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What you should order at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

You should order this at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Reviews at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Reviews of good food at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant
Unagi Omelette

Who knew unagi and omelette goes so well together ? Absolutely perfect !

Hitsumabushi ($26.80 for normal, $35.80 for large)

3 ways to enjoy freshly grilled Unagi. Recommended by the staff, we portioning the Unagi don into four parts to try.

First is to savour the all-natural grilled Unagi by gobbling down with rice. Step two, drizzle the sauces over as you pair it with grate fresh wasabi, spring onions and nori. Step 3, add their dashi stock into the bowl and have it as Unagi porridge. Lastly, just eat it anyway you like most!

A Man-derful Experience

Went for the cheapest one ($18.90); and honest to say, the 2++ hours queue was definitely worth it. Freshly grilled unagi is a burst of flavor & the crispiness is a delight in your mouth. Nonetheless, my personal preference will still be the soft-textured unagi compared to Man Man's crispy one. ☺ extra tip: if you are coming here for dinner, you might want to arrive there between 5-5.30pm (the earlier the better). Queue can get crazy long!

Best place for unagi rice bowl

Medium Unagi Set, $25.80++.

Living up to its reputation, it was soo good! The eel was grilled to perfection and the portion of eel was REALLY a lot. And as much as i enjoyed the rice bowl, queueing for 2hours plus is really no joke. Would recommend to go in the afternoon's timeslot or @ exactly 6pm to start queueing 💯

Unagi Don ($25.80 for medium),

Unagi Don aka 鰻丼 finally tried them after raving reviews from friends. An open concept kitchen where you'll see freshwater eel slay and skinned before charcoal-grilled, so counter seats are not for the faint hearted. Doused repeatedly with tare marinade and grilled to perfection, it has a slight charred skin but remains tender without any fishy taste. This leaves a burst of umami delightfulness with each bite!! Will love to head back for more soon.

You Will Never Get Enuff Of Eggs

Unagi Omelette, more please! Ohh the layers of eggs cooked till perfection, the texture, the taste, i can eat 5 portions of this! Never knew unagi and eggs are matched in heaven

Hitsumabushi Set

The hitsumabushi set, finally waited till theres a shorter queue to try this raved restaurant. Verdict: it lived up to the hype! Other than the fresh unagi, the broth is great too!

For Fresh Unagi

Be prepared to queue for this plate of fresh unagi, other than this fresh, tender unagi, dont forget to indulge in the freshly grated wasabi. Try the 3 sauces (spicy, sweet, salty) at the side for extra variety of flavours too. I suggest to go lightly with the sea salt at the side thou.

Great Experience

Hitsumabushi ($26.80+) is probably what every blogger is writing about. So I ordered it, & it was delicious. For a Unagi n00b like me (I don't eat it much because I don't fancy the texture), I like the idea of trying Unagi 3 different ways.

I only wish the waitresses would explain how to eat them in these 3 ways, rather than just serving it to me & call it good. Having said that, however, service is quite attentive & they are smiley & polite 😁 👍

I arrived at 5:57PM to a queue of about 10 individuals. Doors promptly opened at 6PM & those groups with all parties present were seated. Many chose to sit at the tables, but I wanted to sit where the action is: In front of the glass window. I sat at the corner seat where the eels were grilled in front of me!

Taste-wise, it's yummy, & it wasn't overcooked. Now that I know Man Man serves delicious Unagi, I think I'll order Unagi with rice the next time because that's my favourite way of eating it. (Yes, that does mean I will be back.)

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
⌚ Opens at 6PM for dinner

Oh My (Hitsumabushi) Unagi

I get it now, I get the hype. The long queues that snake down the pathway on the flip side of Keong Saik isn't for nothing. I got a standard order of the famed Hitsumabushi Unagi Don ($26.80+) and it was incredible. The charred-ness of the unagi is perfect and what was most exciting to me was the set was served with a fresh knob of wasabi. Because we were greedy, we also got the umaki (unagi wrapped in an egg thing) and additional servings of kabayaki (with unagi sauce) & shirayaki (salted broiled) unagi on the side.

Needless to say, we rolled out of there. But it certainly won't be the last time.

For those who are a fan of fresh Japanese unagi and have never had hitsumabushi before, this is something to check out!

Your guide to a unique experience to eat Hitsumabushi ($26.80+), Nagoya-style - on its own, with garnishes, dashi broth or enjoy it as you wish!
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Writer: @aliciaatsh
Photographer: @marktankai

Large Una Don

Large Una Don ($32.80)

Between the usual grilled unagi at Man Man japanese unagi restaurant and the large white hitsumabushi available only in December, I still prefer the usual unagi because of the smoky char flavour you get from the caramelization of the unagi sauce over the charcoal grill. This is my virgin experience at Man Man and I went away feeling really satisfied! Unagi was so tasty and even the side order of the unagi liver was so good! Will definitely revisit!

Back for more crispy grilled unagi bowl.

The queue was snaking long even before it opens. Luckily we managed to make it for the first seating. Turnovers were quite fast too. This time round, less sauce compared to the previous time. You can add your own sauce anyways. For me, i just eat the way it is because it's crispy! Yummy.

Missing Freshly Grated Wasabi Hitsumabushi Set

Words can't express my disappointment upon finding out that they ran out of fresh wasabi (after asking the staff when this was served). The Hitsumabushi set ($26.80++) comes with a light and savoury dashi that you can enjoy with the unagi and rice. I would strongly suggest checking if they have fresh wasabi in stock before ordering (unless you're cool with low quality paste wasabi as a substitute). Thankfully, the unagi was perfect. Nice smokey grilled taste with a crisp skin!

Fresh Unagi In A Bowl

Hitsumabushi @ 26.90++ at Man Man Japanese. Arrived at the entrance at about 9pm on a Wednesday, and there was a queue of about 5? But we managed to enter abt 10mins later. Place is pretty cramped as it is a small place and seats were placed pretty near to each other. Only about 5-6 seats are in front of the kitchen where you can see the chef doing the work. Unagi is really fresh and the sauce is good too. The broth comes in a flask and i finished the broth! It goes so well with the rice and unagi and diy freshly grinded wasabi, together with the seaweed spring onion garnish. I never eat wasabi elsewhere for i dislike the taste, but the fresh wasabi was really good. It isn't too pungent for my taste. And i finished up all the wasabi! Try it for if you detest wasabi!

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