Opened by the folks behind The Plain and The Bravery, expect nothing less than exceptional coffee and excellent sandwiches in this gorgeous new cafe.
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17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

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 In My Opinion, The Best Scrambled Eggs In Singapore.

This is where the eggs are disguised as silk. And every bite of it makes me want weep with joy.

Savory French Toast ($16 Nett)

They have upped the price but so did the portion; 3 humongous slabs of fluffy egg-soaked toast with seared apples and loads of bacon (albeit slightly burnt). Truly satisfying!

WICKED Mocha And Matcha Tonr

Light minted mocha great balance. Matcha is creamy and nice. 100 marks for looks

Good Sandwiches

Nice decor, good sandwiches. Very lively and crowded during Saturday brunch.

Affogato makes after lunch sessions so much better.

Glorious scoot of vanilla ice cream sitting on a hot pool of espresso. So good.

Savoury French Toasts

Very quaint place. There wasn't much in their menu but i decided to give their well-known french toasts a try. The bacon was tender as well as the french toasts and the apples were quite sweet! I would rate it 7/10

Savoury French Toast

If you are a lover of the salty and sweet duo, you'll seriously fall in love with this syrupy goodness with crispy bacon ❤️

How could I not love french toast, especially when it's as fluffy, eggy and soft as this.

I was definitely sold upon the first bite. The refreshingly sour braised granny smith apple gave me a much-needed break from the sweet syrup while the bacon gloriously boasted its savoury reign over the dish. And that hazelnut butter smoothly elevated the flavour of the toast without being too overwhelming. I was rather surprised to read some people commented the presence of the apple to be "out-of-place" because I personally thought the apples set this french toast apart from other french toasts around. And yes, "it's so fluffy I'm going to die"!

Best Cafe!

This morning my breakfast at my fave cafe, Ronin. Had mint mocha and cappuccino since we ordered so much food! 😆 I love the simple scrambled eggs and wilted spinach on sourdough toast. The scrambled eggs are the best that I have eaten so far. Simple but really tasty. For something more explosive go for the Dirty Ronin sandwich. Explosive because the unassuming sandwich surprises you with a mixture of spicy, salty taste of miso mayo, chorizo, cheese and egg! It's my fave sandwich now. You can't find it anywhere but here in Ronin. The savoury French toast with bacon and braised Apple is another of my fave. Love the fluffy toast with the hazelnut butter. Usually I will order the pork sausage to go with it. A slice of the toast with hazelnut butter+braised Apple+pork sausage+the maple sauce sent into your mouth! Oooh.... Heavenly!! Love the savoury and sweet combo! #whatclariceloves #mynumber1cafe #mustvisiteveryweek #regularcustomer

Ronin Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Lamb Sausage - Something different for your Sunday brunch
We tried both the pork and lamb sausage options on different days, and it is really a matter of personal preference.

If you want something different, try the lamb sausage. 😋👍The main Eggs on Toast dish costs S$10, and the sausage option an additional S$5. The incredible part about the scrambled eggs at Ronin Cafe is the seasoning and the taste. On your first bite there is this super shiok feeling where the fragrance from the eggs simply explodes in your mouth.
Full review at (active link at bio)

Dirty Ronin - Cheesy Sausage Sandwich ($14)

It comes with chorizo (a type of pork sausage), emmental (a type of Swiss cheese), soft egg, miso mayo and lettuce.

This is another deliciously unique dish and it tastes pretty good! 🍽🍳🌭😋 Full review at (active link at bio)

Savoury French Toast - A delicious sweet delight

This is a really unique creation by Singaporean standards 🍎🍞 – french toast with braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter and syrup.

The bacon goes exceptionally well with the french toast, hazelnut butter and syrup. This makes a good choice if you're craving something sweet yet filling. 😉

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[New Blog Post] Ronin - Delicious Scrambled Eggs and French Toast
In line with their rōnin (vagrant or wandering samurai) theme, they are located in this obscure hole in the wall along Hongkong St.

No visible signage, no physical menu, no records made for orders. The atmosphere here is definitely very different from the typical Singapore cafe.
Featuring their Dirty Ronin Sandwich, Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Sausage and hot Wicked drink.
See the full review at (active link at bio)

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Nice cafe with dimmed lights! Perfect ambiance for a hideout. Do order their scrambled eggs with toast! Eggs are cooked to perfection texture 😊 Pork sausage add on compliments the dish

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