Recommended lists for Local Delights

Recommended lists of Local Delights in Kuala Lumpur
Best Places To Eat In Sri Petaling
Local Delights, Hidden Gem, Burpple Guides Best Places To Eat In Sri Petaling Not too long ago, Sri Petaling was an undeveloped land resigned to become a rubbish dump. Today, it has evolved into a bustling residential and an easily accessible food hub, well-known for its time-honoured hawker fare, reliable morning chee cheong fun and super fresh steamed fish. Set off to Sri Petaling with this list in hand!
Best Places To Eat In Kepong
Local Delights, Burpple Guides Best Places To Eat In Kepong A little further up north in KL lies Kepong, an old neighbourhood bursting with hidden gems. We came up with this list of the 10 best places to eat in Kepong, from celebrity-approved chicken wings to satiating nasi lemak and specialty claypot dishes. That's 10 reasons to venture into the vicinity and trust us, the drive is gonna be worthwhile!
10 Best Traditional Snacks In KL
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 10 Best Traditional Snacks In KL After devoting himself to hunting down his 10 favourite traditional kuihs and pastries, Tastemaker Ben Gee was dubbed the 'Kuih-nossieur' by the Burpple community and rightfully so. Let the Kuih King show you the way to discover the kuih of your dreams with his top 10 list, from steaming red bean pau to colourful ang ku kuih and yummy lo mai chi. He's even uncovered two snacking spots for you folks in Kuala Selangor and Kajang!
Best Places To Eat In Cheras
Local Delights, Burpple Guides, Popular Best Places To Eat In Cheras Infamous for the traffic jams, Cheras is an area so vast that it's split under the jurisdiction of two states. But fortunately for locals, they don't have to travel far for good food. Even if you've never set foot in Cheras, worry not. We scoured the age-old neighbourhood to find the best places to eat, from restaurants for affordable steak to late night joints for Taiwanese snow beer and street stalls for Hainanese chicken rice, so you can venture into this whole new world of delicious eats and more!

Top 10 Places for Local Delights

Top 10 places for Local Delights

Latest Reviews for Local Delights

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Local Delights
{Hot and Spicy Pan Mee}

This bowl of dry noodles sure packs a fiery punch!

Traditional homemade Sarawak noodles served with minced pork, crispy anchovies, onsen egg and of course, the house special dry chilli. It's quite popular among the lunchtime crowd, clearly unfazed by the sweltering heat from our weather here!

Teochews Wedding Biscuit 🍪// 囍饼

These dome shaped pastries symbolises 圆圆满满 ( a successful marriage ) and 甜甜蜜蜜 ( a marriage filled with love and sweetness ). The yellow one has red bean paste filling while the pink is filled with lotus paste. Both is equally sweet and equally delightful. The pastry skin is not overly thick and filling has the right amount of moisture.

Calling All Siham Lovers!

If you love char kuay teow, and love cockles even more, you have to come here! This CKT stall is located in a Chinese coffee shop in Seremban, and it is very reasonably priced! The picture above is a plate with extra cockles (literally so much). We ordered two of these and one normal and it was only RM19.50! The normal plate also had a generous spoonful of cockles on it! I'm pretty picky with CKTs and this one with fried pork lard really hit it for me, even though I don't eat cockles. Do give this a try if you're around the area!

Nasi Lemak - Salted Egg Yolk

Nasi lemak with salted egg yolk fried chicken. It definitely came with more keropok but everyone dived into it before I could take a pic! Loved how they serve it with kangkung and petai sambal.
Friendly advice: Have some mint after petai 😉

For Organic Chicken Rice Lunches

Forget the two-hour drive to Ipoh, when you can have its classic chicken rice right here in Sri Petaling. Boasting air-conditioning and comfy leather seats, this branch presents a renewed experience of the stalwart dish. Ingredients, sourced from Ipoh, are quality-assured — from the smooth, succulent organic free-range chicken to the fragrant steamed rice and chicken rice companion, crunchy beansprouts blanched in light soy sauce. Bring your colleagues or take your kids here after school hours for the value set lunches. Since free-range chicken is known to be better in flavour but smaller in size, upsize the meal with extras. The Organic Kampung Chicken + Honey BBQ Pork (RM15.90) set, which comes with a Thai sauce tofu on the side, makes a supreme combo. Wash it down with the Homemade Barley (RM2).
Avg price per person: RM20

For a Chee Cheong Fun Breakfast

Having gone through a recent revamp that now allows diners to enjoy hawker fare comfortably in an air-conditioned space or airy first-floor seatings, New Lucky Restaurant is certainly one breakfast stop you cannot miss in the neighbourhood. We say this because it houses Sri Petaling's most loved chee cheong fun. Invite a friend (preferably a morning person), grab seats, and head straight for Aunty Gan's Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (from RM5) — steamed rice rolls stuffed with either char siew or prawns. The key to good Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun is its slippery smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and Aunty Gan nails it every time. The flat rice noodles are bathed in a briny soy sauce and topped with a dollop of sambal for a flavour boost. Have it with an awakening cup of hot Kopi (RM2.20).
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burpple Trisha Toh

For Delicious Variety in Hawker Fare

When it comes to hawker fare, Alison encompasses the best of Sri Petaling. On weekends, take your family out to this forever-packed locale for a cheap and good brunch. A mother-daughter duo dishes out wok hei-laden Char Kuey Teow (from RM6), chock-full of plump prawns and cockles. If you enjoy your noodles with an edge, ask for the spicy version that packs quite a punch! Just two stalls down is the uncle who cooks up a mean Claypot Lou Shu Fun (from RM7). Jewelled with a raw egg that slowly cooks itself from the heat, this piping-hot dark sauce noodles is definitely worth ordering. Finally, there is Hakka Noodles (from RM6), springy noodles tossed in a mild housemade sauce that gets help from a bounteous share of deeply flavoured minced meat. Pro tip: Wake up early and arrive before 11am for this because seats fill up fast!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

Soft Cake

This is one of those treats that brings back those fond memories of my childhood. I remember those days where my dad would bring home packets of these soft cakes after visiting the night market and the whole family would gather together and enjoy them in the living room while catching up with our favourite Hong Kong TV series. QQ in texture, so soft and so sweet. Soft cakes are as sweet as candy. But for me, the memories in them is even sweeter. 🍭
📍禮記餅家 LEE KEE Bakery @ Taman Jinjang Baru

Skinny Sticky Charsiu

A bowl of Happiness.
Today's noodle is better, coz I ordered less oil for the noodle and skinny charsiu. [RM7.50]