Located in Tanjong Pagar, Ginza Tendon Itsuki is Ramen Keisuke's eighth new concept outlet! This new 24-seater outlet is the popular ramen chain’s first concept in collaboration with the highly acclaimed Ginza Itsuki Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Tendon is often regarded as delightful one-bowl soul food meals for many Japanese around the world especially during summer. With freshest quality ingredients served in special porcelain bowls by Arita - a 400 year-old porcelain brand from Japan, this new offering will add another dimension to Keisuke's Japanese soul food offering that includes its well-known brand of ramen creations here in Singapore.

101 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088522

11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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Special Tendon

Now, to be completely fair, I came here while I was still pretty stuffed from a hefty late lunch.

I havent tried other tendons yet, and while this wasn't a mindblowing omg-i-gotta-eat-this-again experience, I was still pretty satisfied. The batter encasing a good assortment of ingredients was indeed light and non greasy and came on top of fluffy Japanese white rice. I did wish they were more crispy though! The most memorable tempura for me was for sure the oozy soft boiled egg.

I think for this generous portion with miso soup AND chawanmushi, it's definitely a good deal. The queue was more than an hour long, but made bearable with the stools parked outside and complimentary Japanese Barley tea. Now that's customer service.

Overall: I usually wouldn't be in line for that long, so I cant comment if I would queue again, but thankfully I was with good friends that night to make the wait much less painful.

Special Tendon

1x oozy egg hidden beneath a pyramid of tempura. They only serve 2 kinds of bowls here - special or vegetables. Another concept by Keisuke - this time no ramen, but Tendon(天井) - tempura+don.
$18 for a chawanmushi, miso soup, and a bowl of 2 pieces each of chicken, prawns, long beans, 1x mushroom tempuras and free flow of picked vegetables. Probably not the lightest/crispiest/cleanest-tasting tempura batter found. Still, it is great value and definitely above average. Some love the drizzled tempura sauce. Tempura-lovers to venture, others: alright to try.
The place always sees queues, even on a Sunday at 11.45am, so go early.

Special Tendon ($13.90)

Having tried Kohaku's tendon last year, I think there are some ups and downs about this tendon compared to Kohaku's. What I liked about this is the portion. For $13.90, it comes with a set of chawamushi and miso soup on top of the bowl of tendon. The variety of tendon is fairly similar so at this price range, it is definitely more bang for the buck. The sauce is quite debatable. I personally prefer it less sweet and between Kohaku's and Ginza's, I find Ginza's sauce less sweet and at the same time, it was not added much to the bowl at first to allow us to customise how much more sauce to add with a bottle of tendon sauce in front of us. What I noticed is that the batter for the tempura was a little thicker than Kohaku's. It wasn't much a difference but it did masked the taste of the ingredient a little. Other than that I still find Ginza's more worth while if you have to choose to visit only one. Both of them have long queues, so be prepared to wait for an hour or more especially on dinner timings.

Oooh The Egg... 😍

I thought I would much prefer the one at Kohaku cos it's spicy but I was wrong! The egg!!! Oooh it was cooked perfectly! I absolutely hate undercooked egg white cos it looks like mucus. Not this one! The white was firm but the yolk was fabulously runny!!! I was so inspired I even took a video of the egg haha. So I added chili powder (a lot!) and pretended it was spicy tendon. Worked for me. Hubby usually sniffs at tendon but he has been asking for it ever since Kohaku. I wonder if I can order extra egg...

The Non-greazy Tendon

I have ordered the Special TENDON - 2 pcs Prawn, 2 pcs Chicken, Half-boiled Egg, Sweet potato, Baby corn, long beans and Shitake mushroom and this set comes with chawamushi & miso soup. They do have vegetable tempura set too. They also have complimentary pickles that is on the table. At the price of Sgd13.90 (exclude service charge and GST) is really reasonable. This Tendon did not fail me. The Tendon was sooo good and it was not oily at all. The special tendon sauce was drizzled on the tempura and rice that enhanced the flavour to the peak. My favourite is the tempura chicken!!! 🐔 is the champion! The chicken is so tender, so juicy and so flavourful. It is really the best in the world!! My 2nd favourite is the egg... wooo omg the yolk (as per picture) slurp slurp..
P.S. you will smell like a walking tendon though.. hahahaha

Special Tendon

Our Special Tendon ($13.90)! The deep fried veggies were naturally fragrant. So fresh were the long beans, mushroom, melon, lady's finger and baby corn. Pick them apart and there it is! You uncover that tempura half-boiled egg. Break that fragile blob to let it run over your bed of pearly white grains. If the chef's generous drizzling of sweet savoury over your rice and and again over your crisp isn't enough, there's a bottle of tendon sauce, chilli powder and sansyo for you to help yourself. I sure did. It's such umami goodness. The ebi prawns are succulent fresh; the moist chicken breasts are tender as fish. The latter could use seasoning though. The batter is light, using only Japanese flour, allowing the natural flavours to come through. It's not a greasy meal despite all the deep frying. Can't wait to try the Veggie Tendon ($12.90) next time!


Big Portions, Small Bills

I tend to prefer restaurants with smaller menus, the reason being that I believe in specialisation. Ginza Tendon only has two main items on its menu - Special and Vegetable tendon.

To be honest, with fried food, the difference in taste between high quality and low quality ingredients is very subtle, much less than raw food such as sashimi for example. So I can't comment much about that, although the chicken breast was surprisingly juicy for some reason.

The thing I liked about this was the experience, it's intimacy, reminiscent of sort of an omakase meal almost, where the chef prepares your meal right in front of you before personally serving it to you. Oh, and that lovely poached-then-fried egg.

And last but not least, the price - $13.90 before taxes, inclusive of chawanmushi and miso soup. That's really a steal.


The Special Tendon was fantastic value for money - $13.90 for a bowl heaped with prawn, chicken, vegetable, and an onsen egg. Fresh tempura is the only tempura worth eating, and here you get to see it deftly fried in front of you. Caveat: it's best if you're a tempura lover because there really is a lot of it, and anything deep fried is just one bite too many away from jelat. Go early, seating is limited and very much in demand.

Tg Pagar // Tendon

PRICE: $13.90++ for Special Tendon, inclusive of miso soup and mini chawanmushi

QUEUE TIME: 35 minutes (all must be present before they let you in)

FOOD WAITING TIME: - served immediately after you're seated

- Best tempura don in SG for me thus far
- Green tea at $3.80++, not the usual $1++ at most Jap outlets
- Will smell like fried tempura after (if seated at the bar counter)

Vegetarian Tendon

So hefty are their servings even the vegetarian bowl fills me up like nobody's business. I only wish they included the egg - that would make this perfect.
For the price, I feel the tempura bowls here are worth the queue and lingering scent of "eau de deepfryér oil".

There are no ten don in this tendon.

Only 1 bowl of don that is covered with mouthwatering tempura (chicken breast, prawns, vegetables) delicately fried and drizzled with delicious sweet sauce. Value for money at $16 that comes a chawanmushi and miso soup.

The hype is real!

After hearing so many people rave about this place, I had to check it out for myself, and it sure didn't disappoint. Ordered myself a Special Tendon for $13.90++ and watched the chefs make my order right before my eyes...

Every single ingredient from each strand of long bean to the solf boiled egg are individually dipped into the batter and fried to perfection. Before carefully being played on that bowl of rice and drizzled with the special sauce seconds before it's placed in front of your hungry self. The set also comes with a chawanmushi and miso soup so that you don't die of hunger while watching them prepare that epic bowl of goodness!

Vegetable Tendon

Baby Corn, Brinjal, French Beans, Leafy Vegetables, Red/Yellow Capsicum, Shiitake Mushroom, Sweet Potato 》$12.90

Visited this place just before 12nn for brunch after a staycation nearby, hoping that we can avoid the usually long queues. They're opened at 1130 and within 30 mins there's already a queue outside 😲

A very hearty and fulfilling meal on a rainy morning. The tempura were light, crispy and not greasy 👍 I love the tendon sauce over here which is somehow quite addictive... I kept poring it on my rice 😂 The highlight over here is definitely the tempura onsen egg in the special tendon.

The set comes with chawanmushi and miso soup.

Special Tendon

Tempura Onsen Egg, 2 Prawns, 2 Chicken Breast, French Beans, Sweet Potato, Shiitake Mushroom 》$13.90

Visited this place just before 12nn for brunch after a staycation nearby, hoping that we can avoid the usually long queues. They're opened at 1130 and within 30 mins there's already a queue outside 😲

A very hearty and fulfilling meal on a rainy morning. The tempura were light, crispy and not greasy 👍 I love the tendon sauce over here which is somehow quite addictive... I kept poring it on my rice 😂 The highlight over here is definitely the tempura onsen egg in the special tendon.

The set comes with chawanmushi and miso soup.

Special Tendon (SGD 13.90)

Tried the special tendon (SGD13.90) that is loaded with 2 ebi prawns, 2 chicken breast, long beans, mushroom and egg. The portion is big and very filling. The fried batter chicken is too dry but the rest were slightly above average.

The set comes with a miso soup, tea and chawamushi which is very value for money for the price paid. On the downside, payment is all made in cash and NO refill on the tea. Can try if the queue isn't that long. :)

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