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Excellent brunch in a place with lovely designs and decor.

Would definitely return to this place
TL: spicy crispy trotters - absolutely loved this dish, it was worth the calories & indulgence (as advised by the servers, go easy on the spices as they can get too savoury)
BL: the feature cup - good coffee with a sweet soufflé
BR: Grilled cheese panini with braised pull pork #throwbackbrunch #burrple

Hipster rendition of sichuan food at Birds of a Feather.

Featuring their Spicy Oriental Oriental Bolognaise ($22) and Find The Chicken in The Chiliies ($16) which is 辣子雞,which i also ate at Chong Qing Grilled Fish yesterday. Is it just me or i feel that angel hair is like atas mee kia?! 😂😂😂

For a Chic and Fun Meal in the CBD

Neighbours to Ding Dong and Bochinche, Birds of a Feather is the perfect date spot for those working in the CBD. The snazzy place on Amoy Street hits the sweet spot in our books — memorable Sichuan-inspired dishes, excellent cocktails and an overall relaxed vibe in a gorgeous setting. Splurge on the spicy Find the Chicken in the Chillies ($16), a cheeky appetizer that features little morsels of chicken fried hidden in an abundance of dried chillies. Otherwise, its best to put your money towards the Spicy Oriental Bolognaise ($22), their rendition of zha jiang mian made with angel hair pasta, pork ragout, kale and sakura ebi — incredibly tasty. End the meal with their deceivingly humble-looking Glutinous Rice Cake ($12), where flat chewy rice cakes are topped with soy powder and Okinawan black sugar. Pro tip: Squeeze in a little lunch date here — get the Spicy Oriental Bolognaise along with the lunch exclusive of Grilled Cheese Panini ($20) with braised pork belly and pickled cabbage.
Avg Price: $60 per couple
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong

Glutinous rice cakes
Panfried to a crisp, with a soft chewy core.

A generous dusting of soy powder and lush black sugar syrup.-
This dish stole the show! The simple unassuming dish was nostalgic and heartwarming.
A great end to a fiery meal.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #birdsofafeathersg

Is it I am @foodonfork ?

Crispy pork trotters in a bag. Throw in the spices provided and shake your tail feather. The resulting dish is a spicy fatty explosion in your mouth.
Monster Loves anything that's fat!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #birdsofafeathersg

Tofu Burger With Mapo Meat Sauce

The tofu cheese patty was very soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. However I found the bun cold and a little too starchy. It was stuck onto the serving paper..
The fried potato and sweet potato had an interesting taste though! Especially the sweet potato which was coated with some spice powder ($22++)

Mapo Tofu Burger
It ain't as healthy as it sounds but it's one of the more popular dishes at this SiChuan fusion cafe.

The cheesy tofu patty plays the role of the meat and it delivers.
It's rich and thick, going together with the meat sauce to give that spicy meaty kick you'd expect from a burger.
Monster is impressed and is waiting to be surprised by what's coming up next.
#hungryhungrymonster #birdsofafeathersg #burpple

Mapo tofu burger - perhaps the best tofu burger you would have.

Mapo pork ragu, tofu cheese party, pickled cucumbers in a house made bun, served with fried potatoes and sweet potatoes. Second time I'm having it, and I'm still loving it! #burpple #birdsofafeathersg

Poached Pear

An East-meet-West rendition of the traditional Chinese dessert - cheng tng, Birds of a Feather’s Poached Pear ($12) sadly did not really work for me; as the smokey-citrusy flavour from the scoop of Orange Caramel ice cream ended with a slightly bitter aftertaste that seeked to overwhelm and was more prominent when paired with the bits of ginger. (I am not a fan of ginger, too) Nonetheless, a unique combination, this plated dessert carried a nice array of textures with the usual accompaniments of longan and snow fungus but also a soft, fork-tender poached pear. Refreshing and delicate, the pear was able to soaked up and meld the flavours (citrus and bittersweet) perfectly.

Would so totally flock there for this

Yolk porn aside — as if anything else could be as important — this Oriental Bolognese is definitely my fave of what we tried from their lunch menu. Angel Hair pasta's a tad overcooked, wilted kale had too much salt, but being generously tossed in that suuuuuper flavourful pork ragout was enough of a lifesaver. It was rich, fragrant, sporting copius amounts of meat both fatty and lean.

A novel idea that somehow fell through in its execution.

One of the more interesting burgers I've seen of late, though not as impressive as I thought it'd be. Word out there's that their Mapo Tofu Burger's pretty revolutionary, with a cheesy tofu patty and fab sweet potato fries. Gotta put it right out there that I'm an absolute fan of the fries and the really fluffy and moist buns; but idk if I got an odd patty or if my tastebuds were just playing punk that day — there was this overwhelming raw garlic-like flavour that was just a major turn off. The kind of raw garlic that burns and lingers and ruins the taste of everything that comes after it.

Macha Latte

It's for true macha lover, the type who like their macha-"GAO" (thick) and unsweetened. Served in a equally interesting Japanese feel earthware, the sipping of the green tea latte amidst the lush greeneries in the cafe, cest la vie, if only everyday is a Sunday.

Days when I crave a savory carb loaded meal for breakfast (nonsense because it's always carbs for breakfast).

This Oriental Bolognese at hipster Sze Chuan resto @birdsofafeathersg had me stealing more bites than what I usually would have. Modern zha jiang mian this is, with angel hair pasta, Pork ragout, onsen egg. I'd make it a Singaporean with some added spice!

Grilled Cheese Panini

Opted for the Grilled Cheese Panini ($18). The exterior of both slices of bread sandwiching the thin slices of pork belly gives way with an unbelievable thundering crunch in every bite into it. Underneath the bread is a layer of grilled cheese, followed by pickles and then the pork. So, very, good. Not very often that I make good choices, but this definitely a choice well-made. Luckily I didn't give in to the temptation of getting the Oriental Bolognaise again - our fav from the last visit during the soft launch. Both are going to be my top orders here.

Place still seems like in soft launch still, if the service/waiting time was anything to go by. A few of their dishes also tend to be heavy on the salt.

Oriental Bolognaise

This was a step out of our comfort zone with our poor tolerance to spicy food but so glad we did! My favorite has got to be the interesting east-meets-west fusion of Oriental Bolognaise ($20) that was one umami party with the tingly numbness kicking in slowly but surely. With perfectly al dente angel hair pasta tossed in savour pork ragout, Sakura ebi, onsen tamago and wilted kale, these were surprisingly comforting elements inspired by soybean paste noodles. Opted for the spicy version with additional $2 and survived so I say go for it!

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