Located at 136 Neil Road, The Lokal is a classic Aussie cafe with a twist, as we take pride in making a lot of ingredients in-house like smoked salmon, ricotta, sirarcha & ketchup, kaya and more! Muffins and cakes are also freshly baked daily, best paired with our coffee from Common Man Roasters to give you that caffeine buzz to power through the day. The Lokal is opened daily for brunch and opened for dinners as well on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

08:00am - 10:30pm

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Cold Brew ($7)

A good chill drink for a hot day after work out. The slightly zesty coffee bean taste makes a refreshing kick to start the day

??? Ciabatta

Panini style ciabatta with stack of ham, onion jam and kale.

Pimp Up My First Brunch After CNY

Cheese(5)+scrambled egg(5)+salted salmon(5)+wholegrain bread(1.75)

Grilled Sausage with Mash and Lobster Roll!!!

Lokal post had been my annual Chinese New Year post. While most of the cafes or restaurants are closed, Lokal is open for breakfast and brunch. .
Grilled sausage sat on cloudy mash and flooded with comforting brown sauce. .
The flesh of one lobster was found in lobster roll. This was all you need to know. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky date pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at $10, goes well together. Not too bad at all! #BurppleXChope

truffle parmesan fries

Really love the ambience of the cafe. It is a good place to chill and talk over drinks or food. Pictured is the truffle parmesan fries that we had. The fries came to our table pipping hot and each fry was crisp and fluffy on the inside. The only thing lacking was that we felt the fries could do with a bit more salt and parmesan flavour. The truffle flavour was just right. Nonetheless, I love the ambience and I would love to come back to chill for brunch! #BurppleXChope

Local / Lokal?

Until now, I still do not know how to pronounce this cafe. Is Lokal pronounced as 'Local' or 'Lo-kal'? Well that is a question still in speculation. Regardless, everything from the ambience, the decor, the smell, right down to the dishes, surpassed my expectations. A cosy cafe on the curb, the interior decorations were colourful and rejuvenating. The smell of the coffee, which enticed us to ordering the cappuchino and vanilla latte ($5.50 each), was simply divine. The coffee was definitely one of the better ones around, with the distinct aroma of the coffee beans and the sweetness of the vanilla being the perfect pick me up. We ordered the ricotta toast - ricotta, pomelo and avocado on a bed of sourdough toast (approx $19) as well as the roast beef sandwich - sauerkraut, mustard, greens and beef on wholemeal bread ($19), both of which were so tasty and worth every cent. A side of truffle fries ($10) was the sweet finish, with the underlying truffle taste in every bite. I have been very lucky with the cafes i have patroned in terms of the quality of food. This makes me happy :-)

Roast Chicken Ciabatta

No chicken is spared here! Not even if this is the year of the rooster/chicken.

Wait, heard that they are swooping this item out of their menu soon. Try before the Chicken Run!

Slipper Lobster Linguine & Truffle Fries.

Sadly, I think their brunch or lunch menu is more appealing. Perhaps I should have their beef instead? Haha! #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg

the original lokal is back?

so when lokal first popped up, they served AMAZING french toast and banana bread drenched in the most amazing sauce. however the food starting getting real shit and all the flavors just weren't hitting the right spots. a year later i decided to give lokal another try and I AM SO GLAD THAT THEY ARE BACK IN THE GAME wooooooo! this time the french toast wasn't drenched in syrup but flavors were so on point so i guess that worked out. also, the sausages were AMAZING and a must-get item!!

Matcha Lamington

Lamingtons are a hard find in Singapore โ€” more so a good one. A cake with Australian origins, Lamingtons are sponge cake that traditionally comes with a layer of chocolate coated on the exterior while coming with a good amount of desiccated coconut sprinkled over the top. The Lokal serves two variants today โ€” the traditional chocolate one as well as this Matcha variant. Carrying a rather light whiff of matcha aroma, cutting it apart reveals a vanilla sponge which is light and fluffy while accompanying it is the strong coconut aroma that sets the Lamington apart from a usual sponge cake. Would have to try even more Lamingtons to see how they are generally like but I am definitely pretty satisfied with this version.

Fluffy Duck Cocktail

I bet my bottom dollar this creamy cocktail will put a smile on your face. If it isn't that adorable duck that does it, then the high alcoholic content will.
Thanks @fuzzychef for introducing me to the first cocktail you ever learned to make - the "Fluffy Duck". I can easily down a flock of these! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

My Favourite Chicken Sandwich In Singapore: The Lokal's Roast Chicken Ciabatta ($19++)

We meet again, my dear old friend ๐Ÿ˜ What is it about you that I find so bewitching? Is it your tender, moist roast chicken? That crispy, non-oily dry-cured bacon? The voluptuous creaminess from smashed avocado? Or perhaps it's the house-churned butter that gets spread over your fluffy ciabatta? Hmmm, or could it be the cheeky splash of balsamic vinegar on your sea salt-sprinkled tomatoes?

I guess I'll never know but that's alright with me ๐Ÿ˜‹

The Lokal

The coffee is good. We ordered decaff since i can't take coffee but just want a sip. The fish and chips is not bad; crispy outside and moist inside but my friend said its alittle fishy. Pork belly is not bad too. Roast chicken is tender but on the salty side. Desserts are way too sweet for my liking, even for my friend who loves desserts commented that it was too sweet. The food comes in very small portion and in 3s so if you have more than 3 persons, you have to order another portion. We had to order a few extra dishes since we weren't full and their dinner menu is limited. For that kind price, its not really worth going again though i read their sunday brunch is good..maybe just maybe will try it. Coffee drinkers will like this place.

Ham And Cheese Toastie

Simple yet so satisfying. Butter crusted outer layer is so fragrant.

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