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So Bad

Looks like it's the end of the line for my favourite cafe. Had the "It's Salmon Time" from the new menu and it was SO bad. Taste of nutella milkshake also getting worse.... it's been a good time Refuel but time to say goodbye.

Mee Goreng from M.

Mohamed Irshad

The noodles here had a less intense taste, but still remained savoury while carrying wok hei to it and fried alongside with peas, bits of mutton, egg and vegetable.

Herbal Mee Sia

This Seng Kee outlet in Bedok seems to be more consistent with their soup compared to the outlet near kembangan! The bigger outlet at Kembangan has very spotty service as well and inconsistent soup flavour. It's like rolling a dice to see if you get a nice thick herbal soup flavour or pepper water. That is what makes the bedok outlet my "go to" place for this Mee Sua!

Good Vibes

Visited Burp with some friends this evening and I must say...: the service is amazing.... the staff are super polite and attentive, patient and just overall awesome. Good on you Burp for knowing that service matters! Other than that I really liked the food as well - had the lychee cocktail and pulled pork nachos , both were excellent. My party had burgers and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. Will be back very soon!

Open Pork Sandwich

A refreshing sandwich with chilies, onion, bacon, n a hint of lemongrass.
Will come back again to try other dishes 😋😋

Baja Fish and Beef Bulgogi Tacos

The Baja fish wrap is a thoroughly refreshing combination with the apple slaw and the battered fish going very well together.

The Korean beef bulgogi with the gochujang aioli sauce is my favourite dish at @burp.bedokrsv!

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Oldie But Not So Goodie

Finally tried 58 Prawn Noodles after hearing about it from when I was younger and I'm moving into this area so had to try what my new hood has to offer. Pretty decent broth and no wait at all on a late Saturday afternoon. It's hey-day has definitely passed. All in all an okay bowl of prawn mee ($3.50) and nothing super special to write home about but I'm not too fussed about having it either. Good enough to satisfy ones prawn mee craving!

[NEW BLOG POST] Burp Kitchen & Bar – The Cafe with a Fantastic View over Bedok Reservoir
Looking for a nice place to bring your date?

@burp.bedokrsv is located just next to Bedok Reservoir and you will be presented with a lovely view🌉 if you dine at their al fresco area in the evening. Read our full review at (active link in bio)

Featuring their BBQ Pork Burger, with a brioche bun, baby romaine, pork patty, American cheese and BBQ pulled pork! 😋

Thanks @burp.bedokrsv for the invitation and warm hosting!

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Night Desserts

Earl grey lavender cake- decent find in a small cafe in a corner! It was surprisingly good!

Pulled Pork Burger

Magnificent!I have never tasted any pork softer than this.In addition,the sauce was a match made in heaven alongside the tender pork.Coleslaw in the burger was crunchy,in contrast with the pork,making the burger a perfect combination of all components.Overall:9/10
Add-ons:Great ambience alongside some cozy cafe concept.

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