #bangsar #burrplekl #happy #pinch #porky #winefood #ilovefood

Poached Pear With Chrysanthemum Ice Cream

A beautiful, laid back yet oldies place with a strong vibe of the Grandparents age that has synonymously linked to the rattan chair furniture and those huge chinese paper calendar that acts as their Google of those ages.. This place is rather simplistic in their deco yet it manages to exudes a calming and quiet vibe despite a rather busy Friday.. The service staff here are excellent with a heart warming smile upon greeting you at their entrance and they really do work fast! Not to forget they are like a walking encyclopedia of desserts!! Their menu is straightforward and simple that are well crafted and thought of with sections of plated desserts, ice cream and cakes! You can also bring wines to drink and enjoy for a corkage of RM20.. Back to the dessert, one of their signature is this spicy yet full bodied red wine poached pear with chrysanthemum ice cream, aloe Vera jelly sprinkled on its side.. The presentation of it just looks fantastic! The first mouthful of the poached pear was pure heaven! The pear was still tender but soft enough to be chewed so effortlessly and you still can get the spicy taste of the Shiraz and some fruits and tannin from the Cabernet Sauvignon.. To me, it's just a match made in heaven with that crispy texture of the nuts and raisins goes well with the pear and the home made chrysanthemum ice cream! Hoping to return here for more dessert!