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Kaw Kaw Sg

Here are some of the other dishes that can be found at Kaw Kaw SG! Scrumptious!! 😊

Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio

One of the best aglio olio that I've ever tasted and the tiger prawns made it even better! I just wish they would serve it in a bigger portion knowing that it's kinda pricey 😜
💲: $19.60++

Rainbow Kueh Lapis (SGD $1.10 per piece) @ HarriAnns.

This vibrant and attractive Peranakan layer cake is made using hand squeezed coconut milk, giving it a bold floral earthy sweet flavour.

The traditional look has been given a modern twist with the colourful hues of the rainbow. Nice!
230 Victoria Street
#01-01A Bugis Junction
Daily 7am - 9pm

New on their menu is the Hojicha Soft Serve on Waffle ($8.50) which comes as a pretty, well-swirled Soft Serve, stacked on half a waffle & dusted with matcha powder, brownies & pocky stick!

I looooooove hojicha, so this definitely caught my eye when I flipped through the menu. The hojicha flavors were pretty distinct, but I would've wished if it were slightly stronger to give that burst of flavor. But if you're not a fan of strong flavors, this will definitely suit you!

Comfort Eggs ($8)

With chunky mangalitsa pork sausage, topped with mushroom, Parmesan, Onsen egg, and fragrant truffle oil. Simple yet flavourful, the Comfort Eggs ($8) were true to its name! #burpple #burpplebestbugis

supper after getting our nails done!

didnt get to eat their prata cause they dont serve them on friday and the weekends :( the mutton murtabak didnt disappoint thou!

"Almost There" Pork Belly

"Almost There" Pork Belly ($12) was our unanimous favourite of the night with tender pork, melt in the mouth fat and that perfectly crackling skin! Served with delish little explosively juicy cherry tomatoes. #burpple #burpplebestbugis

[QQ Noodle House SG] Good morning everyone!

Thinking of what to have for breakfast and lunch today? Noodles from QQ Noodle House are soft, and from their term 'QQ'. Topped with lots of side dishes including beef ball, minced meat and deep fried wantons. Love how a simple dish like this can taste so delicious.
💸Starting from $5.80, with no GST tax, they serve different variation of noodles, and is located at the heart of 🚩Bugis.
Have a great day everyone! Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meals with us and have a great day ahead!

Salmon Mentai Don ($10)

Only found out about this place after the video went viral on Facebook and we eent the next day to try it at Fortune Center.

The portion of the salmon mentai don is not big at all, but the taste of the dish is impeccable. Absolutely love the richness of the mentai and the aburi salmon slices embedded beneath the mentai.

Will come back to try the other dishes such as the Smoked Duck Ramen and Salmon Don.

Kueh Salat

On a hunt for good Kueh Salat since a while ago but somehow have been missing out this rather obvious spot all this while.

Pretty decent thus far but I am not a fan of the particularly soft and overly chewy and sticky glutinous rice layer for the Kueh Salat here. The Pandan mousse also seem to be on the denser side here, though thankfully not overly sweet.

Brisk Business

Cantonese style beef brisket noodles are a little uncommon in Singapore, due to the Hainanese style beef noodles being far more prevalent. So when I saw this plate of beefy beauty that comes highly recommended by Jayne on the menu, I knew I had to order it.

And boy I can see why she loves it. Big chunks of mindblowingly magnificent beef that fall apart when prodded with chopsticks are loaded to the brim with amazing, savory flavors. Each bite is an explosion of flavors on your palette, and the sheer softness of the meat ensures that you are almost inhaling the beef instead of chewing it.

As for the noodles, they were free of the repulsive alkaline taste that seems to plague many noodle places in recent days, and they were tossed in a pleasantly palatable sauce.

For just $8.80, you too, can hop aboard the one way trip to this fabulous flavor fiesta.


烧味双拼 / Twin Combo ($17.50)

Choose between Roasted Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken & Roasted Pork to make your own combo of roasted meats!

The Roasted Pork was a juicy combination of perfectly crisp crackling with soft & equal layers of fat & meat.

As for the soy sauce chicken, the tenderness of the chicken was just right, easily making it one of the favorites for the evening.