We cook comfort Italian food in a casual-hole-in wall-setting. Our menu is deliberately kept small so we can provide you with quality authentic food at affordable prices.
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Free drink with every starter on pasta order! Available on weekday dinners and all day weekends!

All day happy hr! 2 beers for $15! Not to be used in conjection with other promotions

Weekday lunch sets at only $12! Includes a pasta, soft drink and a dessert! Excl. Public holidays

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You should order these at Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan)

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Reviews of good food at Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan)
Any plans for the upcoming recess week?

😉 If not, why not check out Ah Bong's Italian that's conveniently located a stone's throw away from Bugis MRT. Well-known for their pasta, expect new surprises with their daily rotational menu! Psst: there's also an outlet at tiong bahru hawker centre but it's ceasing operations on 28 feb! 😢😢

A Hint Of Singaporean In Pasta!

Crab aglio olio @ $16 nett. Loved the infusion, tasty! Not a very fancy place, but it's good if ya want a hearty home cooked feel and a comfortable place to htht/catch up👥

Comfort Food At Its Purest Form

Angus Meat Ragu ($21 for homemade pasta)

I absolutely loved the texture of the tagliatelle/fettuccine - perfectly al dente with a firm bite to it (even though it reminded me of Mee pok). The sauce was not what I had expected though. I would have imagined it to be more of like a Bolognese sauce, but this was light and garlicy, yet meaty at the same time. I would say that it helped to let the tender, flavorful beef cheeks shine through all that dough.

However, I would have liked a larger portion. If not for the truffle fries, I would have left still hungry. And while it definitely tasted good, it's overrated, but that's just my humble opinion. Perhaps it's just because of the high expectations I had stemming from all the hype surrounding this dish.

Pasta & Sio Bak

Affordable pastas & their yummy "Almost there" pork belly make tonight's dinner a good one.

For Wallet-Friendly, Tasty Pastas

The first place that would probably pop into any Burpple Tastemaker's mind when you mention Bugis would be Ah Bong's Italian, purely because the food is hearty and the prices affordable. It looks small from the outside, and it's almost always packed, but there are additional outdoor tables to accommodate bigger groups. Come with your carb-loving friends and plan to eat chef-owner Chris's amazing pastas like the Fresh Pesto ($12) and the signature Birthday Pasta ($9). The latter, described in Burpple Tastemaker Russell Leong's words, features "roasted broccoli pesto that is earthy, hearty and bursting with fantastic flavor". If you're a regular patron here, or "superfans", as Chef Chris calls the Burpple Tastemakers, you'll find yourself sampling his experimental dishes pretty often, like the Almost There Pork Belly ($12) that comes with melt-in-the-mouth fat and perfectly crackling skin — a dish that has been in the works since last July. Pro tip: Swing by at lunch to enjoy any pasta, a drink and a small dessert at only $12!
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Russell Leong

This Pasta Will (Du)Roc Your World

The newest family member in Ah Bong's lineup is definitely not to be looked pasta. This delicious plate of duroc pork Genovese is a fairly accurate representation of Ah Bong's dishes: simple, yet complex, rich, and seriously mouthwatering.

The fat of the duroc pork is rendered out into the sauce that the pork has been braised in, resulting in a full-bodied, rich sauce that's overflowing with savory goodness. Better yet, that sauce swamps the al dente pasta, imparting all of its piquant goodness to the soft strands of pasta.

As for the duroc pork, every tender fiber of it is jam packed full of delightful flavors, and it damn near melts in your mouth. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much just some ridiculously peerless pulled pork. Ah Bong's signature roasted tomatoes are on station to provide a measure of acidity and sweetness to break up the dense shindig of savory flavors every now and then.

There are many reasons why I've pasta over many other Italian joints to make Ah Bong's my go to place of pasta of unrivaled value, and this is one of them.

Comfort Eggs ($8)

With chunky mangalitsa pork sausage, topped with mushroom, Parmesan, Onsen egg, and fragrant truffle oil. Simple yet flavourful, the Comfort Eggs ($8) were true to its name! #burpple #burpplebestbugis

"Almost There" Pork Belly

"Almost There" Pork Belly ($12) was our unanimous favourite of the night with tender pork, melt in the mouth fat and that perfectly crackling skin! Served with delish little explosively juicy cherry tomatoes. #burpple #burpplebestbugis

Crab Pasta

A taste of seafood, in this case- crab. Fresh ingredients & al dente pasta! Comfort food for seafood lovers. My friend loves it! ($16) (At bugis branch)

Truffle Mushroom Risotto

A good plate for sharing, gets too jelat after half a plate. Risotto is cooked Al dente, you can request for a softer texture from the chef. Strong truffle smell for truffle lovers & generous portion of mushroom for mushroom lovers! (Bugis branch)

Beef Spaghetti

A taste of home😊 very much a pleasant meal, simple and nice! $16 for this, no gst! Lunchtime promotion costs $12 for a set meal, worth it!

The Cheekiest Risotto In Town

The slow braised Angus beef cheek with truffled risotto is without a doubt, the most gut gratifying entrée on Ah Bong's recent Christmas menu. Loaded with capacious chunks of Angus beef cheeks that have been braised low and slow, roasted pumpkin, and ubiquitous shiitake mushrooms wading in a thick, tasty broth.

The risotto itself is the only element in this dish that I could find any fault with. It has a strong bite to it, being just the right side of cooked. I would've preferred it to be slightly more al dente. As for the beautiful beef cheeks, they were fantastically flawless. Rich and utterly umami, these plump beauties fell apart with picture perfect poise under the stresses of a spoon, and damn near melted away upon my palette.

The pumpkin slices added some chunkiness into the dish alongside a measure of sweetness to bring a twist to the saucy flavor fest. Meanwhile, the shiitake mushrooms brought an element of earthiness and mildly chewy resistance into the risotto. I have to commend Chris for making the taste of truffle slightly muted in this dish. Many would probably complain that the truffle wasn't strong enough, but it's a good thing as it allows each individual element of the risotto to bask in the limelight instead of hogging it all.

This is, without a doubt, the perfect dish to warm your weak, weary soul on a wintery, cold Christmas night and put some fire into your belly.

Oh who am I kidding, Singapore doesn't have winter. We have flash floods though.

handmade pasta makes all the difference

previously when i tried ah bong's pastas i felt that they were nothing spectacular for the price i was paying. barilla linguine isn't the nicest tasting pasta around.
but after they introduced handmade linguine i found myself back there again and again. it holds the sauce well and each strand of pasta varies in width, making each mouthful ever-so-slightly different. not exactly cheap pasta but reasonably priced considering it's handmade.
time for me to learn to make my own pasta.

chris is great, though. sometimes he comes out and asks for feedback about the food; and there's always something new to try 😊

A Penne For Your Thoughts?

I used to think that the old chef's adage of the quality of your ingredients being the single most important facet of any dish was a bit far fetched, but Ah Bong's has made me realize that it's a lot truer than I have previously thought.

Ah Bong's well known mangalica sausage is tossed in a slightly spicy tomato based pomodoro sauce alongside some al dente tubes of penne. Then, some crunchy cubes of refreshing zucchini are tossed in before the simple, almost spartan affair is plated.

As simple as it may look and sound, it's a totally different story when eaten. The rich, hearty pomodoro carries a gentle hint of garlic and just enough heat to keep your tastebuds looking alive. The sausage brings even more flavor, but more importantly, the meatiness and the little hint of fabulous fattiness to the table, while the zucchini keeps the texture from being monotonously soft and refreshes the palate, one cube at a time.

This serving of spicy sausage pomodoro is a lot like the pastas I had in Florence and Rome, as they were all equally adept at filling and warming my belly while lifting my spirits a little.

P.S.: Of course, it also really helps when you've got a chef as competent as Chris.


Clean Your Plate Pasta

Lunch sets here are a really good deal! $12 for any pasta, drink and a small dessert. Sadly the side of truffle fries was nothing to write home about, fries were thickly cut and had a truffle cheese powder and were soso. The pasta on the other hand was delicious, I had the shrimp aglio olio and before I knew it I had finished the plate. Definitely a great budget meal if you're in the bugis area!

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