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Matcha Hotcakes ($16)

The matcha hotcakes is the bomb: sweet matcha fluid flowing out of a nice squishy malay-kueh-like cake. Super amazing. $16 and more than enough for 2. Skip the mains at this place, they're pretty normal and we think Grain Traders or Daily Cut is better.

Matcha Hotcakes

This warm matcha lava hotcakes was soft and moist. The matcha taste wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be. The lemon zest added a citrusy flavor.

A Healthy Bowl

This Japanese curry beef cheek with vegetables and quinoa is a great make-you-feel-good bowl. It was surprisingly delicious as well.

Matcha Hotcakes, $16

Was a rather disappointed that there wasn't lava "flowing" out from the hotcakes but it was still good! It was sooo filling even sharing between 2 of us, we were not able to finish it.

What's Your Beef ($18)

Healthy servings of ribeye. Enjoyed how the honey glazed carrots went with the sautéed mushrooms and onsen egg. Please add the ninja rice for a fulfilling meal.

Last chance to diet before the upcoming CNY feasting 😛 finally tried #ninjacut, the meatier brother of @ninjabowl!

Definitely liked the more generous meat portions here. Oh My Cod! ($18 + $2 soba) featured a fragrantly baked miso cod, with a plethora of colourful accompaniments. We also had The Hot Cheek ($14) which was tender 24-hour braised Japanese curry beef cheek with roasted cauliflower and sweet cherry tomatoes. #burpple #BurppleXChope #xuannyeatsclean

Squid Fix

$18 + $3 for a generous portion of quinoa. There was a lot of squid too which was quite filling. It was cooked well and not overly chewy. The carrots were👌🏼

Oh My Cod!

This dish is my favourite. The big piece of cod was nice and buttery with the miso sauce. The Onsen egg was cooked nicely, a bit more runny than your typical soft boiled egg. The carrots, beets,asparagus and edamame all go together with the dish well. Though I wish they would be a bit more generous with the edamame. I have tried this with quinoa and soba, both of which are great but for this dish I prefer soba 🍜

What's Your Beef ($18)

I can understand why people flock here for a good meal. Hearty, good portion bowl, that's so colourful and utterly delicious. The beef, is a tad tough, but the brown sauce is earthly. But the clear winner is that perfectly runny, wobbly egg in the center that makes everything so cohesive. Not to mention the ultimate #eggporn. If you need carbo in your system, just add another $2 for rice or soba, and done, you're good to go.

For Protein-Rich Bowls in City Hall

A short walk from City Hall MRT station, this cafe facing Raffles Hotel dishes out hearty, protein-based grain bowls at reasonable prices (prices are nett). Like its sister outlet in Duxton, Ninja Bowl, you can choose to have soba, greens or Ninja Rice as your base ($2 each), of which we recommend the latter that mixes brown and Japanese rice. The What's Your Beef ($18) bowl features 150g of Australian ribeye, cooked to a medium-rare doneness. It is loaded with grilled corn, sautéed mushrooms, honey glazed carrots and golden garlic chips, all perfectly plated to surround a wobbly onsen egg. There are only 30 plates of What's Your Beef available daily, so head down early to snag one! For non-beef lovers, either the Oh My Cod! ($18) that comes with a perfectly pan-seared miso-sake marinated cod fillet, or the lightly grilled Squid Fix ($18) will satisfy. Oh, and since you (kinda) ate clean, you might as well share a Marvellous Matcha ($16) — the irresistible oozing matcha hotcake!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

Health And Beauty

First of, I really loved the atmosphere of the place, it was beautiful and a very good place to chill at. Food was great as well, I had the tuna and my friend had the salmon. Not usually a fan of cucumber but the miso cucumber had me scarfing down every mouthful. Best part is the prices are NETT! Will definitely be back to try the squid and also the matcha :)


My friend was the one who had it but I tried the tuna and it tasted real good. Apparently she quite enjoyed her ninja bowl. So it must say something.

The Cheeky Cheek.

Japanese Curry Beef Cheek bowl with an assortment of ingredients. Opted for no base because my friend and I both decided that we'd try their sweet potato fries. The portion of the food was quite big on its own! And the sweet potato fries were enough to fill us up. The beef cheek came with a delectable aroma of curry in the air. It was flavorful with a light curry taste that wasn't too sweet that Japanese curry can prove to be sometimes. Break the onsen egg and mix with beef if you want to!

Trying out some of the popular dishes @theninjacut an Sister outlet of @ninjabowl

Don't miss out the "What's Your Beef" ($18) which is served with a 150g of medium rare Australian Ribeye accompanied with grilled corn seasoned with furikake, sautéed mushrooms, honey glazed carrots, a wobbly onsen egg, and golden garlic chips.
Another recommended dish is their "Squid Fix" ($18) which features a whole Japanese Squid served with sautéed mushrooms, miso cucumbers, honey glazed carrots and furikake.
You should not miss this "The Cheeky Cheese" ($18) 24 hours braised beer cheek paired with an oozy grilled cheese brioche sandwich.
Location: @theninjacut 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388
#theninjacut #burpple #burpplesg

The Early Fatback: What's Your Beef?

(roast beef ribeye, grilled corn furikake, sautéed mushrooms, onsen egg, honey-glazed carrots, garlic chips) from Ninja Cut along Seah Street.

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