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Reviews at Montana Singapore

Reviews of good food at Montana Singapore
I've been wanting to try out the waffles here since last year but kept missing the chance cos the last time I was here the place was under renovation or there were other reasons stopping me from trying it out.

Finally! Tried their famous red velvet waffles!
Crispy, fluffy and thick waffles with yummy strawberry shortcake ice cream stacked in between. The waffles are in such a pretty red colour that makes you happy when you see them. Now I know why its their famous waffles. I went to waffles heaven and came back! The next time I'm there, I'm gonna try their savoury waffles! $14.50 for a serving like this.

Coconut cold brew: Regular (Coconut cold brew served with coconut ice sphere, light sweetness, with hint of coconut, and a smooth soft finish.

$6.80) and Gula Melaka (Coconut cold brew with gula melaka. Lush notes of caramel, toasted nuts. $6.80) versions. Not only interesting but good as well. If you like it a little sweeter, go for the Gula Melaka one. Regular one is very subtle in sweetness with a hint of coconut as the round ice cube is actually coconut water. #tingzieeats #burpple

Sous-vide braised beef cheek with carrot kimchi, poached eggs and toast.

The beef cheeks are not overly done, fork tender yet retaining some bite to it. The unassuming star is the carrot kimchi that helps cut through the rich sauce with a little kick of spice and sourness.
Time to get your brunch on!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #montanabrewbar

Dreaming of these awesome mac and cheese balls.

It's like warm hugs hidden in a fried ball.
Fuzzy and comforting.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #montanabrewbar

What's better than Mac & Cheese?

Fried Mac & Cheese! Mac & Cheese Fritters ($8) from @montanasingapore are highly addictive! These tasty bite size goodness are packed with creamy Mac & Cheese waiting to be unleashed in to your mouth! Goes hand it hand with their delicious salsa dip! Yummy! 😋

Peking Chicken Confit w/ Waffle ($16.50)
Asian twist on chicken & waffle from Singapore's Waffles specialist @MontanaSingapore.

With meltingly-tender fall-off-the-bone chicken confit spiced up with five-spice dry rub to brine things up, I found delightful pleasure in savouring the skin sweetened up with natural fats atop the juicy succulent meat. It was a unanimous agreement that this was the star of the dish that stood out, but also didn't fail to compliment harmoniously well with the chive waffle beneath. Served alongside with smoked ginger plum & coleslaw that acted as light and fresh contrast to the overall, it's ultimately a dish that we couldn't stop wanting more.

One of our favourite waffle place, @montanasingapore serves up several savoury waffles that we absolutely adore 😍.

This time having their Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle ($16.50). Five spice chicken confit, chive waffles, smoked ginger plum coleslaw and ginger plum sauce. To us this was a miss, it was tasty but dry in overall. But try their bulgogi beef waffles or assam crab waffles when you're there! 😋

Explodingbelly is back in action with her blog!

Review from my experience at @montanasingapore is up on the blog!

Link up in bio! Stay tuned for more!

Harissa Portobello Mushroom Burger ($16.50) Deep fried portobello patty ingeniously smeared with bold harissa mayo & served with thick cut fries.

Essentially a veggie burger possessing the depth of smokiness with all the "meaty" goodness except that this time, there're no saturated fats from any meat. Ultimately a massive portobello creation that makes no apologies & serves to please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Also, I've always love all the vibes from their interior space. If you've been here I bet you'll also agree with me that it's really such a perfect spot for casual get-togethers. Don't you think?

Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cake ($14.80) Moist, fluffy & delicate coffee sponge layered along with kaya buttercream so good it hits the spot.

As good as it looks & sounds, this combination seriously goes so well together it's as if we were eating our regular local breakfast & dessert (think kaya, toast, coffee & chendol!) off a stunning birthday cake 💕
Slathered on with coconut white chocolate glaze & beautifully finished off with brightly coloured old school favourite gem biscuits, coconut shavings & gula melaka crumbs, the slight occasional crunch has unintentionally made this an amazing cake-appreciating session 🎂
Definitely passed off as one of the true blue Singapore dessert with a modern twist, & I'll recommend this to any of my foreign friends next time they come for a visit. Remind me yes?

bronx burger ($16.50), coconut cold brew ($6.80, regular) @ montana

favourite things in life; burger, coffee and coconut water. at @montanasingapore, they mash-up the 2 liquids with chilled coffee in funnel over a coconut frozen sphere. game changer and refreshing af. #burpple

A delightful lunch

First experience at Montana Singapore, actually really surprised. The linguine was Al Dente, perfect texture and the sauce was minimal but tasteful enough. The mushrooms were absolutely delicious, and I have to say, this brown butter miso linguine is a hidden gem in the menu! Loved it😁

Those layers.

👌🏿 i miss my carefree cafe hopping days ☹️. Also, WHY DO I KEEP GETTING LOGGED OUT OF INSTAGRAM?!

Blasting great time at @MontanaSingapore earlier this afternoon for a simple catch up session with some really patient souls!

Talking about that, we enjoyed a wide array of excellent dishes like their Crab Aglio Olio ($20.80), Harissa Portobello Mushroom Burger ($16.50), Peking Chicken Confit w/ Waffles ($15.80) & Braised Beef Cheek w/ Carrot Kimchi ($20.80).
Always very excited every time they come up with new menu. Unlike some other restaurants that try to be interestingly innovative, this is one that never forget that food still need to taste good with a great visual appeal at the same time. Individual reviews to be up soon. TGIF y'all! 🙆🏻

Waffles are meant for weekend brunches.

The waffles still stay as good over at @montanasingapore but I would really have liked a duck confit instead! 😩review up on SOON.

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