200 Victoria Street
#02-47/48 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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Reviews of good food at Yoogane (Bugis Junction)
Naengmyeon / Cold Buckwheat Noodles (SGD $11.90) @ Yoogane [Invited tasting].

Chewy, slippery buckwheat noodles in a chilled broth flavoured with vinegar and mustard.
Mix the runny yolk from the egg over the vegetables. Very clean, refreshing, zesty sharp sour flavours.
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Cheesy Duet Chicken Galbi (SGD $59.90) @ Yoogane [Invited tasting].

The signature marinated chicken is paired with assorted vegetables, rice cakes, and a gooey cheese ring with up to 2 different toppings!. I particularly like the sweet corn kernels, which complement the savoury spicy flavours of the chicken galbi.
5 outlets islandwide
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Dosirak / Lunch Box (From SGD $12.90) @ Yoogane [Invited tasting].

Launched this week, each lunch box is a filling meal. Signature marinated chicken galbi, crispy luncheon, sunny side-up, sweet & savoury anchovies, Korean fish cake, kimchi, and fragrant rice.

Supposed to vigourously shake everything in the metal tin before eating.
5 outlets islandwide
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Chicken Galbi And Octopus (SGD $21.90) @ Yoogane.

[Invited Tasting]. With tender chicken, marinated their house recipe galbi sauce, which is delicious with notes of savoury sweet spicy.

Staff help to prepare this tableside, cooking it with assorted vegetables (spring onions, leeks, daikon radish, cabbage), and adding on chewy tteokbokki / rice cakes.

Fresh octopus, with a bouncy texture, is added last. Everything is quickly stirred, ensuring the tasty sauce evenly coats all the ingredients.

5 outlets islandwide
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Sorry for making you hungry so late at night.

@yooganesg 's Cheese Chicken Galbi. Cheese!
This contains the signature tender chicken meat marinated in the unique Yoogane sauce marinate, fresh vegetables, rice cakes and thin slices of potato, surrounded by a layer of melted cheese.
Want some?

New exclusive Galbi Jeongol from Yoogane!

A version of the signature Dakgalbi stir-fried spicy chicken made into a stew – think Army Stew with a lot, a lot of ingredients.

Tell you what, this Galbi Jeongol is seasonal and not even released in Korea itself. Jinjja?! Do get the topup of Ramyeon with CHEESE. Check out the melty cheese with spicy noodles. Daebak!

Happy Weekend!!

YUM..!! Catching up with old buddies over korean food! First time trying yoogane -- lovin the octopus!! πŸ™ next time perhaps I'll bring my own 'chili padi' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
🍴 Octopus x Chicken Gabi w/ ramyeon.
πŸ’° est. S$32/pax
🏠 Yoogane Singapore @yooganesg
πŸ“ Bugis Junction

[Yoogane] 7.5/10

This must make your mouth water and heart quiver.

This cheesy mozzarella meat-dip is no stranger to the KBBQ scene. Yoogane has one of the most popular ones, so grab a couple of friends to share! (It's a little pricey for the quality & quantity I'd have to say 😰)

[Yoogane] 9/10
(For a more detailed review, visit link in bio) 
Ever passed a big crowd blocking pathways and escalators in Bugis Junction on a Saturday night?

It's probably just the long ass queue for Yoogane. (Believe me, go on a weekday instead)
I have to say, the popularity of this place isn't overrated. The Beef Bulgogi Fried Rice ($14.90/pax) was charming, where each mouthful ensures enough cheesy caramelised beef to leave you wanting more.
Be sure to order the Royal Court Dokboki ($12.90) too! The sizable plate of rice cakes sit in a savoury sauce, with marinated chicken and vegetables satisfying your week-long Korean food cravings. #burpple

Cheese Chicken Galbi @ Yoogane

Price: $14.90 per serving (min of 2)

Words seem unnecessary after this picture. Nobody questions a moat filled with cheese.

A little pro tip though: eat the cheese fast because once they turn off the heat, it hardens pretty quickly.

Chicken Cheese Galbi

Pretty good, and the best part is smothering the ramen and additional rice in the leftover sauce.

Cheesy Chicken Galbi

The spicy marinated chicken was veryyyy normal making the price of around $60 not very worth it. However the cheesy dip managed to salvage the situation a bit as it really went well with the chicken. A refill of cheese was very pricey (i.e. $16) so our happiness ended when the cheese ran out:( don't think I will go back for the second time:(

For Massive Chicken Galbi

The snaking queue at this famous dakgalbi restaurant from Korea is testament to its popularity. For the uninitiated, Galbi is basically meat marinated in a ganjang-based sauce that is grilled at the table. The star here is none other than Yoogane's Chicken Galbi ($14.90 per serving) β€” moreish, spicy marinated chicken cooked with rice cakes and vegetables. Add on some ramen or sweet potato noodles for carbs, if chicken alone doesn't fill you up. For something more extravagant, the Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice ($14.90), loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese fried and bulgogi chicken is sure to satisfy! Come with good friends, you'll be spending some time in that queue ;)

Chicken and Seafood Galbi

Taste like my home cooking flavor. Guess I am more fan of traditional Korean BBQ

Chicken Galbi

3 munchies: Besides the chicken that needed longer marination, there was nothing special about the spicy sauce that lacked the balance of sweet and sour. The fried rice with spicy sauce and mozzarella was pretty much tasteless as well. Thankfully for the soft cabbage, sliced potatoes, and chewy toppoki that gave the dish some texture. In fact, I enjoyed eating the two bowls of free-flow kimchi more. Is there anything else or the ramyun option even worth trying?

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