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From the Burpple community

Because when I just graduated almost 14 years ago, it was very fad but I couldn’t afford it on my grad trip which was also my first trip to HK. I was a poor student. I recalled I had to walk away after seeing the menu price. Since I started working, I have dined at it several times. Can’t explain the psych behind but it is something that I like to do whenever I come to HK. #WEWinHK

This kinda love needs to be documented regardless of the condition. Ok, that's all.

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My dad called this the single most interesting experience of our Hong Kong trip. We visited Yung Kee having heard of its fantastic roast goose, without knowing that very day was their last day of operation.

The skin was crisp, with a sufficient but not overwhelming layer of fat beneath, and the meat was moist and juicy. Especially loved the sauce and the accompanying soy beans! I'll pick duck over goose any time, not cause we had a bad meal but that goose has a stronger meaty taste which isn't my favourite. A shame they're no longer around.


overpriced, however, they really do serve nice roasted goose and char siew. worth a try if you are feeling rich :)

I know there has always been a debate between this or Yat Lok being the best but the meat here is delicious and the skin, my favourite part of the dish, is so crispy!

2.5 munchies: Appalled by the standard of its renowned roast goose and barbecued meat. Apart from the meat not being tender and juicy enough, the skin of the roast goose was not at all crispy.

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