Street Churros
Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Newly Opened, Desserts Street Churros Made-to-order, fresh, and hand-crafted churros is now in KL! Churros🍦 Or how I would like to call it -'Chio-rros' //A chio 'Ah Mo' version of 油条
Zipangu @ Shangri-La Hotel
Buffets, Japanese, Date Night Zipangu @ Shangri-La Hotel Japanese dinner buffet. 🍣🍱🍛🍙🍜🍦🍡🍢🍵☕️🍪 Sunday to Thursday International Dinner Buffet (this is what I had) Price: MYR 150 net per adult, MYR 75 net per child   Friday & Saturday Seafood Dinner Buffet  Price: MYR 188 net per adult, MYR 94 net per child Tip : get 20% off by signing up as a member on the Shangri-La mobile app. IT IS FREE! For the full review head on to !
Good Taste Restaurant
Cheap & Good, Chinese, Good For Groups Good Taste Restaurant I guarantee you that there is no Chinese restaurants out there which makes this dish like GoodTaste do, as the chef here is well known for his good flavouring skills in his sauces. Safe to say this is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Connaught.
Fruits Are Nature's Candy 🍭
Vegetarian, Halal, Healthy Fruits Are Nature's Candy 🍭 Fruits and are always considered cheap eatables that you and I can afford. The ones in this list are far from being cheap. They are expensive because of their rarity in a particular area. Some of it you cant even find them in your local organic or grocery stores.
The Accidental Bakers
Desserts, Cakes, Cafes & Coffee The Accidental Bakers You will moan with pleasure with every bite! Sinfully good!
Five Sen5es Chinese Restaurant @Westin Hotel
Great View, Chinese, Fine Dining Five Sen5es Chinese Restaurant @Westin Hotel Five Sen5es @Westin Tuck into its eight-course set dinner (set menu III) which includes : 1. the most luxurious Yee Sang-sliced two head abalone, Norwegian salmon, and jelly fish Yee Sang 2. Double boil Chicken consommé with fish maw, trumpet shell and ginseng 3. Oven roasted BBQ tong gui duck 4. Steamed pomfret fish with bean curd and mandarin skin 5. Steamed river prawn with garlic 6. Stir fried scallops with fungus 7. Braised chicken rice with abalone 8. End your meal on a sweet note with 'nian gao' and 'chilled coconut sago with rock melon and jack fruit'. RM2088 for pax of 10
Best Chap Fan Place
Cheap & Good, Chinese, Hawker Fare Best Chap Fan Place I can't cook to safe my life. So, thank God for chap fan/mixed rice/economy rice. I can cook la, it's just that nobody, including me would eat it. A chap fan place should be judged based on 1. Price - should be cheap and reasonable, a plate of chap fan above RM7 is a no-no 2. Quality - food must be fresh and flavours should be close to the ones you get in Chinese restaurants. 3. Cleanliness - food handling hygiene, cause I don't want my food to be seasoned with lalat eggs. I will grade each criteria with a score of 1-5. 1 being 'I rather eat my terrible cooking' 5 being 'you will see me here very often'
Japanese, Healthy, Good For Groups Kouzu We had our burpple dinner party at Kouzu. A new Japanese restaurant which serves good food at a fair price. 📍TTDI Thank you BurppleSg and BurppleKL for the lovely treat. I enjoyed the food and the company! 🍣🍻