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Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Korean, Good For Groups Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
The Korean Wave
Korean The Korean Wave The latest craze of food in town ever since Koreans shook things up with their K culture from drama serials to K-Pop. Find out the places that does them proper here!

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Journey to the East for Glorious Korean Rice Cakes

Mukshidonna means Eat (Muk), Rest (Shi), Pay (Don), Leave (Na).

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Kimchi Pancake

While all the Korean Fried Chicken are delicious here, let's not forget that some of their appetisers should not be left out, especially this Kimchi Pancake (S$18.00). Whether with or without the sauce dip, the Kimchi Pancake captures the taste of kimchi without losing its identity as a potato pancake. Moreover, this portion is big enough to serve 3-5 people easily, on top of the fried chicken orders.

Popular Korean Street Food Under One Roof

Kimbab - It’s fuss-free, healthy and absolutely delicious.

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Don't give up, and go pursue your dreams 😊
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Oil-free Oven-baked Chicken ($20++ for 9 boneless pieces)

It was our maiden trip to the Oven & Fried Chicken outlet on Tanjong Katong (actually, to any of their outlets for that matter 😆). We ordered a few items with this "Crunch" boneless chicken being one of them.
They looked like Southern-style biscuits at first glance but these pieces of thigh meat turned out to be truly chomp-ilicious.
Oven-baked without oil, the slightly spicy battered coating had a completely greaseless finish while the meat within was really juicy and tender.
We got to pick a dip for the chicken so we chose the mild chilli sauce but the friendly lady serving us, brought over a saucer of the honey mustard too. Both were good but I think I might explore hotter territory the next time and get the spicy chilli sauce instead.

Seafood & Green Onion Pancake ($25++)

All three of us loved this pancake for its well-seasoned and crunchy texture that reminded us a little of tempura. There was also a decent quantity of small prawns and squid within.
Here's something to note: You should try and eat this while it's hot because the pancake softens considerably upon cooling. By then, the oiliness becomes more obvious too.
Having said that, we will not hesitate to reorder this simply because we really enjoyed it.

Sweet And Spicy Fried Chicken

Instead of the original fried chicken, we chose a sweeter version to accompany the soju and beer. Juicy and tender wrapped with Super crisp crust. The peanut gave a nuttiness to the repetitive sweet and spicy taste.


Bornga's signature Woo Samgyup ($28/200g, pictured 400g) that is marinated in Chef Paik Jong Won's patented marinade! The thinly sliced beef brisket are well marbled to give a tender bite, as you savour the sweetness from the beef and marinade


Our favourite weekend is here again! Let your hair down and drink to your heart's content!
21 Tanjong Pagar Road 01-05, S088444

Daily: 5pm to 6am

Great Value Without Compromise

At $23.90, this buffet provides great value with a selection of good quality meats including marinated beef, beef brisket, thick cut pork belly and pork collar. I would say that the quality of meat here is much better than the ones at K.cook, especially with the use of a charcoal grill that imparts a charred, smoky flavour.

Service was decent, they take the initiative to change the grilling plates and charcoal, but do take some time to refill water or other side dishes such as the molten egg.

However, we came at 1:30, and were told that the last order for would be at 2 only after we were seated. As such, we weren't able to have our fill, but I was still satisfied and would come back again, albeit at an earlier time!