Sunday Folks is an independent dessert café based in Singapore and nestled in a quiet corner of the neighbourhood. Its name takes inspiration that one could enjoy a moment of laid-back Sunday vibe - to savour a tête-à-tête over handcrafted desserts such as fresh churned ice creams, Belgian waffles, cakes, and a curated range of beverages such as artisan teas, specialty coffees and craft beers. From the selection of premium ingredients to the making of homemade toppings, we take pride in concocting our own original recipes and paying homage to the freshness and tastefulness of our desserts. Note: Last order at 930pm (subject to crowd volume at point of order)

44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-52 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116

01:00pm - 10:00pm

01:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm


01:00pm - 10:00pm

01:00pm - 10:00pm



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(Upteen+1)th Time

Never disappoints. Except Earl Grey Lavender is still my favourite flavour.

Belgian Waffles With Soft Serve & Citrus Cookie Crumbs

This must be my upteenth time visiting the place and it still remains as one of my favourite dessert spots. Having tried nearly all the flavours offered, i am once again reacquainted with my all time favourite, Earl Grey Lavender.

The waffles alone were good albiet too light tasting for me (funny because the very first time i had it i thought it was perfect, maybe ive had better ones ever since?) But pair it with the soft serve and it'll all make sense. The thick, fluffy and light batter made the waffles the perfect vehicle to complement the equally mellow tasting soft serve. Earl grey flavours can sometimes be quite in-your-face, but the gentle floral hints of lavender helped to tone it down yet still allowing it to shine through. Just like an amazing supporting actor to an outstanding lead. Easy to overlook but hard to dismiss its absence. It's one of those flavour combinations you would never have thought of but you'd be kicking yourself for not having tried it sooner.

P.s The cookie layer between the waffles and soft serve is a genius idea I think, to prevent the waffles from becoming too soggy when the soft serve melts.

Sundae Cone

Tried the Madagascar Vanilla sundae which comes with fresh strawberries and an almond biscuit topped with caramel sauce. The vanilla ice cream is one of the best that I had as it was very rich and creamy. The charcoal cone and sauce complements the ice cream very well too. This costs $7.90 before gst, quite expensive for a soft serve cone. Better off visiting Creamier imo. #burpplexchope

Petite With One Topping ($10)

Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve (Ice Cream)on a Single piece of waffles (Petite) with Seasalt Chocolate Honeycomb (Topping).

It was just delicious, everything from the icecream to the waffle to the topping! They poured complimentary maple syrup plus a few strawberries at the side, so it's not really worth it if you order that as your topping.

Petite With One Topping ($10)

Having freshly baked waffle with single scoop of hazelnut milk chocolate soft serve now sounds pretty enticing. Made of pure Italian hazelnut paste, French cream and 55% chocolate couverture, its rich and creamy plus am glad to find bits of hazelnut in it. We choose Gula Melaka Mochi to go along but found it lacking, perhaps other toppings will be more brilliant.

Delicious Soft Serve AND Cake

Sincere apologies that the photo is yet again about the soft serve. But what i want to talk about today is the cake. I gobbled the matcha cake too quickly for a good photo but it was great. I'm glad I took the server's suggestion to try this out - flavourful yet light, perhaps hoped for a stronger matcha taste. Please give the cakes a chance too :) Quality is still the same since this place opened 2 years ago and I'm glad I came back today #BurppleXChope

Could use a little sweetness in our lives!

Or waffles and ice cream ($10) from @sunday_folks Love their ever popular Earl Grey Lavender ice cream on top of their crisp freshly baked waffles with almond thins by the side! 😋

Winter Yuzu Ice Cream Trifle

Winter Yuzu Ice Cream Trifle (S$12)
Freshly prepared with layers of Madagascan Vanilla ice cream 🍦, pillowy sponge cake 🎂 cubes, crunchy citrus 🍊 cookie crumbles, fresh strawberries 🍓, yuzu gel, and edible shiso hanaho flower 🌺.
Limited to 10 servings per day.
Available at @WeAreSunday
Looked so pretty and made one peak up with a zing.
Sunday Folks
Address 🏠 : 44 Jalan Merah Saga, # 01-52 Chip Bee Garden, Singapore 🇸🇬 278 116
Tel ☎️ : 6479 9166
Open 💈: Tue - Thu : 1pm - 10pm
Fri : 1pm - 11pm
Sat : 12pm - 11pm
Sun : 12pm - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Holland Village (CC21)
Note 📝 : Only cash and NETS payment

Petite Fresh Baked Waffles with Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream

My almost-hump-day craving: Sunday Folks' impeccable Belgian waffles crowned with a towering swirl of rich, nutty pistachio ice cream. Probably my favourite add-on that I won't ever stop ordering now that I've tasted it, is the rose icing puff pastry stick – flaky, delicate, and tinged with a swipe of blush pink ☺️ .

Worth It

$10 for this mouth watering dessert which was really one of the best waffles & soft serve! 👻

Love The Waffle+pistachio Icecream

Can't imagine they have such good waffle,outside is crispy and tender inside.Icecream is soft but strawberry was sour

Festive Special: Pistachio Chocolate Ice-cream Gateaux ($12++).

Created too for the festive season in limited quantities daily is the "Pistachio Chocolate Ice-cream Gateaux".
A sleek bittersweet chocolate-coated dessert, it smuggles a ball of red berries sorbet within a dual-flavoured ice-cream filling of roasted pistachio and dark chocolate. That Excalibur of burnt caramel rice puff wafer was exceptionally munchable in my opinion.

Winter Yuzu Ice Cream Trifle ($12++)

A chorus of "Mmmm"s rose around the table once we took our first spoonful of the "Winter Yuzu Ice Cream Trifle" ($12++), a seasonal special at Sunday Folks.
The sunshine-like burst of the Japanese fruit in gel form, melded beautifully with the creamy Madagascan Vanilla softserve, fresh strawberries, cubes of fluffy sponge cake and citrus crumble for a most delectable result. By the way, the sprig of Shiso Hanaho flowers perched on top is edible too.
As this is limited to 10 servings a day, I suggest you go early if you don't want to risk missing out.

Freshly Baked Waffles

Double slices of waffles with cold custom ice cream flavour and custom toppings [$13] with a cup of hot cocoa [$6]

Sunday Folks—I'll Be There From Monday To Sunday 😍

Absolutely in love with their desserts. The only downside is that it's so far from where I stay. Wish they'd open another outlet since they're doing so well! 😬

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