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Reviews of good food at Atlas Coffeehouse
For an Underrated Grain Bowl in Bukit Timah

This lofty cafe decked out in pretty marbled tiles and deep sea blue walls along Bukit Timah Road is great for long brunches with friends, which is why the snaking queue doesn't come at a surprise. Beat the crowd (and earn Chope dollars!) by reserving a table on our app beforehand so you can sail by on weekends and be immediately seated. While many go straight for the irresistible pancakes and waffles (which they do very well), it is the underrated ATLAS Super-Bowl ($17) loaded with toasted quinoa, beautifully oven-roasted squash and zucchini as well as shimeiji mushrooms that has us coming back for more. Topped with sundried tomatoes and the tastiest peanut sesame pulled chicken, it's the perfect balance between healthy and flavourful. End your meal with a Flat White ($4.50), made with a blend of Guatamalan and Brazilian beans from Two Degrees North Coffee Co.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong

limes for days

does anyone know that feeling when you bite into a lemon tart/lime pie and it tastes sweet? No such thing here. This key lime pie is proper sour, and the zest grated on top is a pleasant contrast to the smooth curd. one of the better ones out there!

Farmers pasta and barista breakfast coffee at atlas coffeehouse.

Oh I ate this after my second last 📝. This consists of spaghetti with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, basil and shimeji mushrooms and is also so so yummy.

Farmers pasta and barista breakfast coffee at atlas coffeehouse.

Oh I ate this after my second last 📝. This consists of spaghetti with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, basil and shimeji mushrooms and is also so so yummy.

The Milky Way

Quite another wave of places that have started Cold Brew and Atlas Coffeehouse is one of them. Visited on the day where they first launched it — a pretty solid bottle of cold brew here if you are into Cold Brew as a beverage. The one here comes sweetened; a little reminiscent to those from Old Hen but a degree sweeter yet carrying a cocoa-like body in the middle and is smooth and creamy. Would probably appeal to those who generally don't take coffee due to its general flavour profile.

Barista breakfast!

2 espresso shot is everything. Kept me awake till late night. Just what I needed! Now that exams are over~ I should cut down on coffee. 😆

Butterscotch Banana Pancake

Not a pancake person myself but ordered it even though tummy had been filled w their Salmon Soba Noodles (awesome btw) cause the bf was craving for it.

We both love it at the start but felt that it gets sweeter as we eat. Overall it was good but i prolly won't order it again unless not having the mains.

Cream puff $5.00

I love so much inside of the cream is very fragrant, very smooth skin crisp

Creamy mushroom, sourdough and scrambled eggs.

The white wine cream reduction is every! The moist sourdough soaked in the sauce is the highlight of my brunch.
Monster can't get enough of that sauce.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #atlascoffeehouse

Cereal prawn pasta or as @the_xw calls it Zichar pasta.

It's flavorful, crunchy with lots of garlic. Yummy!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #atlascoffeehouse

7 Instagram Worthy Pancakes

Banana Pancake featuring signature fluffy pancake served with caramelized banana and house-made butterscotch & honey comb ice cream.

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Salmon Soba Noodles ($18)

Last weekend we dropped by ATLAS which was super packed, thankfully we use @chopesg to make reservation else wonder how long we might have to wait.

Salmon Soba Noodles ($18), a healthier option as they uses poached salmon with house-made yogurt dressing. Though I'll prefer grilled salmon, this was surprisingly good. Combining with soba noodles and roasted shimeiji mushrooms, it's hardly your typical brunch affair. Their signature Butterscotch Banana Pancake ($18.50) is a must order for us too.

Milk Cream Puff

A great pastry to pair w my coffee! 🍃 Nicely crumbled crusted on the outside w sweet powdered sugar & fully pumped w cream on the inside! Great if your mouth is abit itchy & just looking for something light to satisfy your sweet cravings 🍼✨

Nitro Coffee

A nice refreshing cup of nitro coffee to fight the heat on a hot Saturday afternoon! ☀️

On A Warm Day....

Today was a very hot was scorching hot and what a good way to tone it down was ice cream, meaning matcha ice cream with waffles 😂 They serve big servings (1 big plate) and it was worth the money ($12.50). Though i would say the waffles were crispy and the caramel sauce was superb

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