30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm


12:00pm - 10:00pm



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Cookie Butter Softserve With Salted Egg Mochi Bursts

The cafe was initially a bit hard to find (it's co-located with Stateland). Service is pretty brusque, personally. We got the Salted Egg Mocha Bursts ($15). There is a choice of two flavours this month, cookie butter and Tokyo banana, we went with cookie butter. I was pleasantly surprised how soft and creamy the soft serve was. I also really liked the lotus biscuit taste in the cookie butter which was not too overpowering. The salted egg mochi balls were average I think. The mochi balls are fun to eat and the salted egg custard flowing out when cut open is always very satisfying. But it was more custard than salted egg and I was kind of expecting a stronger salted egg flavour. Although I thought the flavours would clash, the sweetness of the salted egg custard made it work. Really enjoyed this dessert anyway and definitely will come back to try more!

Winter-melon soft serve 🍦
My new favorite thing!

Ever since I had it in December I've been dreaming of this in my sleep and I finally had a chance to go back for it!
It's creamy yet refreshing. Sweet yet muted. I'm kinda sad they don't give the candied wintermelon pieces any more though. At $6 a pop it's definitely a must try!
#hungryhungrymonster #brotherbird #burpple #handsinframe

The Only Poop I Will Eat

Back again to try the avocado soft serve w mochi base ($14) looooove the subtle avocado flavour in the creamy soft serve and the warm, sweet, chewy mochi bun. Not the most balanced combo but defo good for your soul! (Or tummy)

New Softserve Flavours

Brother Bird recently unveiled two new seasonal flavours in regard to their softserve – Avocado and Wintermelon Tea.

Refreshing is the adjective that will resonate with you as you dig in to these flavours, especially the Wintermelon Tea which adopts a more icy texture than creamy. Its flavour interestingly resembles that of Yeo's Wintermelon Tea drink. Call that unoriginal if you will, but don't be too quick to knock it until you've tried it because it may win your heart…very easily. 😙 (A – 7.5/10 •• W – 8.5/10)

winter melon soft serve with mochi!!!

$15 with 3 mochi - lemon custard, cookie butter, salted egg. winter melon was kinda good! refreshing soft serve!!! wonder if they have flavors like chocolate??? cos i was looking forward to those... but they only have avocado and winter melon.

beef rice thingy

can't remember the name for this hah. the meat was pretty good but the rice was cold :( wonder if it's meant to be like this because it's my first time eating it.

Two new soft serve flavour at Brother Bird, Avocado and Wintermelon ($6 each).

The avocado has an acquired taste with a slight bitterness, rather interesting and pleasing for me. Where else, the wintermelon soft serve makes a refreshing treat. If you can't decide between them, go with the latter. 🍦#BrotherBirdSG

Stop 1.5 yesterday.

Nearly forgot about this little stop we made yesterday while we were at Bali Lane.
But the new soft serve flavour definitely isn't forgettable! Avocado with Gula Melaka! Reminds me of drinking a good avocado milkshake! Will definitely be back for this soft serve and out of the oozy mochi balls, the salted egg yolk one is still my favourite flavour.
#BrotherBirdSG #SoftServe #Avocado

Wintermelon soft serve - the fine line between Chinese and western desserts.

This was everything I wanted from a fusion dessert! It's creamy yet refreshing at the same time. With bits of candied wintermelon were the cherry on top of my fantastic sundae!
Love love love love love ❤️!
#hungryhungrymonster #brotherbird #burpple

Avocado Soft Serve ($7)

End work and will love to have some Avocado Soft Serve ($7) now. Using a higher ratio of avocado in the soft serve mix, each bite you'll be delighted with the rich creamy avocado. Top with salted corn flakes, desiccated coconut, and of course Gula Melaka!

Watermelon Soft Serve

Watermelon Soft Serve ($6.90)

After Stateland cafe's mains, remain seated as you can also enjoy the various seasonal soft serve flavours by @brotherbird . This is their watermelon soft serve made with real watermelons🍉! Very fruity and palette cleansing. Topped with almond macaron pieces and frozen strawberry 🍓 pieces within the soft serve, this desert not only tasted great but looked equally pretty!

[Brother Bird] "The Signature"-$14

Mochi donut with soft serve and topped with almond crunch. Soft serve is fragrant and the mochi donut is just nice (not too hard to chew). Overall it is a good combination!

It's Friday night!

Happy time🙆
Working 4 days instead of 5 does make a difference, time seems to pass by faster haha.

I really REALLY miss this Strawberry softserve!

#brotherbird #burpple

Liusha Burst

Salted egg yolk lava mochi donuts pair with cookie butter soft serve; sweet and savoury all at one time, prepare to confuse your taste buds!

Raspberry Burst

Nothing beats the heat of summer more than a slice of cold watermelon, and now you can have the same cooling down effect without the messy explosion of juices and disposing the skin with this watermelon soft serve. The sorbet stays up for quite a long time, allowing you to enjoy the melting sweetness in your mouth.
The name derives from the accompanying fried mochis surrounding the swirl, and as you may have guessed they encased molten raspberry coulis - not quite possible to pop them in your mouth given the size, so do cut them open gingerly to release the filling. I thought these were too sweet, so I'll probably get just the watermelon sorbet solo on my next visit.

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