Recommended lists for Hawker Fare

Recommended lists of Hawker Fare in Singapore
10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories
Burpple Guides, Supper, Hawker Fare, Late Night 10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories From stressful and terrifying (but so worth it!) midnight yong tau fu adventures, to post-mahjong kuay chap cravings and impromptu late night prata sessions in university, these nostalgic #Hawkerpedia stories are testament to Singapore's undying love for food, any time of the day.
10 Hipster Hawker Stalls
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare, Cheap & Good 10 Hipster Hawker Stalls For hawker dining done differently. Take a break from the usual char kway teows and hokkien mees and dig into Italian pastas, German pork knuckles and French duck leg confits!
The Essential Hawker Guide in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare, Cheap & Good The Essential Hawker Guide in Singapore 8 Hawker Centres, 24 Stalls, this guide features 3 of the most popular stalls in each of these hawker centres. Showcasing all the local favourites - chicken rice / Hokkien mee / wanton mee / chwee kueh / yong tau foo / fishball noodles. This is THE essential hawker guide, time to feast away!
Old School
Hawker Fare Old School Rediscovering Singapore's food heritage one glutinous rice treat at a time

Top 10 Places for Hawker Fare

Top 10 places for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Hawker Fare
Decent Kway Chap

Had the 5.5 portion. Food was light but flavourful. Definitely recommended for those who love cheap comfort food. Pig trotters were also light and extremely tender

Satay Beehoon

[Bak Kee Teochew Satay Beehoon, #01-40] Satay beehoon has got to be one of my favourite food but there are very few stalls around. Glad to have found one that is pretty good imo - addictive gravy that's slightly grainier with nutty fragrance and just the right amount of spiciness. Came with the usuals and the liver was cooked just right. Beehoon also had a good bite to it. Not sure if this is the best and portion is a little small (just make it up by getting some of those PM Lee-approved fried chicken wings?) but it's definitely something I'll order again when I'm here! Might consider buying their satay sauce to whip up some satay beehoon at home😛 #burpple

Family Lo Hei Dinner~

A hidden gems in Lengkok Bahru for many years. Taste was good especially the beancurd prawns, ginseng soup (一品锅),chicken stuffed with preserved veg & Ee fu noodles! 😋😋 This meal cost about $300+ but it's really worth the price.

The Ultimate Murtabak (feeds 2-3 pax 💵S$12) : Egg, Mozzarella Cheese, Tandoori Chicken, Portobello Mushroom, Red Onion & Spring Onion.


It's Big (God Help You or actually I can), it's almost 2 or 3 times bigger than your usual Murtabak & damn it'll feel you up in no time. 😋
The edges are Crispy, the centre is packed with goodies but it ain't as Crispy, so one might face a dilemma of which to eat, just get both (Devour the entire thing after all it's your Patriotic Duty)🍴

ACAMASTIPS💮: Dining alone?? Get the MurtaBurger (💵S$7): Egg, Mozzarella Cheese, Mayonnaise, Chilli & Black Pepper Sauce & Lamb Patty. 🍔 Its like Ramy Burger, Prata Style & its good let me tell you upfront. Therefore just order it anyways. 🖖🏻

Yong Tau Foo

If you are looking for healthy lunch, here you go Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo! Definitely you will not regret.
Price: $8.80

Sundays made right.

Simple local favourite for a simple brunch fare w le fiancé 🤗 Definitely liked the peppery herbal soup that came with the rice! The rice has a nice texture as well, though it'll be nice to have some yam 😬😬
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