Stateland Cafe is a vintage-industrial themed cafe, located in the heart of Singapore, along Bali Lane. Warning: opened by 3 funny guys.

32 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866

12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm


12:00pm - 09:30pm



What you should order at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

You should order these at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

Reviews at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

Reviews of good food at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe
Salmon Pho with yuzu broth
I really adore this salmon dish.

The broth was bright and refreshing, the salmon was superb, soft, fleshy and fresh.
I like how stateland is moving away from the conventional menu and bringing us fusion dishes that are warm, comforting and still feel close to heart. Definitely a contender for uniqueness.
Monster thinks eating salmon right off the bone it's brute and bearish, but he loves it anyway.
#hungryhungrymonster #statelandcafe #burpple

Good And Not So Good

Decided to give this place a try after seeing it on burpples top 100 list, and it's a nice little cafe with interesting menu choices. Weekday lunch gives you a main plus any drink for $20 so it's quite value for money. However our choices was hit and miss, the mentaiko pasta was waaay too salty and over-creamy, but generous with prawns, would not order again. The Hainanese Chicken Risotto was lovely comfort food with very generous amount of tender chicken. Also had the wintermelon soft serve which was lovely and refreshing. Would definitely pop by to try the other mains next time! #BurpplexChope

Wintermelon Tea Ice Cream With Mochi

What a way to complete your meal after all the nice comfort cafe food from Stateland! Interesting flavour I must say, for the first time being here. (Most of the desserts were sold out by the time we went there) But it's okay, at least we tried this. The mochi is really chewy and it goes well with the soft serve ice cream! What can go wrong. Right?

Salmon "Pho" with yuzu broth ( $22 )


Salmon with sweet potato noodles, shitake, cherry tomato, edamame beans, dill and yuzu dashi.
A comfort bowl indeed !

Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ( $20 )


Tuesday got me thinking of the flavorful chicken rice risotto I had a week ago !
An east meet west combination which turns out to be perfect !
More chilli please 🌶🌶🌶

Breakfast time.

Having some Hainanese Chicken Rice or @statelandcafe risotto version sounds tempting!

Spectacular Braised Beef Cheek Risotto ($22)

Ok guys. This needs to be renamed SPECTACULARLY GREAT braised beef cheek risotto 😍. I swearz this is the best thing I've ever tasted. Ginger risotto with beef cheeks (the tempura looking thing at the ), soy broth, spring onion, and cubes of pickled radish and seaweed with each bites that compliments everything so well. There's also a huge braised daikon camouflaged with the broth at the bottom front.

Stop reading and go have some!!!!!

Oh wait read this. I highly recommend y'all make a reservation as it opens at 12 and by 1300 then place was already flooded and ppl had to start queueing alr. Also, it was pouring that day and to get to the cafe u need to brave the storm for 10 mins from bugis station. Ppl were not afraid to brave it. So pls make your reservations.

Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Pasta ($20)

How do I begin to describe this dish? Lets see. For starters, the tiger prawns were fresh, nicely shelled, and had a crunchy bite. The chilli flakes on the pasta were slightly overwhelming for me as I have a low tolerance for heat. But it did make the pasta more fragrant.

My favourite is definitely the mentaiko sauce, nicely torched and had a nice char fragrance to it. The pasta was cooked al dente, so springy and had a good bite. I squeezed the lemon and lightly drizzled its juice for a slight tangy punch. After mixing all the ingredients together with pasta, the flavour come full circle.

Overall I enjoyed this dish probably more than I should as I wiped off the sauce completely the bowl.

Tender beef bowl - ginger risotto, soy broth, braised beef cheeks.

I would have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how well everything comes together in this bowl. The risotto soaks up the essence of the soy broth, culminating into this umami richness that's warm and homely.
Thoroughly enjoyed myself.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #statelandcafe

Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($20)

Stateland Café has evolved from your evolved from your everyday café to a full fledged bistro serving outstanding fusion food.
Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto - soy braised chicken, ginger risotto, sriracha vinaigrette, nai bai, fried shallots, chicken skin and spring onion.

This brilliant creation right here touches on what strikes us Singaporeans - chicken rice. There is not one element of this dish I did not love, well except the cabbage, but that is because I am not a veggie eater.

The risotto broth was flavourful and well balanced. The chicken chunks were sizeable and tender, and although I am not a fan of spiciness, the chilli vinaigrette tasted so much like the chicken rice chilli but only more empowering. I loved it so much. The crispy chicken skin added a good texture too.

Overall a must try for first timers at Stateland and also if you are a fan of quirky fusion creations that work.

**Another thing to love, a complimentary drink is given with every dish on the food menu ordered.

No more Monday blues with food from @statelandcafe.

Actually my first time having a meal at Stateland and I'm absolutely in love with it!
1. Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto
2. Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Pasta

Thank you @statelandcafe & @chemyu for the kind hospitality! Bon voyage and enjoy your holiday in HK!! @chewwwie

Wintermelon Soft Serve
So perfect it's like eating chilled wintermelon!

Their soft serve is all made in house and Chem Yu , the owner of Stateland Cafe is able to experiment with the different flavours. I'm so looking forward to many more to come!
Thanks @statelandcafe @brotherbirdsg for the complimentary soft serve!
😋Stateland Cafe
🍴32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866

Fusion Fare + Amazing Vibes

No doubt a must-try in my books, Stateland offers solid culinary creations and some of the best vibes amongst popular hipster cafes in the local scene. The ground floor level tends to get rather noisy when it's a full house, but the second storey is where all the cozy furnishings and Tumblr-worthy adornments are at. For $20, tuck into this Mentaiko Pasta that is actually a lot more filling than it appears. Fresh and juicy prawns aplenty, addictive mentaiko mayo sauce. Creates an interesting attempt at fusion that does in fact taste good, albeit a little too heavy-handed on the chilli for a spice wimp like myself.

Full review on :)

Stateland's fantastic risotto base, adapted into a Chinese-Japanese donburi fusion bowl

The owner got his inspiration after trying a dim sum dish that strangely saw braised brisket flash fried before dishing up, and found the flavours and textures too interesting. And in comes this Tender Beef Rice bowl: super moist and tender braised brisket, holding its texture while still retaining some beefy bite, flash fried then served with al dente risotto and a fabulously braised slice of daikon. So. Good.

Chicken Rice set

Chicken Rice set ($25 nett)

@brotherbird 's take on our local Hainanese chicken rice! Fell in love with how pretty the dish looked and absolutely smitten by its taste and flavour! This is ginger scented risotto with soy marinated chicken thigh chunks, tangy and spicy sriracha vinaigrette, crispy chicken skin, nai bai, spring onions and a heap full of fried shallots! By the time I was done, even the sauce was all gone😋!

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