Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.
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What you should order at Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

You should order these at Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

Reviews at Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

Reviews of good food at Non Entrée Dessert Cafe
Matcha Avalanche 🍵
This creative presentation of matcha dessert is happiness to someone who enjoys anything matcha a lot!

💕 As we sliced the matcha lava cake, the warm lava dripping unto the green tea gelato atop the chocolate soil with crunchy almond nougatine felt like we're in a fine dining. ❤️
#burpple #simplejoys #desserts

Le Citron 🍋
At first, my food buddies doubted of ordering this Le Citron which was described to us as having "edible flowers" -- a thing that is not so exciting.

🤔 But when this beautifully arranged dessert in a shape of lemon surrounded with "planted flowers" came to our table, the three of us just said..."Woah!" 😱

It was not just all beautiful but it was full of surprises. The lemon-shaped dessert was made of white chocolate with lemon sorbet inside and popping candies that reminds us of childhood. Bedded with meringue and biscuit crumble. Oh so pleasing to the eye! 😍
#burpple #simplejoys #desserts

I'm a happy person when a dessert both tastes and looks good.

Beneath the elegant appearance, you'll find champagne-infused mousse, lychee and berries married well together. Their flavours complements each other - the champagne taste remains evident and is enhanced by the lingering fruity sweetness of berries and lychee.
Launched for valentine's day, I'm not too sure if this will be available for long, so try this eau de champagne soon before it's gone!

| 🍝
Centre of Attraction、
镇店之宝。 ...

Bak Chor Mee - $14.90
Mango vermicelli "noodles" & pudding, with aged balsamic "vinegar", raspberry reduction "chilli", sesame snow "minced meat" & coconut "fishball" parfait
Non Entree Dessert Cafe

Matcha Avalanche!

♡ The thick gooey matcha with the almond nougatine!
☆ $13.90+

Just thinking about this Beary in Love (earl grey milk chocolate mousse, forest berries sorbet, vodka berry jelly, cocoa nibs, marinated strawberries, cocoa crumbles, and dark chocolate brownie with salted caramel) that I had twelve broken hearts ago at Non Entrée Desserts.

The bear, which is accompanied by a pre-dessert and Love Potion drink, forms the centrepiece of the limited period Valentine's Day set menu, and is perfect for both love-drunk canoodling couples as well as bra-burning feminist Singletons (because the brutal murder of the blatantly commercial romantic construct is defiant and symbolic etc etc).

An alternative "Ang Ku Kueh"?

It is packed with Strawberry Curd, Strawberry Jelly and shortbread. Going for $9.90. #tingzieeats #burpple

Pick Me Up - Specially for Tiramisu lovers
Premium Arabica coffee-soaked ladyfinger with mascarpone cheese, garnished with coca dust, Kahlua jelly and chocolate soil on the side.

The coffee aroma instantly explodes in your mouth at the first bite! 😎☕ Overall, the sweetness from the sides makes the dessert so flavourful and addictive. This may not be one of the most popular dishes here but we think this is too good to be missed! 😚

Ong Lai Tart

With Chinese New Year round the corner, the folks behind Non-Entree Dessert Cafe which serves creative reiterations of local desserts have released a Pineapple Tart dessert that is in line with the festivities. Using Caramalised Pineapple and Candied Ginger Coulis, the dessert is shaped just the way an exposed pineapple Tart would look like, with the pineapple cubes carrying a little sweetness while chunks of pineapple could be felt for a bite; the candied ginger coulis gives feel of it being a little fibrous within, while it combines with the pineapple to create a little zingy flavour to replicate the flavours of pineapple paste. Beneath, the pastry is reminiscent of the exposed pineapple tart; cookie-like and crusty though it's in the shape of a ring; the middle is left completely empty for the caramalised pineapple and candied ginger coulis to sit within.

Rubber Ducky [S$12.90] at @nonentreedesserts
Little yellow ducky soaking in the bubbles💛🛀.

Is this really a dessert!? It looks so much like a real one!
The refreshing combination of Creme Fraiche pudding, sago, biscuit, fresh mango puree and lemongrass foam really surprised me! Who can resist getting one of these cute little duckies? 🤗

Le Bliss & Tutu Kueh Cakes

Excellent cakes in this hippie cafe along Rangoon road. The former a marriage between raspberry yogurt, earl grey and strawberry Yuzu, the latter with a filling gula melaka and coconut cleverly disguised as a kueh tutu. Kudos to the team for thinking up these babies.

The Giving Tree - dark chocolate gelato, kirsch foam & chocolate crumble with festive spiced wine marinated & dehydrated cherry.

Served with marshmallow to be toasted. ($16.90) Its like a Black Forest cake with a cherry marshmallow filling.
TNT - wild strawberry compote, strawberry espuma, luxurious champagne bomb & yuzu sorbet combined with pop rocks & fizzy raspberry rocks, encrusted in a white chocolate dynamite shell! ($18.90) Mark the end of 2016 with a bang ! Love the yellow champagne bomb and pop rocks that explodes in your mouth haha ! Very happy that the TNT is back and everyone should go have a try before it's gone !

Ang Ku Kueh Ang Ang very auspicious.

Just signed a contract this morning and will be starting work next Monday!!! Wish me good luck and gain valuable experience at work to build up my profile! 😄

今天早上剛到公司簽約,保密條款几十面看到我都要眼花了😂 不過也很基本常識啦,有些看了就有一種「我只是個實習生,會接觸到什麼商業機密嗎?😂」 反正要趁還未開工前充好電!之後就是 #慧思敏語之職場生存計 的開始 。打算寫些職場上的小故事,敬請期待喔😉

早安 Good Morning!

Today is present 所以要好好珍惜 「今天」這份禮物😉 Spot Le Bliss, a cake featured in the photo😏


請珍惜在你身邊的他/她 ❤


Bak Chor Mee

When my friend told me about the Bak Chor Mee (S$14.90) from Non Entrée, I was thinking at the back of my mind: since when did NE venture into noodle business.

Damn it! They actually turned the local favourite into a bowl of desserts! Can you believe this? The mango vermicelli "noodles" had the exact springy texture like the real noodles, while other ingredients such as sea coconut, sesame snow, raspberry reduction disguised as the braised mushrooms, minced meat and chilli sauce.

Every mouthful of this is a confusion in my mind, of it coming to terms with the fact that what seemed like a main course is actually a creative piece of edible art. I'm totally blown away.

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