Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) is a unique new concept that’s brewed from a partnership between Harry Grover, Five Senses Coffee (Australia), and the Spa Esprit Group. It is inspired by the desire to make quality coffee and the knowledge surrounding it more accessible to the greater public, with the belief that great coffee should not be a privilege, but instead available for all to enjoy. With the raising of the bar, CMCR also serves a menu of bistro-quality food that promises to be on par with its top-notch coffee.

22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 06:00pm



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Turkish Breakfast

One would use the phrase "not very common" to describe the prices but it doesn't seem to deter the crowds. I preferred their poached eggs but this is a pretty interesting brunch choice, which a phyllo wrapped egg and hummus.

Strong Kopi💪🏼☕️

If ya need a strong caffeine kick, this is the place to be! Ambiance is great too🤗 though it's a more pricey than usual...

Orechiette Pasta

Orechiette pasta with squid bolognese with chopped basil, pancetta and shaved pecorino. It doesn't taste wonderful and can get jelat after half the portion.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Full Breakfast - loved the mushrooms and sausage but the sourdough was hard and tough, pretty sure other cafes can do this full breakfast better, both in terms of taste and price.

Vege Noms

Tastes okay. Avocado could be riper. Cold brew coffee came with orange peel which was nice. Ambience is probably the best thing about that place.

Brioche French Toast and Organic Eggs Benedict

Went for a sweet item on the menu for brunch today: Fluffy brioche french toast with a berry compote drizzled on top and completed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. ($18) Love that the brioche is sufficiently thick to soak up all the eggy goodness and toasted till it's edges are nice and brown. It's been a while since I've last had french toast and my old love for them is rekindling. 😍🍞 The organic eggs benedict ($24) had poached eggs on ox cheek and english muffin on a bed of arugula. Personally found the ox meat rather tough, would have preferred alternative proteins for this dish that is leaner and not require that much effort with all the chewing.

Orange Lemon Pound Cake [$8]

A simple and elegant cake. We like that it's served warm with distinctive citrusy fragrance and delicate orange taste that's not too sour.
Candle added because we were celebrating a birthday :)

Common Man Brunch [$104 for all food and coffee pictured]

Starting my Saturday right with this wholesome brunch brightened by appetite-inducing colours in a cafe filled with uplifting vibes.
Pictured here are Sautéed Kale and Egg White Scramble [$19 + $7 grilled spicy chicken], Common Man Veggie Wonderland [$25], Common Man Full Breakfast [$25], Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte [$5 each] and Cold Brew [$8]. And my favourite? The Kale!
Both the food and coffee is good, and that explains the queue. And a tip from @luckykyut who makes the great coffee here - the best time to visit on weekends is at 3pm.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common man full breakfast x Organic eggs Benedict

Decent place for brunch. Though in all honesty I prefer their coffee/brews. Location was a little 'uncommon' though. 😅

Treat Yourself Brunch

Love to treat myself to brunch and feel a bit fancy. And when the inspiration hits, CMCR is the place to do it! The menu is creative and made with quality ingredients although the price tag matches this extravegence. I went with the pea fritters with poach eggs and panceta on a bed of rocket. Surprisingly peppery but otherwise delicious! The decor is modern and interesting and the service fantastic. An excellent spot to meet up with friends or for a solitary treat!

Carrot cake.

There's a literal carrot patch that had a carrot growing from the cake. A+ for decoration and ingenuity!

That being said the cake itself was slightly on the dry side. But the cream cheese frosting was spot on!
Definitely Instagrammable!
#hungryhungrymonster #commonmancoffeeroasters #burpple

is having a #throwback moment to common man coffee roasters.

Came here for good quality coffee and seductive french toast. 😋

#tamjiakteo #burpple #tamjiakcouplegoals

Common Man Full Breakfast

This is a common man full breakfast, not a common man portion and it keeps a common man full! The portion is huge, which partly explains the price tag.

Portobello Mushroom. Home made chrorizo baked bean is sooo nice with a slight crunch. Bacon. Pork Sausage. Vegetable rosti which i thought it tasted like coleslaw with mint sour cream. Two eggs in any style, i had scrambled eggs on toast. And, confit herb tomato! Such a big plate i can't decide where to start. It is sooo bad that every item on the plate tasted so good too!

Will be back to try different item on the menu. And, no doubt even if it's just for a good cup of coffee.

Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble plus add-on of Grilled "Chilli" Chicken ($19 + $7 before tax)

This did not turn out like anything I'd expected. But I am not complaining!

The scrambled egg (I asked for the yolk to be included because by right, this is made with only egg white) was a small, neat, slightly-flattened ball of moist fluffiness. It came surrounded by a lush "forest" of sprightly kale, sweet potato leaves, crisp sweet pea, crunchy asparagus and broccoli. The kicker though was the finely-shaved Parmesan and lemon zest crumbs. Those, along with the add-on of grilled "chilli" chicken, really upped the feistiness of the entire dish.

Perfect Brunch for Any Mornings

Just imagine… luscious brioche French toast served on a wooden board with vibrant berries compote, premium maple syrup, smooth Kapiti vanilla ice cream and dusted icing sugar.

I JUST had to have this and (“convinced forcefully”) dragged @cweizhi with me, though our tummies were threatening to explode. The right amount of soft and fluffy, Common Man Coffee Roasters’ French toast is every bit decadent, fancy and delicious. Every bite into the the warm, buttery-eggy toast was satisfyingly good and I especially enjoyed the slight crispy corners.

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