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Underwhelming carbonara

Read rave reviews of the sea urchin carbonara here and decided to give it a try. It was disappointing. The cream mix (the yellow stuff) was extremely heavy (jelat as we Singaporeans call it) and I actually felt like vomiting after I left the restaurant and for the rest of the night (despite not finishing the carbonara). It left behind and thick pool of oil once you get to the bottom. Extremely unhealthy. It was also difficult to get the staff attention, though there were less than 4 customers at the shop then. Will never head back again, not recommended.

Not always a fan of greens, but I sure do like this healthy bowl of goodness!

Made our own bowl that was filled with chilled soba, roasted cherry tomatoes, nori seaweed, roasted mushrooms, onsen egg & pulled pork! This huge satisfying bowl, which was good for 2 to share tbh, was $16!
You can choose either from their fix combinations or create your own! Top up another $2.50 for a cup of coffee or $4 for cold brew!

The cold brew was on point & could easily be part of my top 5 favorites at the moment, with hints of nuts & caramel!

Unexpected Find

while waiting for bus that will come in 20 minute, i decide to wander around and find this place. Surely unexpected to find this cute, cozy and nice cafe. The cafe itself not big but that's what makes it cute.
As for the cupcake, i try the crème brûlée one coz i that always on my list and really its nice on the palette and as for the drink , i try the wildberry collagen tea, quite nice la while waiting for the bus to come.
Really unexpected find😄

DIY Pasta

Pancetta ham, asparagus, mushroom and cream sauce ($7.90). Fresh tasting, but got a bit boring after a mouthful.

Lunch Deal Sirloin ($13.90)

&SONS definitely has one of the best lunch deals I've seen for good food, service and ambience imo! The steak was (per my request) medium rare and very juicy, though it was quite a hassle to chew by the end. I'll come back again to try their other lunch deals!


Best recommends for Korean BBQ!
Service ✅
Ambience ✅
Despite we have to spend more but it is all worth it👍👍

[New listicle] *10 Flavour Combos That Sound Weird AF But Taste Shiok*
Even if you swear by eggs benny, pancakes or matcha-everything, it’s about time to give your taste buds a break with something different.

Think Salted Egg Black Sesame Cake ($9 for a slice), Mentaiko Lava Toast ($17.90) and this Volcano ($4.60) luscious coconut soft serve drizzled with egg yolk sauce. Try it to believe it!
See the full list at
Writer: Lorraine Ge
Photo credits: @wreckedp0ny

Fat Cow Steamboat

Guo Fu Steamboat brings Northeast China's "fat cow" (premium beef) steamboat to Singapore. Get ready for over 50 types of raw ingredients, including paper-thin machine-sliced "fat cow". Please read my review at

For Free Flow XLB and Steamboat in CBD

Serving freshly made xiao long baos that can rival dim sum restaurants alongside a wide array of steamboat offerings, Guo Fu is an ideal place for after work dinner in a comfortable environment. Nice enough to bring a date or to have a business meal, it is also conveniently located in China Square Central. Although the steamboat buffet sounds like a steal at $25.90 on weekdays and $27.90 on weekends, bear in mind the additional cost of the soup base that ranges from $9 to $23. For example, a split pot of Beauty Soup and Mild Spicy Soup soup costs $16. Slightly complicated pricing aside, the quality of meats and seafood is commendable, and the XLB is free flow! Beers and liquors (red and white wines, Umeshu, sake and more) are also reasonably priced. Pro tip: Order the XLB immediately, as they are freshly made and will take a while. They will make a good starter while you wait for your food to cook!
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho

Get in my belly!

In my opinion, a good steamboat is when you end up with a table struggling to fit all sorts of quality ingredients that are waiting to go into that boiling pot of broth… and trust me when I say you can do just that with the buffet option at Guo Fu.

With steamboat favourites like sliced beef/pork/lamb, meatballs, prawns, fish, scallops, vegetables and more all beautifully portioned and presented at your table in this ‘ala carte buffet’ format. The menu also includes a surprise (and my top order of the day) of freshly made Xiao Long Baos that you definitely should not skip! Oh, don’t forget to head on down to the sauce bar which offers a whole range of condiments to satisfy even the toughest eaters looking for that perfect match with each ingredient.

With buffet prices ranging from $23.90-$27.90++ per pax (depending on the time & day), and also not including the soup prices (ranging from $9-23 for a split pot to share, or $3-7 per pax for the mini pot option), one could say it’s slightly pricey - But one could argue that the comfortable environment, good service, quality ingredients and location would make up for it.

Chirashi Bowl

Chirashi Bowl ($18). Marinated chunks of fresh tuna, salmon, negitoro, jellyfish, swordfish and peppered with little bits of fried tempura on a bed of 12-grain rice (+$1).
My eyes went 😍 when I saw this. Loved the contrast of crunchy texture the mixed grains provided and definitely value-for-money. No wonder this little eatery is popular and everyone here orders this.

Flat White

2.5 munchies: No perk-me-up Monday because I suspect the coffee served here is brewed with a lower coffee to water ratio, resulting in a weak flavour with little body. There was also too much milk in my flat white that took away the medium-dark roast aroma and slight bittersweet aftertaste.