Deviant Middle Eastern food. Not the kind of thing you'll ever get in the Middle East itself. We love doing things differently, and hate conforming to so-called 'norms'. Communal plates, cool music, chummy service, no pretentious bullshit, nuff said.

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Taro Soft Serve

Soft serve creations by Artichoke's Group Pastry Chef (and Burpple Tastemaker) @fionating never fail to please me with their imaginative yet thoughtfully curated flavours and textures.
The one I had at tonight's "Flavours of the Philippines" event featured a taro (yam) flavour soft serve. It came accessorised with familiar Pinoy ingredients of fresh jackfruit, crunchy Boy Bawang puffed corn, a fried banana springroll and a shower of desiccated coconut. I couldn't ask for a better sweet ending to my Filipino feast. And if you look closely at my pic, you'll notice Artichoke's Chef-Owner Bjorn Shen is as keen on my taro soft serve as I! 😆

The Tasty Filipino Style Chicken

Another favourite dish of ours at tonight's "Flavours of the Philippines" pop-up event was the Lechon Manok ($16).
Beautifully moist, it had a delicate fragrance from having been massaged with a lemongrass rub prior to cooking. Served alongside were housemade atchara pickles and coconut vinegar for the vital acidic cut through.
Let's just say we did an excellent job of making everything disappear in no time 😋😋😋

"Flavours Of The Philippines" - One Night Only But Boy Did It Give Us Some Things To Remember

The night belonged to "Pinoy Dude Food" and it was done bloody well! Basically, Chef Frankie Le, the mastermind behind this event and the team, took an array of Filipino classics and gave it the Artichoke spin. His 3-week trip to the Philippines was obviously a great source of inspiration.
We loved everything we had but my favourites were the Kinilaw ($12), Sisig Hotcakes ($14) and the Lechon Manok ($16). The former two, shown above, burst with such mouthwatering flavours.
Kinilaw is essentially a Pinoy version of the ceviche and this version had cubes of red snapper fish tossed in vinegar along with strips of capsicum, jalapeños and topped with extremely crispy chicken skin. Very appetising stuff.
The Sisig Hotcake ($14) had all the best parts of a pig (cheek, ear, liver, collar) chopped up and sautéed, then piled onto a maple syrup hot cake and topped with a fried egg and crispy chicharon (deep-fried puffs of pig rind). This sweet and savoury combo was so delicious we had to order a second round of it.

Gooseberry Softie Pie ($14)

A luscious soft serve that boasts an intense maple flavour. Went super well with the tart gooseberry compote and the floral rose jelly! Found the biscuit base to be a little hard but still very very enjoyable dessert that you can't stop shoveling. Loved the sprinkled sumac.

Gooseberry Softie Pie ($14)

Absolutely amazing. I'm not usually a sweet tooth, but I'm impressed. The soft served freeze and the maple flavors combine to refresh you instantly. Not to mention the rose jelly the serves as a comforting end to each mouthful of ice cream. A must try.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($38)

Just gamey enough to please the lamb-lover yet still pleasing to those who don't usually like lamb, this dish was a winner at dinner. The meat is so incredibly soft, and you can just taste the slowwwww cook, the closest you'll get to tasting time. If that makes any sense.

Iranian Duck Noodles ($24)

Enjoyed how well the generous portions of pulled duck went with the kale, walnuts and pappardelle. This dish is definitely good on its own, but pales in comparison when you have it together with the prawns and lamb shoulder, like a NCAA star entering the major league.

Moroccan Boatman Stew

harissa paste, tiger prawns, blue mussels, red snapper, shaved fennel, sweet corn, clam shell pasta, fermented butter

; Maple Gooseberry Tart

Fortunate to be working with suppliers who provide us with the plumpest Gooseberries which we've converted into another fantastic product.

Graham cracker tart shell, Gooseberry filling with a tad of floral rose water, fat dollop of Maple Mascarpone and a dash of Sumac. It's a heavenly floral-sour-sweet combination that @coffeevicinity and I are proud of.
This beauty will be ready for the taking alongside other @artichoke_sg's grub from tomorrow via UberEATS. Lunch time only. Best be ready.
#FTrecommends #artichokesg

A simple dish of Toast, Butter and Jam - NOT.

the warm, comforting, soft Comte gougere (savory choux) with a great crust, served with a perfect quenelle of super smooth foie gras butter (YES YOU HEARD IT - FOIE GRAS BUTTER) and a caraway spiced rhubarb compote, a lovely spiced, sweet jam to break all the OHSORICH goodness of the cheese and foie. I could eat copious amounts of these... #burpple #artichokesg

Always start your day right.

Maple glazed bacon chop FTW. wouldn't have it any other way. #artichokesg #burpple

What a sweet weekend this was!

Ended with the #artichokesg Chocolate Brûlée - the oh-so-satisfying brûlée crack atop a ultra smooth tahini chocolate pudding, the richness of the chocolate broken by mandarin curd and orange jello, and some creme fraiche to tie it all together. Chocolate has never been my first choice but I could not stop scraping the leftover pudding off the uneven surface of the bowl to clean it all up. Some mighty fine desserts we are seeing at @artichoke_sg and @birdbirdsg now! #burpple #artichokesg

Yoghurt Muhallebi ($14++)

The quivering mound of Yoghurt Muhallebi triggered fond memories of when I first encountered tofu cheesecake. Except that this was even softer because it's basically a lusciously creamy pudding. Furthermore, with exotic toppings that include pecan nuts, it's also far more titillating to the tastebuds. Yet it's apparent how much care has gone into ensuring each component is impeccably harmonised with another, so as to achieve an ambrosial equilibrium. Personally, I was amazed by how perfect a foil the salty, crispy wisps of brown butter kataifi was to the gently sweet orange blossom honey and poached apricots.
Even if you are stuffed to the gills and are ready to wave that little white flag, I recommend the only thing you surrender to is an order of this. Trust me - it's worth it.

NEW Small Dish: Pan-roasted Cabbage Shoots & French Beans

I am loving the new direction of Artichoke's dinner menu. With the restructuring, there is now a selection of "Small" plates, with portion sizes sitting somewhere between that of their mezzes and their "Large" plates. I say YAY to that because it means having more chances to dig into a wider variety! 🤗
Shown above is the juicy Pan-roasted Cabbage Shoots and French Beans, a dish to be launched next week under this section. Thanks to an aromatic saffron butter sauce, perky capers and sharply-hot pickled garlic, this is one fiercely flavourful plate of veggies. The kind that can wrestle any meat to the ground.

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