[CLOSED] Yanmi Yogurt

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Yanmi Yogurt is a humble food stall that offers an awesome experience with their menu featuring a variety of yogurt drinks. Prepared using the freshest and most delicious ingredients to make sure that the colour, flavour, and texture are perfect to cater to every palate. Located at Funan and just a few minutes away from City Hall MRT Station, Yanmi Yogurt is the best place where people can share delectable beverages in a relaxed setting.

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This had a nice combination of the sweetness from the mango and the slight sourness from the yogurt. I liked how the were mango bits in this and it tasted really natural.

Purple Rice Yogurt (Yanmi Yogurt) ($4.30) recommended by my foodie friend and I did enjoyed so much and didn't regretted for order this again. So their yogurt taste much better, also lighter and can taste purple rice bits instead of blended lol. I have bookmark this yogurt store for long time but I didn't have right timing for ordering drink :"(. Oh yes I managed to go places that I wanted to go so long time and pls look forward for upcoming food reviews :D

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New bottle? The bottle is so cute I feel like I shouldn’t throw it away 😭 Favourite yogurt with purple rice brand.


First tried and ordered their signature Purple Rice Yoghurt. It was really good, and tastes much healthier than the alternative bubble tea, packaging of the drinks is really nice. Love the taste.

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Yanmi Yogurt has a new cup for their purple rice drinks. The cup is shaped like a purple rice grain and can be kept to use again too!

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i had the mango yogurt, which was pretty good!! Purple rice was chewy and unique