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Recommended lists of Thai food and restaurants in Singapore
8 Best Mookata in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Thai 8 Best Mookata in Singapore Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love eating. Find out where to go for the best Mookata in this list!
Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore
Burpple Guides, Thai Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard to fall in love with Thai food. Here are the best Thai places in Singapore that will hit the spot whenever your craving for Tom Yum/Pad Thai/Grilled Pork ensues!

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Top 10 places for Thai

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Thai
Really cheap and good Thai Fare in Bedok - Nangfa Thai Kitchen.

Rumour has it that it is where the original Nakhon Chef went (source unknown). Rumours aside, my Tom Yum Noodles only set me back $5 while the tasty Honey Chicken rice ($6)! Really value for money! (Drinks priced according to Price Elasticity of Demand, at $3). #Economicsinfoodwriting

Thai Cravings

Two strong competitors for Thai food in Bedok when they are just 2 stores apart from each other. However Nangfa seems to win the popular vote as compared to Nakhon when i could see the difference in customer base at lunch hours. Blessing for the east siders who would just enter the shop with lesser queue when you're too lazy to queue. Be prepared to endure long waiting hours if you aren't there minutes before the opening hours! However it's definitely worth the queue as all the dishes were on point , particularly the Pandan wrapped chicken. It's so hard and rare to find such savoury and aromatic chicken while maintaining its juiciness and tenderness. Nett prices still but slightly more premium than the usual ones , esp when their thai milk tea costs $3/cup

eat mee suan on your birthday they say..

na, i live soi dangerously. the last few spoons are always the most enjoyable because the loose bits of everything comes together; lard, oil, chili powder, sausage, shallots and few strands of noodles.

Thai Green Curry Beef [$7.90] I never tried Green Curry before, thus this made me curious about this dish.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed much. I just liked the small eggplants and the tenderness of the beef, however the taste seems ordinary; good enough. It also was too spicy for my liking (I can't take too spicy food). 馃槬 Anyway, it was filling and the ordering process is simple and convenient -- okayy, fun! I enjoyed inserting my payment to their machine. HAHA 馃槈
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Wanton Mee Dry

Saw quite a number of posts here by fellow Burpple Tastemakers of this new Thai eatery at Tan Quee Lan Street and hence decided to try it out.

Definitely a bowl of Thai Wanton Mee that does not disappoint 鈥 the condiments fills up the bowl so much that the noodles are just hidden in plain sight. The generous portion of fried garlic, shallots and crispy pork lard works in my favour 鈥 all of which are things I love and gives different varying contrasts of savoury flavours to the bowl while the noodles were nothing short of springiness. It also comes with greens, tender slices of pork collar as well as well-filled wantons that contain a bit of peppery flavour and a little chew from the meat. Would definitely be back to try the other items that they have to offer.

(PS: spam the chili powder in for maximum impact; the chili powder adds just a good level of spicy kick that brings the noodles to the next level when mixed in 鈥 Thai Wanton Noodles are never Thai if one skips the chili powder)

Iced Thai Lime Tea

This works surprisingly well with the noodles especially for a hot day when one needs a cool and refreshing treat. The Thai tea aroma is simply alluring here even without the milk and being served iced; the signature aroma still manages to punch its way out while coming with a hint of zesty lime flavour that makes it so refreshing. A very good compliment to have with a bowl of spicy noodles where the sips of tea in between to take a break from the spiciness are just simply comforting.

A must order everyone you have Thai is Tom Yum Goong!

We had the Seafood version ($8.90) & that spicy kick was the perfect start to dinner!
The perfect blend of spicy & sour but be careful if you're afraid of chili cause it can get quite spicy!
Best part was that for a group of 8 of us, we only spent $10.20 each & we were filled till our bellies were about to burst. Perfect for group meet ups, definitely a spot for #BurppleBestBugis!

Affordable tasty Thai food!

Went for dinner at Ah Loy's new place at Tan Quee Lan w my forever hungry friends. 鈽猴笍 馃嵈
The Tom yam and Thai Lime Steam Fish is definitely a must order! The Tom yam is fragrant, smooth and milky with the right level of spiciness. 馃構The fish was cottony and just melts in your mouth w the perfect sauce! The sauce gives you a bam of sourness but in a soothingly shiok way. 馃いThen of course you have to wash it all down w Thai iced tea! The total damage was only $10.20 per person!! 馃嵈
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expensive eating in town?

Not true! round a gang of 8 like us and have a thai-rrific time at the popular ah loy. 6 dishes including an exciting sour, spicy, garlicky $17 thai styled steamed fish dish all for $10 bucks. decent thai eats but still, 10 bucks is like 涔 "thai" 渚垮疁浜嗗暒!!! #BurppleBestbugis

BBQ squid 馃悪 Flavour 馃構馃構馃憤

Prepare in little special BBQ aroma, not overcook!! Just right texture, nice bite with juicy feel. Whole squid 馃悪 only selling from $8.90 to $12.90. 2-3pax
Asking how spicy limy is the Namjin Seafood sauce? prepare in fresh chilli and fresh lime 馃崑 ensure the quality

Address : 327 beach road singapore 199560
Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen
Tel : 69090759