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Tom Yam Udon

Only few main dishes available, the udon is perfect for people who can't take spicy food, as the soup is not really spicy, they serve their 'fish ball' in noodle size, so you can eat 'equally' with your udon ;)

For a Contemporary Business Brunch

Located on the first floor of Nexus Bangsar South, Thirdwave has always had a place in our hearts for its well thought-out brunch dishes and delicious desserts. The venue has a zen air to it, and walks the fine line between formal and casual, which makes it a perfect place to nail your next business brunch. A fan-favourite here is the Green Shakshuka (RM28) that sees baked eggs in warm spinach curry, uplifted by the aroma of kaffir lime, lemongrass and chili butter. For those who like their brunch to pack a punch, the Szechuanese-inspired Mala Chicken (RM25) hits the mark. Drizzled with a spicy peppercorn peanut sauce, the deep-fried chicken strips are set atop chestnut and walnut puree that helps soften the blow of tongue-numbing flavours. The cafe also makes their own ice cream, best enjoyed in the Dark Chocolate & Rose sandwiched between crunchy sables (RM10). For drinks, order the organic Matcha Latte (RM12). No one does it quite like them 鈥 smooth, bittersweet and served in a quaint Japanese cup.
Avg price per person: RM45
Photo by Burppler Jasmine Wong

For Mind-Blowing Iced Mint Chocolate

Pulp is the material used to make paper; it is also the fruit of coffee plants. This is the inspiration behind Pulp cafe, the standalone coffeeshop set within grounds of former printing factory Art Printing Works. A lovable story aside, the cafe by the team behind Singapore's Chye Seng Huat Hardware also boasts a designated cupping room for coffee devotees. Bring a friend or a date for after-dinner drinks 鈥 the cafe bustles as warm lightbulbs hanging outdoors provide a cosy ambience. Order the killer Iced Mint Chocolate (RM15), a rare rendition of the drink that effectively captures the essence of fresh mint and chocolate without tasting artificial. If coffee doesn't keep you up at night, a small, warm cup of Charm (espresso and chocolate, RM13) will be a bittersweet nightcap. Keen to impart their coffee knowledge, the team has placed sample shots of black coffee (either blends or single-origins, as detailed on a placard) at the tasting counter by the entrance.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Justine Hui Hui

Awesome Breakfast For Two

Breakfast for two, baked chickpea, green peas and cannellini bean in tomato based with beef sausage topped with eggs and serve along with hash brown and toast. So good

Briasied Pork Belly Set

Hall of Fame @Nexus Bangsar South a must to try the Slow braised tender pork belly served with rice, vegetables and braised leg. RM15/bowl value for money. Highly recommended to eat here. The Crispy Pork Belly is also another signature dish here RM17/plate.

Margherita RM19 | Umbrian Truffle Pizza RM32

Three reasons why I like this place:

1. It鈥檚 a one-(wo)man run pizza shop
2. Fresh doughs are 鈥榩roof鈥檈d for two days before being wood-fired so you know it鈥檚 gon鈥 be good
3. Proof is committed to using fresh produce daily, and offers both traditional options as well as some pretty inventive takes on ol鈥 school pizza
4. Wine, great tunes, pizza

Okay those are 4 reasons, but this new kid on the block will defo knock your socks off. My pick is the trusty 8鈥 classic margherita, with house blend tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and cherry tomatoes (RM19) so you really should be ordering that. But if you鈥檙e feeling adventurous, the Umbrian Black Truffle Pizza (8鈥, RM32) with mixed mushrooms, black truffle paste and taleggio is a seriously good pizza too. There鈥檚 no holding back on the truffle and cheese in this pizza. Finally, something tasty at APW鈥檚 Paper Plates.

For Creatively Crafted Cocktails

The first alcoholic establishment to grace Paper Plates in Bangsar is this hip cocktail bar. The name Case Study is a nod to chief bartenders Alvin and Joel's visionary cocktail experiments so adventurous drinkers, here's the place for you. Drinks are sectioned according to potency, from refreshing to boozy. There is also a special segment for experimental drinks, which we highly recommend for a one-of-a-kind experience! The Gourd (RM36) is one of KL's only cocktails that features Slovakian Bentianna liqueur, and the unique elements of thyme, a crispy rice cracker and gummy bears make the drink well worth ordering. For a safer sort of swig, order the Tin Can (RM36) that refreshes with carambela juice. Part of the fun here is watching your drinks come in creative goblets like a watering can and a terrarium. So bring friends and chill outside (seats are made of criss-crossed canvas hanging over greenery) or kick back indoors for a closer look at what goes on behind the bar.
Avg price per person: RM70

For Authentic European Fare

Both expatriates who once struggled to find a familiar taste of home in local restaurants, this Australian and French duo attempts to fill that gap by running a kitchen driven mainly by European flavours. The enclave along Lorong Kurau opened last month with a compact menu, which stars a rare Scandinavian dish 鈥 Salmon Soup (RM35). If you enjoy the fish, you will love this soup that straddles a unique balance between light and creamy. Interestingly, neither owner-chefs are from the region and instead, it is through the breakfast fare that their own roots come through. Ask for the classically British Big Breakfast (RM25), then switch it up with scrambled eggs done the French way 鈥 deliciously soft and airy 鈥 for a taste of both cuisines. On drinks, there is light-roasted coffee and a repertoire of wines, to satiate from the early morn till evening. These guys are also wonderful hosts, making Mat Salleh a fine spot for solo breakfasts with spontaneous company.
Avg price per person: RM40

For Thai-Japanese Dinners With A Punch

Under the majestic aura of an origami dragon hanging overhead, Kaiju is a marriage of artful aesthetics and experimental Thai-Japanese dishes. An intimate setup and a small but sufficient drinks menu make this joint fit for a night out with close friends. For dinner, expect a deuce between fiery Thai flavours and its milder Japanese counterparts. The Salmon Manow Nabe (RM26) is the real deal for rainy nights, but order only if you can take the heat 鈥 the hotpot bubbles with a sharp, spicy broth that intensifies with every spoonful. Of all the waiter's recommendations, the Kaiju Open Sandwich (RM24) is most satisfying. The baguette and lamb patty are both mild-tasting, allowing the teriyaki garlic sauce to lend its saltish flavours for a tasty mouthful. End the night with a Japanese tipple 鈥 the Calpis + Sake (RM20) melds the soothing virtues of the yoghurt drink with an invigorating hit of sake. Yum!
Avg price per person: RM50
Photo by Burppler Muriel A.

Signature Copper Pot

This place serve ShunDe delicacies. Got the package for 8 pax that costs RM1k+. You get 6 dishes + 1 soup. They have this signature copper pot that costs RM18 for the soup only and you decide what to add into the soup which is the additional cost. I'd say it's really worth it! Would wanna go back there for another round of it! Besides, their porridge steamboat is something different to try too!

One cup of coffee isn't enough to plan for 2017.

Actually sometimes I can't even see my future in 1 month time. Life is too full of surprises!