Aloha! is a casual dining outlet that specializes in Poke bowls. In the evening, we transform into a Tiki Bar serving cocktails and a full dinner menu.

92 Amoy Street
Singapore 069911

11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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Reviews of good food at Aloha Poké (Amoy Street)
Standard Nalu ($15.90): chose this "medium" bowl which comes with two scoops of poke (vs Lil' Swell which only had one) because I couldn't bring myself to choose between salmon and tuna.

🌴🌺🍣🥗✨ Hehe. Selected the Spicy Salmon (fave!!) which packs quite the fiery kick 🔥 and Wasabi Mayo Tuna onto my chosen base of sushi rice, 2 complimentary toppings of cucumber and flying fish roe and avocado for complimentary superfood! The staff tops every customized bowl off with pineapple cubes and scallions and a wedge of lime. Perfection 💯💯💯 #dqky #burpple

Ultimate Poké Bowl (Spicy Tuna & Original Salmon)

Was disappointed to learn that the customisable bowls are only available for lunch. Although I would still prefer to be able to pick my ingredients, I can't complain much about this bowl.

The Ultimate Poké Bowl was generously filled with various superfood. I loved the combination of the textures, from the crunchy walnuts to the creamy mouthfeel from the avocados. The spicy tuna was definitely much more interesting than the salmon, but unfortunately the taste got alittle too rich for me after awhile. I loved the pineapple bits inside, & wished there were more to cut through the heavier taste of the spicy tuna.

Not the first place I would think of if I ever need a sashimi fix, but a good meal option if you're in the area and want to up your salad game.

**I absolutely adore the deco of the place. So charming and cute. Loving the tiki feels!

Poke Bowl ❤

Big Kahuna ($19.90) - 3 scoops, 225g of Poke 🍣🥗.
🍴Generous bowl of perfectly seasoned fresh sashimi & vegetables. Healthy & delicious & customizable to suit your personal taste ⭐️4.5/5 ⭐️

For Perfectly Balanced Poké Bowls

No ingredient is an afterthought at Aloha Poké, making this our favourite stop for a poké bowl. The seasoning is always spot on, the bite-sized pineapples and the wedge of lime that come on the side balance out the savoury marinades — little touches that set the bar high for pokés in town. The Standard Nalu ($15.90) gets you two scoops of tuna or salmon cubes tossed in original (yummy), spicy (will make you work up a sweat) or wasabi (less spicy, also yummy) marinade. Choose a base of greens, white rice, brown rice or mixed rice. To complete your meal, we recommend the flying fish roe and the edamame as your choice of complimentary toppings and avocado as your complimentary superfood. While there are two other outlets within the CBD (Marina Bay Link Mall and Chevron House), our favourite is still this Amoy Street outlet which offers The Ultimate Poké Bowl ($18) at dinner. It features a generous heaping of crowd favourite toppings on a bed of your choice, served in a large wooden salad bowl. While there's no option of customising the toppings, you still get to choose the fish and the marinade you'd like.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Reiko Lee

Ultimate Poké Bowl ($18

Flavourful yet healthy meals are always welcome. Like this Ultimate Poké Bowl. We had Original Salmon and Spicy Tuna over salad and brown rice. The spicy tuna livened up the dish with a little kick and everything just worked well together. Plus the staff were super friendly. Will definitely be back for more.

Disappointing lunch is disappointing.

Could have been much more generous with the toppings for a salad that is S$11.90 (salad at Amoy is half the price but so much more toppings > yes, trekking date soon @valeriekoh_ 😘

Ultimate Poke Bowl Was Also Ultimate Letdown

Came here for their dinner service and was so disappointed with the ultimate poké bowl ($20++ smth like that). Skip this and order the chawa-hawaii and salmon salad instead. Those were definite winners!

Aloha Happy Healthy Belly

A poké bowl filled with all your favourite ingredients...punched by goodness and yummies...and get a poke of power foods!

Choose from original or non-spicy or wasabi options of tuna/salmon. Get the BIG bowl to mix them up if u cant decide 😋 (But i favour the non-spicy version). Each bowl is packed with the poké of your choice + 2 complimentary add-ons + 1 super food

Cant say NO to a healthy tasty poké bowl
PRICE: $11.90-19.90
+FREE flow of Fruit infused water filled with Vit C & antioxidants to energize your day 😍

*Only available at lunch (no selection for poké bowl during dinner >.<)

Ultimate Poke Bowl.

This tasted a bit like Chirashi Don (choice of salmon/tuna) but instead it's filled w lots of salad. I'll sure be back for more!! 😋 #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #takemymoney

Poke Bowl [$15.90]

Healthy but yummy lunch at CBD, fuss free for takeaway as well. To order:
1. Choose bowl size
2. Choose base (white/brown/mix rice)
3. Choose protein (tuna/salmon)
4. Choose flavour (original/spicy/wasabi)
5. Choose 2 add-ons (eg, edamame, almond)
6. Choose superfood (eg avocado, pomegranate).
Interestingly, all bowls taste good regardless of how it was customised! This is perhaps due to the use of fresh fishes that tastes flavourful due to the use of marinate, and the mix of textures depending on what you've added. #pokebowl #hawaiian #alohapoke

A counter full of the good stuff at @alohapokesg.

Almost worth looking forward to the work week for... If I were working anywhere near that is.

Aloha Poké Bowl ($15.90, Medium)

Still my fav Poké bowl around, Aloha Poké's simple range of fresh seafood and refreshing sides just makes for a satisfying, guilt-free meal. 😛

The medium size is just right for me (and I'm a pretty big eater too), letting you choose two of their seafoods (personally I always go for the spicy & original salmon🐟).

I'm still quite undecided on what's the best way to attack these creations though... Should I daintily pick the parts, mix-n-matching different spoonfuls of ingredients or just go crazy and mix up the entire bowl! 🙊

Poké Bowl • S$11.90/15.90/19.90

If I had the money, I would probably eat this everyday.

Originating from Hawaii, poké usually consists of raw tuna marinated in soy and sesame sauces and mixed with various ingredients.

Served in three sizes (S$11.90/15.90/19.90), I would recommend going for the medium sized if you're in need of a full meal. For proteins, either have tuna or salmon with an original, wasabi mayo, spicy or seasonal coating. There are many ways to customise your own poké bowl - choose to have a rice or salad base, avocado or flying fish roe toppings and many other combinations.

If you're concerned with balancing their meals with all the different food groups, poké bowls would be ideal to have.

Fish are Friends?

$15.90 for a standard nalu with a choice of two fish, salad or rice, 2 toppings and 1 superfood surely sounds like a good deal to me :-) got the spicy salmon and original ahi tuna on a bed of salad, topped with fish roe, avocado and cherry tomatoes!!!! Although I felt that the seasoning on the fish was a bit too salty, it was nonetheless fresh and aloha was generous with their portions! I will come back here again, because this place not only offers healthy yet flavorful bowls but is an excellent place to go to chill with friends

A healthier chirashi bowl?

Possibly (especially with the generous serving of greens). I was super excited because we chould choose the vegetables for the DIY bowl. In the end we chose Rice Mix with Wasabi Mayo Ahi Tuna and Original Salmon, topped with edamame, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate. I found the Original was still the best flavour although I love spicy food. It was refreshing thanks to the pineapples, scallions and dash of lime juice — living up the Hawaiian feel. The seemingly tiny bowl was pretty filling I must say!

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