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out-maneuvered and out-flanked

heard so much about this restaurant and the flank steak (that is only served from Friday til Sunday, by the way) that i had to trudge through a Friday downpour and wet shoes to try this. and indeed it lived up to the hype. the flank steak ($28) was lean as it should be (no one ever calls a flank fat) and full of beefy goodness. there was a slight char, always a bonus, and it was nicely pink on the inside. difficult to fault the sweet potato mash, smooth without lumps and very more-ish. plus WHO DOESN'T LIKE CARBS?????

With no GST and service charge, i foresee myself coming back here regularly 😬

For Fantastic Food on a Budget

Tight on cash but bent on impressing your date? Head to this cosy restaurant near Kembangan MRT for quality Western fare at very affordable prices. In general, the pastas are more competitively priced than their meat mains yet equally tasty — try the Duck Confit Tagliatelle ($16) or Gnocchi ($17) with roasted corn and corn puree. If you have a larger budget, go straight for the Flat Iron Steak ($28), a seasonal dish served only from Fridays to Sundays. While lean, the beef is incredibly tender, and comes topped with zingy chimichurri. For dessert, have the Popcorn Flan ($13) to share. It's like popcorn, but made so much better with trimmings like hazelnut brittle and caramel foam.
Avg Price: $50 per couple
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo

Red Wine Poached Pear

Red Wine Poached Pear ($14)

Such beauty in this delicately prepared pear 🍐 poached in red wine. Sitting on a throne of vanilla ice-cream surrounded by crumbly minions😜. Definitely aesthetically pleasing! So pleasing that a diner from the next table wanted to snap a 📸of it! Taste-wise, I would definitely have preferred a riper and softer pear as I feel it tends to be juicier and delivers a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Nonetheless, still a good dessert!

Flat Iron Steak ($28)

Saw Veronica's post on this on Burpple, then seeing that they still had it when I popped by yesterday made my choice for dinner so easy! 👆

The Flat Iron Steak was lean but yet so tender and juicy! The chimichurri on top helped to add a new zing into the dish too, keeping things exciting with every bite. I'm sitting here on a Monday just thinking about it... 🤤As it's a special on their menu, do head down asap before it's gone (into my tummy)!

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak ($28)

This seasonal item only available from fri-sun (and still subject to availability) @southunionpark was definitely the highlight of the night. Super in ❤️ with this! Steak was like a flavour explosion with a very ideal fat and meat composition. The outside was nicely seared and overall the beef was bovinely divine😂. The chimichurri generously spreaded over the beef only served to summarize this beef dish as smashing! Even the pumpkin mash under the beef was great, helping to alleviate some beefiness while having a full flavour after absorbing all those meat juices!

Salmon Confit

Salmon Confit ($20)

Fell in love with this salmon 🐟 confit @southunionpark in a heartbeat! This is cooked perfectly, still moist and light pink inside, not overdone and dry. It's not often that places serve their salmon this way for fear of receiving complaints that the fish is still raw🙄. My only issue is with the portion being a bit small but this is still good value as the salmon is filleted by the restaurant from scratch!

Tagliatelle • S$19

The Tagliatelle is one of those pastas that leaves you satisfied and guilt-free. The pasta is just right, neither too chewy nor too soft. It is perfectly portioned for one with a generous amount of duck confit shreds. The sautéed spinach still retains its flavour despite being doused in a wonderful thin buttery hazelnut cream.

There is no GST or service charge here but tips are welcomed!

Banana Chocolate Parfait

This bowl of dessert may look like the cheapest at S$8.00 among the plated desserts, but it is packed with many distinctive yet harmonious flavours. Cubes of banana cake, chocolate mousse and banana lime stacked together and mixed with honey yoghurt foam, finally drizzled with lots of black and white crumbs and desiccated coconuts put together. I would say this is one that is easy for sharing and worth getting as an after-meal dessert.

Red Wine Poached Pear ($14)

My favorite dessert! After hours of simmering in red wine, the pear soften and absorbed the fruitiness from the red wine. Crusty biscuit crumble created the different in texture. Just the right sweetness for my taste bud.

Popcorn Flan ($13) .

Sweet till the core. Good contrast of texture and fully expressed the idea of a sweeeeeet corn. Try not to eat this alone as you might experience hype sugar rush. 😂

Chicken Roulade ($20) .

My favorite main in this place. Honey glazed chicken cutlet laid on a bed of mashed potato. Super hearty meal which could lift any tired soul.

Gnocchi ($17)

If you have a sweet tooth and like to eat carb, this will be THE pasta for you. The popping sweet by the corn and meaty texture from the mushroom.

Tagliatelle ($19) .

Duck confit pasta and topped with hazelnut and cream. Till day, it was still the heaviest pasta on the menu. Really tasty but best to share among two. If the chef could squeeze of a orange and orange zest, would cut down the heaviness.

Cavatelli ($22) .

Beef Ragu with "worm like pasta" 😱😱😱. The fatty beef rib submerged into the ragu sauce and clung onto the Gemelli. Easy to eat which make it best speed lunch order!

Meatballs ($10) .

Four flavored packed meatballs. Tossed in any type of carbs, it will be a satisfying main course. But A light heavy to be a starter.

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